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"Mista Plasmus and Mista Phan... Phantum, you are cowadwilly invited to the Chwistmas Twuce party at Walka Plantashun!" A three year old Dolly smiled, holding up a letter to the two holding an invitation to the annual Ghost Zone Truce. ((Dolly is a toddler till after Christmas thanks to a Magic Anon))

“But Badger just look at her!" 




“…Fineee, Dolly dear, tell your father we’ll be there, I do always like the christmas truce parties he throws.”

“That’s because he has the best drinks isn’t it.”

“Oh so very true.”

Vlad’s wanting of a child has grown rather desperate, can’t walk past a daycare or school without sighing sadly

  • Danny:This has gone on too long. And now, you're going to pay.
  • Vlad:355.
  • Danny:What are you--
  • Vlad:No, go on. Continue. Don't mind me.
  • Danny:I'm the one who will stop you.
  • Vlad:Oh, wow. 419.
  • Danny:Okay, what the hell are you doing?
  • Vlad:Oh sorry, it's a little hobby of mine. I hear these heroic speeches so wearily often, so I started making a mental list of how many times I've heard certain lines.