It’s amazing how that particular person can impact in your life even though that person was only in your life for a short period. The places, weather or things we did together, it always reminds me of you somehow. 

honestly I just need a novella on Kallias and Viviane. how they were best friends but he’d secretly loved her for years. how he sent out that last message for her, telling her that he loved her, and how he needed her to protect his people before he was sealed under the mountain. how she coped with all this for 50 years. how she helped Kallias’ people even though she must have been terrified herself. THEIR REUNION. their mating bond. everything. just give me Kallias and Viviane.

Quick Viviane sketch/lines. So many mistakes, and the fox is just… but I didn’t have much time! 

Feel free to colour it if anyone is interested! I’d love to see it:D Maybe I’ll do a compilation of the coloured versions if we get some. 

Also if anyone is into Dragon Age or pretty art then maybe check out the Arcana dragon age zine on indiegogo? It’ll mean a lot! 

Viviane & Kallias of the Winter Court

My favorite ACOWAR couple are done! This whole piece was one of my most ambitious endeavors to date and I hope you enjoy it as much as me! :) 
Prints available here:


Viviane and Kallias :)

I loved these two together, & the Winter Court is just so interesting in general.

ACOTAR series by Sarah J Mass

Honestly I’m here for High Lady Viviane + High Lady Feyre friendship 200%. Just imagine:
- The two of them forcing their mates on group activities and double dates.
- Feyre and Viviane chilling at important meetings and poking fun at all the other High Lords.
- Viviane and Feyre making slightly inappropriate jokes that freak out the High Lords.
- Viviane and Feyre standing by each other and being badass High Ladies together.
- Viviane sending cute lil foxes in vests with messages to Feyre and Feyre sending back terrifying creatures of the night.
- Of course both are badass and amazing in their own right but the two of them together is just downright scary.