High Lady of the Winter Court (Vivillias)

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Anonymous requested: “ Hey! For a writing prompt can you do one where Vivianne gets really drunk and starts complaining about how kallias wont make her high lady and kallias hears her and the next morning when they wake up he takes her down to a priestess immediately to swear her in as high lady. thanks!”

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I stared at the paper I held in my hands, reading but not absorbing the words. I had been sorting through piles of paper work since I’d woken up, taking care of my people’s requests.

The knock at my study door was a welcome distraction. “Come in,” I called, setting down the stack.

A head of raven hair poked around the heavy oak door. “I’m here to collect my mate.”

“Well hello to you too, Rhysand.” I stood, crossing the room and clasping his hand. “It’s good to see you again. You’re early though, aren’t you?” I glanced at the clock; it was indeed only 11 pm.

“Maybe a bit. But you remember the last time Feyre was here for ladies night? She couldn’t fly straight for a week!”

“How could I forget?” I laughed, shaking my head. There had been quite a few times Feyre had needed to stay the night at the Winter Court palace to sleep off the effects of Viv’s famed ladies nights. “I’ll let Feyre know you’re here.”

Rhysand nodded, shoving his hands in his pockets and peering at the various knickknacks lining my shelves.

“And don’t steal anything this time!” I said over my shoulder, and Rhys’ roaring laugher followed me out.


It wasn’t hard to pinpoint the trio’s location, due to the roaring laughter flooding through the palace halls. It echoed off the smooth stone walls as I strode towards the sitting room. Viviane’s voice rose above the laughter of our guests.

“… Look all I’m saying is that I took care of this Court for fifty years, all by myself. I don’t know why he won’t just name me High Lady!”

My brow furrowed and I paused just outside the threshold. I normally wasn’t one to eavesdrop, but…

“It’s because he’s afraid you’ll stage a coup.” I rolled my eyes. That would be Morrigan, of course. “But I say just do it! You wanna be High Lady, you gotta take matters into your own hands.”

“No, let’s not do that.” Ah, Feyre, the voice of reason. “Viviane, he probably doesn’t know that you’re truly serious about wanting the title. I can tell you, it’s a lot of work and a lot of pressure.” I peeked around the corner, cautious to stay out of the light of the fireplace.

“Yes, yes I know.” Viviane waved a slender hand, dismissing her words. “But I do want it.” She stared into her wine glass, swirling the liquid. My stomach twisted at the hurt in her tone. Its not like I didn’t want to name her High Lady- she knew that. But the title carried so much weight, and I didn’t want to burden her with it.

“Well, you know what I want?” Mor said, clapping her hands together and rising unsteadily to her feet.

“Do tell,” Feyre purred, quirking a brow.

Mor’s grin was nothing short of predatory. “I’ve got Viv’s sister waiting for me upstairs, and if I wait any longer, I’ll miss all the fun.”

“Oh Gods, Morrigan, I really didn’t need that mental image!” Viv’s face turned sour and the other girls laughed. I stepped back as Mor sauntered from the room.

“Oh, hello Kal.” She blinked, then grinned. “You better get in there, I think your wife has had a few too many.” I quirked a brow at her. Judging by the glassy look to Morrigan’s own eyes, I would say the same about her.

“Thank you, I was just about to see if you three needed anything.”

“I was just leaving.”

“So I heard.”

Morrgian stuck her tongue out at me, mumbling something inaudible as she stumbled along the hall. I chuckled, shaking my head as she wobbled in her unstable heels. She always was the wild one of the bunch.

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honestly I just need a novella on Kallias and Viviane. how they were best friends but he’d secretly loved her for years. how he sent out that last message for her, telling her that he loved her, and how he needed her to protect his people before he was sealed under the mountain. how she coped with all this for 50 years. how she helped Kallias’ people even though she must have been terrified herself. THEIR REUNION. their mating bond. everything. just give me Kallias and Viviane.

High Lords at the Gym

Rhysand: Hogging the weight benches. Instead of listening to music, he just thinks about Cassian’s “Rhys is out of shape” comment and mutters under his breath, “Am not, am not, am not.” He has no idea that while Feyre is “on the treadmill” she’s actually snapping pictures of his BlessedBod™ and licking her lips. The gym staff notes this and decides to stay silent.

Helion: You know where he is: Stair Master for DAYZ! Gotta keep those thighs Heavenly, amiright? Helion loves the Stair Master, and every step makes those thighs just ripple, and before long, the once-empty Stair Master section becomes full of people who just want to see these thighs. When the weather gets cold, Helion starts to wear sweatpants and the gym is boycotted until the heat is turned on, leaving Helion free to return to his shorts.

Kallias: Doing couples workouts with Viviane. He holds her feet while she does sit-ups (definitely to be helpful and not because it gives him a great view of her cleavage while also blessing him with her most adorable scrunched-up-in-concentration face). They give each other quiet encouragements–he gets a kiss for every pushup–and sometimes get in trouble for locking themselves in the family changing room. Where they proceed to do their best to add to their family ;)

Tarquin: Nobody can figure out where he goes, but he comes back drenched in sweat and his body is perfect. All of it is toned–all of it–and nobody can understand how he looks like that after maybe an hour of exercise. Turns out, it’s not sweat at all: how did nobody figure out that he’s been at the pool doing laps this whole time? Swimmer’s Body™. In the lane across from him, a young swim instructor was trying to give lessons to a bunch of kids, but she kept getting distracted by Tarquin, who might as well have been born for the water. And as soon as he sees one of her students struggling, he offers to help (Tarquin+helping children+pool=pregnancy for everyone watching)

Thesan: The first day that Thesan joins the gym, he has every intention of joining the yoga class–but when he arrives, turns out it’s a women’s only class. Of course, this doesn’t phase Thesan, who couldn’t care less about the leggings and crazy positions they get into–he’s mostly concerned with the fact that this room gives him a great view of his lover, who’s killing it doing with the pull-up bar. It takes a few weeks for the women to decide that Thesan is actually the sweetest man ever–and why can’t straight men be more like him?–and even less time for him to become the teacher because he’s constantly practicing those positions outside of the gym. Much to the delight of his lover ;)

Beron: Two Words: Unnecessary. Grunting. Why does this guy sound like he’s trying to screw a rhinoceros every time he picks up a weight? Of course we understand that grunting is a natural way to relieve tension in the body while doing strength training, but what is his issue? His wife makes them enter separately so she can’t be associated with him–and also because this way, she can get a few minutes with Helion in behind the building (also why she, too, enjoys the Stair Master)

Tamlin: The guy who offers advice to people; frankly, even talking to someone you don’t know while they’re in the middle of their reps is a huge no-no, but he has the audacity to say, “Lift with your legs not your back!” Fine, the advice is true, but you were, and who asked this guy anyway? He also takes unnecessary pictures of himself in the mirror and takes extra-long showers in the men’s locker room (Rhys retaliates by stealing his clothes)


Feyre: When she’s not ogling Rhys–and who can blame her–our girl is slaying on the treadmill. She’s got a huge incline on that thing, she’s running at a solid sprint for longer than you thought was even possible, and just looking at her makes you exhausted and perhaps a little bit turned on. Also: “Rhys where’s my water bottle?” “I’ve got something else than could make you wet, Feyre darling ;)” “If you don’t give me my goddamn water-bottle right now, I’ll change gyms.” 

Eris: Mortified by his father. Follows his mother’s example and doesn’t enter with Beron; instead, he waits until Beron has disappeared back into the locker room before he gets in some quick reps. But his favorite place to be is on the courts; Eris loves playing basketball and volleyball and such, engaging in team activities who seem genuinely pleased to have him around–it’s a bit different from his home-life. Here, at least, there aren’t any schemes, and the only strategies needed are how to get around the goddamn 7′0 scowling center (who does this ‘Lorcan’ think he is?).

Cassian and Azriel: The personal trainers and life-coaches everyone needs in their life. They spend their time alternating between yelling at Rhys, screaming at Rhys, pouring water on Rhys’s head, and shouting at Rhys. “My grandmother could lift those weights faster than you!!!” “You never met her–” “IrReLevANT!” Whenever Rhys tries to eat a protein bar, they snatch it away. “What did we say about these?! They’re just sugar, not actual protein!” “Then why are you eating it?!” “Because we confiscated it!” 

Extra Bonus:

Rhysand to Tamlin:

Terrifying Thoughts Tarquin Has to Encourage Him to Swim Faster:

Thesan Teaching Yoga:

Beron trying to be cool:

Quick Viviane sketch/lines. So many mistakes, and the fox is just… but I didn’t have much time! 

Feel free to colour it if anyone is interested! I’d love to see it:D Maybe I’ll do a compilation of the coloured versions if we get some. 

Also if anyone is into Dragon Age or pretty art then maybe check out the Arcana dragon age zine on indiegogo? It’ll mean a lot! 

Rhysand is a gift
  • Rhys: *dies*
  • Rhys: *comes back*
  • Rhys: *first thing he does after he came back is make jokes*
  • Cassian: *laughs nervously*
  • Helion: *makes jokes in return*
  • Feyre: *internally* I LOVE THIS GUY!
  • Kallias:
  • Tamlin:
  • Thesan:
  • Tarquin:
  • Everyone:
  • Fandom:
  • Viviane: what the fuck is wrong with y'all?

High Lords Jokes

Do you think the High Lords play practical jokes on each other?


Tarquin: *yawns as he wakes up* *walks outside* *sinks into five feet of snow* *Kallias dances away with snowflakes falling from his fingertips*

Beron: *to his sons* Which one of you assholes keeps replacing my crowns with flower crowns? *Tamlin is seen sprinting out of the Autumn manor*

Viviane: Kallias, what are you wearing?!

Kallias: *looks down* *screams because he’s wearing a grass skirt and a coconut bra* *Tarquin cackles as he winnows away*

Thesan: *crying because Helion vandalized his pretty palace*


Rhysand: *sobbing* H-Helion and Tarquin snuck into the House of Wind and s-s-stole all of my clothes and dyed them with color!

Inner Circle: *gasp* That’s so awful! *Hiding colored dye while he’s not looking*


Viviane and Kallias :)

I loved these two together, & the Winter Court is just so interesting in general.

ACOTAR series by Sarah J Mass

Let’s go on a tour | The Winter Court

Home to Viviane and Kallias of Winter, it is one of the four seasonal courts of the Fae realm, Prythian.