Preliminary Dark Eldar Characters

Lady Erys Voidtalon- Archon

Rough background: Born as Eryssa Siamun, daughter of Meshadi Siamun, younger sister of Keuna Siamun, she found life aboard Craftworld Tel-Rethan to be entirely too strict and limiting. She tried channeling her vicious streak into combat paths- Striking Scorpions and Howling Banshees alike -but could not contain herself aboard the Craftworld and was ultimately banished.

She fell in with the newly formed Caliranite Empire fostered by Tel-Rethan’s sometime ally Craftworld Lonad-Shair, and was instrumental in shaping the group of shock troops who would come to be called Void Talons. She remained with Caliran for a time, but ultimately she strained even their greater tolerance for hot-headed cruelty, and they arranged for her to travel to Commoragh, where she might find aeldari more suited to her.

There taking the name Erys Voidtalon, she moved between the arenas of the Wych cults and a number of Kabals before finally forming her own Kabal, the Voidtalon Reavers. Leading them into Realspace and usurping the leadership of the Tel-Rethan aligned “Venomtide Corsairs,” Erys has at last come home- though none who remember her old name would begin to suspect that this black-souled pirate was once their own princess, least of all her niece- the current High Farseer, Alethea Siamun.

Likes: Being The Boss, Plunder, Sowing Terror, Razorwings (birds), Razorwings (jets), Cheating Like A Pirate, Being Virtually Worshipped By A Gaggle Of Half-Born Void Dogs (think the War Boys and Immortan Joe)

Dislikes: Obligation, Fair Fights, Rules

Dame Vitria Shadefall- Succubus

Rough Background: Popular arena combatant, then she got a tiny scratch on her face. Now she wears a harlequin-style face mask because she’s so fucking Extra she considers the scratch Disfiguring

Likes: Combat, Drugs, Combat Drugs, Showing Off, That Thing Where You Slice Someone Into Pieces But There’s A Beat Before They Fall Apart Into Beef Stroganoff, Capris and Uggs Apparently

Dislikes: Armor, Guns, Unworthy Opponents

Arakhos the Flenser- Haemonculus

Rough Background: Uhhh… MD from Commoragh University?

Likes: Pain (any), Suffering (others’, mostly), Unnecessary Surgery, Maniacal Laughter, the art of H. R. Geiger and Gunther von Hagens

Dislikes: Restraint, Medical Ethics, Boredom