A short romance visual novel/dating sim

You need a job and fast. However, every job to apply for seems to not have any positions available to you. Before you give up, you find luck in the Pink Lady Cafe, working a full-time job for Valentine’s Day. Simple, right?


  • 4 Romance Options (2 Male, 2 Female)
  • Genderless and Nameable Main Character
  • Full Voice Acting
  • Memory Card Game!
  • A couple of hidden easter eggs?


Writer/Producer - Michaela Laws
Artists - ReddArt, Anirhapsodist
Editor - Natasha Laws
Music by Christopher Escalante
Voice Talents - Sean Chiplock, Eric Dubyu, Caitlynn French, Michaela Laws, Sheila M. Lin, and more!

Albel the Wicked was such a shitty little edgelord and he called everyone maggots but oh man he was just so fucking visually interesting ??? Vincent Valentine clawhand, long weird multicolored hair, androgynous fashion and Look overall, and then his posture would go from arrogant noble to feral cat and back seamlessly

and then his attitude was just entertaining in the context of the rest of the group, too. idk man I really loved him back when SO3 first came out and that doesn’t seem to have changed at all since


Valentine’s Day, as we all know, is a holiday not of love, really, but of stuff: of stuffed Teddies clutching heart-shaped pillows, pack of saccharine Sweethearts, pink fizzy bath salts, or perhaps a boxed rose bearing the message “I Love Us.” This year, we asked ten photographers and artists to respond to the kitschy commodification of romance that takes place each February, utilizing whatever Valentine’s ephemera caught their eye.

Open more visual valentines.

Blind 8-year-old gives every classmate a personalized Braille valentine

On Thursday, the father of a blind second grader shared a photo of his daughter’s festive handiwork on Reddit: heart-shaped valentines with “Love” written in braille. The proud dad, user Mack3r, said his daughter made the cards using a Perkins Brailler, a typewriter-like tool that punches the dots onto paper. He said he only helped his daughter a little.