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“Packaging for a Classical Music Collection. The box keeps inside a full collection of classical music stored on crystal sticks technology. The new sound will reveal subtle melodies you never knew existed. Hope that curiosity will drive you in the world of crystal sound!”

Valentin Leonida (Valle) is an illustrator, graphic designer and 3d artist based in Montreal, Canada.

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Valentine Day Special : Fashion Vocabulary compendium for Him and Her (UPDATED): 

~ For Her ~
01. A visual glossary of skirt types
02. A visual coat glossary
03. A visual glossary of basic hat types for women
04. A visual glossary of puffy sleeve types
05. A guide to shorts styles
06. A visual shoe dictionary
07. A visual glossary of collar types
08. Handy bag chart to match the occasion
09. Know your harem pants
10. A visual glossary of bag types
11. Dress silhouettes
12. Necklace glossary
13. A visual glossary the neckline
14. A visual glossary of the waistline
15. A visual glossary of the silhouette
16. A glossary of heels
17. The Shoe Appreciation Society
18. A guide to choosing your nail shape
19. How to stylise belt knots
20. A visual glossary of collar types

~ For Him ~
01. The jacket/coat guide
02. The gentleman’s guide to shoes
03. A visual guide to vest types
04. Men’s jackets and coats mapped on weather and formal-casual axes
05. A visual comparison of necktie knot types
06. A visual glossary of man bags
07. Anatomy of a trench coat
08. Anatomy of a shirt
09. A shoe tutorial : Oxford vs. Blucher
10. Brogue shoe types
11. Know thy plain toe from thy wingtip
12. Know your cuffs
13. 12 hat styles
14. How to identify the pockets on your jacket
15. Cowboy hat styles
16. Anatomy of a shirt collar
17. Pant breaks : the nomenclature
18. Know your stripes from your pinstripes
19. The moustache decoder
20. Types of shirt collars

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lalalycus and azure-riot presents:

A Sterek Valentine

Is a visual novel game, help Stiles pick options for him to progress through the story when he discovers a mysterious letter on his porch.

I worked 2-3 days straight with coding and drawing. I only had 3 days before Valentines (today) to do this. I couldn’t do anything too long or too elaborate. So the drawings are chibi (cute) and forgive me if it’s inaccurate, and if the characters are OOC. 

I was the only one working on this mini project. With a little help from my little sister for some parts of the story.

Edit: I forgot to add; hints of Ethanny, and Scira in-game.

The exe and dmg file is titled “Sterek Test” because it was never meant to be a project. I decided to turn it into one at the very last minute. Enjoy.

This is version 1.0, I might post an android version in the future.


Mac user:

Windows user:

Drop me an ask if you run into any problems.

Happy Valentines Day :)

  • these four walls ♥

february 14, 2014. looking back at all of your favorite memories with the one you love. nothing will ever be the same. i loved you then. i love you now. i will love you forever.


i feel so numb, staring at the shower wall. it’s begun, the feeling that end has come. and now the water’s cold. i tried to eat today, but the lump in my throat got in the way.


in this time i’ve lost all sense of pride. i’ve called a thousand times. if i hear your voice, i’ll be fine.


i lay in bed. can’t seem to leave your side. your pillow’s wet, from all these tears i’ve cried. i won’t say goodbye. i tried to smile today. then i realized there’s no point anyway


and i, i can’t come alive. i want the room to take me under. cause i can’t help but wonder, what if i had one more night for goodbye? if you’re not here to turn the lights off i can’t sleep.

these four walls and me.

happy valentine’s day cutie pies c:


So, as I’m sure most of you already know - LongStory episode 2 is now available on the App Store and Google Play!

LongStory is a game about surviving your teen years. Customize your gender, pronouns and story as you make choices about your friends and crushes… and about who, exactly, you think is responsible for the sudden departure of the girl whose locker - and problems - you’ve inherited.

Episode 2 costs 1.99 USD, and Episode 1 is free to play. If you have any problems with the app, we’re happily fielding questions and fixing bugs at

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5x14 “My Bloody Valentine”

This was one of those moment during re-watch that I in all honesty sat there with my hands covering mouth, because holy freaking shit what a perfect scene. Not only is this scene re-visited and paralleled in 10x11 “There’s No Place Like Home” when Dean is struggling against his addiction to the blade (see here), which is something I really adored already and would have sealed the deal for me in terms of parallels. But it is the detail about the reflection in Ruby’s knife here that I had always noticed, but for some reason only now realized what it means - maybe I am the only one who needed this long, if so: Apologies. Because those eyes we see staring back at Sam are not Sam’s eyes imo. And that’s the freaking genious thing about it and makes all the difference and this even more chilling and important in terms of Sam’s struggle here. Because those blue eyes belong to no other than Nick, Lucifer’s vessel. And that is so so scary and amazing at the same time, because for one it was the powers amplified by the demon blood that helped Sam kill Lilith and with that free Lucifer, but it also still begs the question if the demon blood needed to be fed to Sam so he was compatible to Lucifer, the fallen angel tethered to Hell. In any case this visual imo was one of the best of the episode, especially given how Famine hadn’t intended to harm Sam at all, instead said that Sam could never drink too much and die because of that, and quite possibly had planned to hand him over to Lucifer.

I drew the squad. It’s a sexy, sultry valentine from me to you <3

Apologies to everyone whose likeness is depicted.