[Review & Swatches] 1028 Visual Therapy Toffee Eye Shadow Palette!

NOTE:Hi! I’ll be having a special reviews and posts with guest reviewers! This time is my sister, Whitney and her dog, Scruffy! Everything from this post will be her words & opinions!- Darien (PicoPrince)

            1028 Visual Therapy Eye Shadow Palette in Toffee 

            First off, Thank you BFF for getting me this from Asia ^-^ 

                                               PRICE: 7/10

$20.00-$30.00 Online (eBay, Amazon) or ~$10 Watsons (not accessible in US, boooo!) 

                                          … such cuteness!

                                        6 Shades; all neutral

                   Comes w/ 2 applicators (Scruffy sees no use in)

                PIGMENTATION: 7/10 Varies w/ color, buildable 

                                 natural sunlight + NO PRIMER

#1 pale pink shimmer (sheer)

#2 pale green w/ gold shimmer (sheer)

#3 Champagne pink shimmer (opaque) 

#4 Burgundy brown w/ purple shimmer (opaque)

#5 Bronzed brown w/ gold shimmer (opaque + smooth)

#6 Forest green brown w/ gold shimmer (opaque + smooth)

                                          w/ dry wipe off skin

                                       indoor lighting + W/ PRIMER

                                     natural sunlight + W/ PRIMER

Holy cow!! Tried to wipe off w/ Bioderma, a tried and true super product for me,and it still didn’t completely wash off. (showered that day only to remove a tiny bit more T^T) Don’t know if that’s a good thing

                                   PERFORMANCE: 7/10 

Long lasting, wearable colors BUT flecks of shimmers fall on cheeks! D:

            since they are so shimmery, application is best w/ fingers

********all eye shadows in this look was created using this palette********

Eyeliner: Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner in #09and #01

Lashes: Etude House Minnie Wink Lash in 01 Minnie Up Lash

Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express in Black Drama

7 hours later… the shadows did not crease w/ primer (I have oily lids), but the shimmers faded away

OVERALL: If you are ever traveling to Asia, I would highly recommend picking one up at a Watsons pharmacy store for only $10! But eh, I think this product can pass mainly because of it’s accessibility for me. I would not convince people who live outside of Asia to order one right away. The neutral shades are assembled well, but the colors are none too special. The packaging is my favorite thing about this palette. The compact size makes this palette travel friendly and a great gift to give to someone.

1028 Visual Therapy also has 2 other adorable eye shadow palettes!  

 Popular in Taiwan, is this best selling eye shadow palette worth getting?

I give this palette 3.5/5 Paws!

Scruffy and I thank you for visiting us! Have a good day ^-^


Strawberry Girls - Visual Therapy (ft. Kurt Travis)

Create a Style File

Like foreign language, style only gets better when you expose yourself to its world and practice, practice, practice. That’s why we think that it’s great to create collages with your fashion inspiration. It will give you a better understanding what makes you feel best and help you create a strong image that feels right (and that’s what Visual Therapy is all about!).

Look through fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Elle, Bazaar, InStyle, Vogue, W and Marie Claire and cut out images that inspire you. Put the pictures in a folder and write down your comments. The idea is to translate what you see in these magazines into looks that are appropriate for you – a process that will help you stay current and up to date. Call it your ongoing style file. You can also post your favorites seasonally on a bulletin board to create a collage of looks that will serve as further inspiration.

For those of you who are digital fashionistas, these are fun tools for creating looks and clipping pictures:

1. Polyvore – mix and match clothes, accessories and editorial photos to create so-called “sets”.

2. Looklet – use designer collections and vintage pieces to create head-to-toe looks on virtual models.

3. Pinterest – “pin” things you love (not just fashion!) from around the Web to create collections of inspiring things.

See our example of an inspirational collage here.


2.5 miles at lvl 7. Added on some exercises, dropped one or two old ones.

Had vision therapy this morning, one of the rougher sessions I’ve been through. I hit a wall with one of the home exercises, to the point I wasn’t even able to manage it on the easiest setting, which was a frustrating back slide. It still sets off a whole storm of things, mentally and physically, each time.
There’s the frustration at fatigue and struggling, coming alongside the awareness that I’m usually the only paitent over the age of 7 that I see in there. Today I got tired and nauseous stacking blocks with different symbols on them based on an order I was supposed to remember in sets of two, about 24 all together. Wiped me out, like almost winded. I’m supposed to using my visual memory, so I have to sit there and stop my brain from finding work arounds because the images won’t stay on their own.
There’s the fact that many of the exercises play on converging and creating secondary images that appear and disappear while my eyes struggle to focus in the proper range, waking up all sorts of old memory whispers of flitting shadow and disappearing people.
There’s the fucking weird sensation of being hyper aware of what the muscles of my eyes and face are doing and how it affects my vision. There’s the disconcerting pulling and pressures in my side and abdomen, irritating with their involvement in something that appears to have little to do with them directly.
I’ve only got two more sessions before I get to go home and my therapist is working to set me up with things to do until I can get set up with a new doctor in Washington and continue the therapy, hopefully with minimal regression.

It was a long day, but weirdly quiet, like for the most part there weren’t too many people out. Traffic was a bit much around noon, but PT was practically empty, not the usual for the Friday lunch crowd. Maybe a lot of people getting ready for tomorrow? Or taking a superstitious day off?

My love is far away and sick. Glad she has our friend there to keep and eye on her, hoping that clears up soon, I don’t like not being around to help take care of her.

First day on the patch, seems like all went well. Little bit of a metallic taste when I applied it that showed up throughout the day but nothing major. Going to switch to my second and head to bed.