Friday update 10/20

Hey everyone! Time for this week’s Friday update. Esh and Sprocket here! Posting our update a little early today because Esh is potentially having some windy weather rolling in and may lose power…again. =w=

So let’s jump in!

Writing: Marc’s route is nearly fully edited and now we’re moving on to Elliot’s route this weekend! We’ve really been working to liven up the stories and add some fun elements that hearken back to the folklore Changeling’s lore takes its inspiration from. 

Ewan’s route has also been progressing despite that Sprocket has had a super busy week, and is now 50% complete!

Look! A tea warmer…I wonder what the characters are planning to do with it - not warm up a tea pot, that’s for sure. Silly people. OxO

Art: In addition to get a few more CG concepts in, we’ve hired a new artist who will be working on some of our item artwork and creature art. We’re really excited to have a new person working with us and are looking forward to showing you guys some teasers for the art they create.

Look at some WIPS! Look at theeeem! Admire them. Maybe give them a bit of a huggle. OwO

Esh has had time to work on CGs a bit this week as well, and is still focusing on getting Corvin’s CGs finished in preparation for coding his route. She’s also been working on getting some of art extras done (magic circles for everyone! Woo!)

Other: In other development news, we’ve gotten three new tracks from our composer this week! So excited for them – they’re all perfect.

Coding is progressing and, barring any delays, we should have all the core game functions coded in about a week.

In non-development related news, Esh is having some computer issues and weather related drama. Her power cable is on the fritz and The Big Dark is looming over her area. It sounds way scarier than it is but there have been some scattered power outages – including last night.

Summary: So…yup! That’s it for now.

We are continuing to add more working parts to the process and expand the number of people we’re working with – which can simultaneously speed us up and slow us down. But we’re really excited about the new assets we’ve gotten this week and all the progress we’ve made.

See you all next week!

Hi, Monika here! Welcome to the Literature Club! It’s always been a dream of mine to make something special out of the things I love. Now that you’re a club member, you can help me make that dream come true in this cute game!

Fan art for Doki Doki Literature Club
How To Make A Plan To Write A Visual Novel In A Month So You Can Finish It In Three And A Half… — Mammon Machine: ZEAL
Postmortem: 100 Days On We Know The Devil
By Aevee Bee

Aevee Bee’s post-mortem of We Know The Devil is basically required reading for anyone looking to write a visual novel or text adventure (or any videogame really.) Choice quote:

After we bounced concept art and character profiles we would both have such a grasp of the characters we could both write scenes featuring them; Mia would message me at like 12AM with “this vine is totally Venus” and I’d be like, yes, and also the person who smashed the glass against her face is Neptune. We literally developed this game by shitposting with our own characters, so please value that work; it’s how we came up from everything from the underage drinking to the truth or dare and seven minutes in heaven scenes.

Release Update!

Hi everyone! We’re so sorry for the longtime radio silence. We have some exciting news regarding game release! We want to thank everyone for the patience and we understand how frustrating it must be to wait this long for Spirit Parade. We didn’t want to promise any release dates that we weren’t sure we could meet so after a long discussion and reorganizing, we decided on taking this path!

First off, to address whether the project is still alive… We have no intention of canceling Spirit Parade as a project. The three of us are fully committed to seeing it through. We apologize for taking this long and for the lack of updates. We really needed some time to reassess priorities, take a realistic look at the game and our goals for it, and figure out a time frame that could fit in our lives and schedules. We’ll do our best here on out to update this blog more frequently, even with small snippets of text or a cropped image. Before, we felt we could only update with big news and such but after talking to a few people who have purchased the game about what they would like to see, we understand that even a small update can go a long way!

Now for the big news… We’d like to announce that we’re changing up our original model of release. From here on, we’ll be releasing the routes individually as they are completed. This will take two forms. If you purchase the full game ($20 full-price), you will be able to download patches that add content to the base game. You will also be able to purchase and play each route separately ($5 each) as a stand-alone game. If you’ve already pre-ordered the game, you will automatically receive all the future routes and updates.

Unfortunately, voice acting for the game will be suspended for the time being. There have been some complications with scheduling and implementation and until those are worked out, none of the released routes will have voice acting. We hope to be able to patch the voicing into the game at a later date!

Hayato’s route will be first out, to be released on October 5th (full moon!). We expect to release Mikio’s in short order as well; it’s only missing a few CGs at this point and has already been beta-tested. We’re aiming for a late December/early January release date. After that, the releases will be in this order: Shuye -> Haiyue -> Diaochan. As soon as we have definite release dates, we will be sure to announce them here.

Please note: Pre-order pricing for the full game will end after Hayato’s route is released. Starting October 5th, the full game will cost $20 USD. Up until now, we’ve been issuing refunds for the pre-orders with no questions asked. We understand that the game is taking much longer than originally planned to release and we’re sorry for that and understanding of any financial issues that may arise. Moving forward, we will not be issuing pre-order refunds if you have downloaded any of the new (paid) content. If you wish to have your pre-order refunded, please make sure that you keep that in mind.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by to see Lore and perhaps play the Spirit Parade at PAX East earlier this year! We sadly could not pass out our cute little Spirit Parade stickers, but hope you were able to enjoy our demo and those of our awesome boothmates.

We deeply appreciate everyone’s support and enthusiasm for the game still. It’s gotten all 3 of us through some rough times and we want so much for the final product to be something that you can enjoy and that we can be proud of. Please look forward to Hayato’s route in a few days and all of the exciting updates to come!
Visual Novel Asset Tracker
About Using this Sheet This sheet is simply a bare-bones organizer for visual novels, primarily ones with romancable characters and bad endings in the style of DMMD, Togainu no Chi, etc. In places where you are able to change the names of list objects, try not to add more than what is already...

I decided to toss together a visual novel asset tracker/sort of planner! I made it to help me with future VN projects and decided to share this with people!

To use it, click “File” and select “Make a copy” and voila! 

It’s pretty bare bones, and I’ll probably tweak things as I use it and notice that some things don’t work the way they should, or I need to add more things. If anyone has any suggestions for wording, page additions, or anything else, let me know!

List of dating sims+VNs I’ve played

I’m otome trash and thought to put together (almost) every game I’ve played that has dating sim elements or is a romance(-ish) visual novel. Along with which routes I completed for some of them. Feel free to message me about any of them, I really want to find other people that have played too lol.

-Princess Debut
-Avalon Code 
-Harvest Moon MFOMT
-Rune Factory 2,4
-Tokimeki Memorial 1 and 2 

-Tokimeki Memorial 3rd Story
-Storm Lovers
-Norn 9

-Hatoful Boyfriend (Okosan)
-Men of Yoshiwara:Ohgiya (Gakuto, Ageha)
-Most of Pacthesis’ games lol
-Cinderella Phenomenon (Rumpelstiltskin) 
-Amnesia (Shin, Toma)
-Ristorante Amore

-Mystic Messenger (Yoosung, Zen, 707)
-Starstuck Love (Shion Jonouchi)
-Be My Princess (Roberto)
-War of Prayers (Liam)
-Liar! Uncover the Truth
-Love! Sushi Rangers
-My Romantic 3 Kingdoms (Zhou Gonjin)

-Persona 3,4,5 (close enough??)
-Sakura Wars: So Long my Love
-Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility

Currently Playing:
-Men of Yoshiwara
-Cinderella Phenomenon
-Collar x Malice

I’m not a big fan of mobile otome games despite there being so many lool