I went to link someone to the post with these but I couldn’t find them. So I am assuming I’ve never posted them to the blog.

And now I am.

So I can link someone to them. LoL 

So yeah, these were just little dossier-style character profiles I put together for fun during the Kickstarter. They hint at some story related things that will come up during the game. =)

Would you like to learn more Japanese while having lots of fun? Read visual novels!

I’m really new to this type of learning, since I’ve only just installed this setup, but if you like immersion this is a great way to learn. It comes recommended by a lot of people who have studied Japanese and then found textbooks a bit too boring, so they supplemented with a lot of visual novels.

First of all, if you you’re unfamiliar Rikaichan/Rikaikun addon for Firefox/Chrome, I really recommend installing it anyway. It’s a browser addon that lets you highlight words or kanji and gives you a hiragana reading and an English translation, plus the tense of the verb etc. Well, if you have a handle on basic Japanese grammar and want to try something new, you can use this addon to play visual novels (or anything really) in their original language! 

This reddit page has easy instructions for installing the whole thing. Basically you need Firefox, a text hooking programme (ITHVNR) and two addons for the browser; Rikaisama and Clipboard inserter. The text hooking programme “hooks up” the text from the visual novel. Then the Clipboard inserter picks it up to an empty browser page in real time. That way you can have it next to the game window and look up any unfamiliar words, expressions or kanji. You don’t need to keep opening up a dictionary like you would if you were to read a manga or a novel. 


When the palm trees of the Echo Creek Academy are hit by the autumn wind, “anthyding can hadplen”…

The title is actually “Marco vs the forces of Shipping” but I decided it just after I had finished everything, so I got very lazy to redo it.

Based on this post of @marcoharem . I saw it and I couldn’t resist to do something with it! I hope you like it.


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- Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!
- TFA (Ships: Kylux + Stormpilot + FinnRey)
- Zero Escape Series
- Visual Novels in general

And maybe also The Adventure Zone, but I’m not that far into it so I’m avoiding spoilers!

Visual Novels: the Rise of a Medium

Over the past decade the Western VN scene has changed dramatically. From being the realm of a few die-hard fans enviously eyeing those who could read Japanese, it’s become a small but profitable niche of the Western game industry. With both home-grown talent and official localisations starting to target the expanding fan-base, we can expect to see changes in the kind of content being produced. This series of posts will try to track those changes and perhaps offer a glimpse into where the medium is going.

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How To Make A Plan To Write A Visual Novel In A Month So You Can Finish It In Three And A Half… — Mammon Machine: ZEAL
Postmortem: 100 Days On We Know The Devil
By Aevee Bee

Aevee Bee’s post-mortem of We Know The Devil is basically required reading for anyone looking to write a visual novel or text adventure (or any videogame really.) Choice quote:

After we bounced concept art and character profiles we would both have such a grasp of the characters we could both write scenes featuring them; Mia would message me at like 12AM with “this vine is totally Venus” and I’d be like, yes, and also the person who smashed the glass against her face is Neptune. We literally developed this game by shitposting with our own characters, so please value that work; it’s how we came up from everything from the underage drinking to the truth or dare and seven minutes in heaven scenes.

~What's your favorite otome games/visual novel?~

Hello, everyone! I’m actually doing A algebra 2/math project on “data analysis and statistics”. I need to collect some data. I finally decided that I’m going to do otome games/visual novel. I tried to bring popular otome games and personal experience.  you guys can comment down below.

1. Alice In The Country Of Hearts

2. Amnesia 

3. Diabolik Lovers 

4. Ozmafia

5. Re: birthday song
Visual Novel Asset Tracker
About Using this Sheet This sheet is simply a bare-bones organizer for visual novels, primarily ones with romancable characters and bad endings in the style of DMMD, Togainu no Chi, etc. In places where you are able to change the names of list objects, try not to add more than what is already...

I decided to toss together a visual novel asset tracker/sort of planner! I made it to help me with future VN projects and decided to share this with people!

To use it, click “File” and select “Make a copy” and voila! 

It’s pretty bare bones, and I’ll probably tweak things as I use it and notice that some things don’t work the way they should, or I need to add more things. If anyone has any suggestions for wording, page additions, or anything else, let me know!

ID #99801

Name: Aaron
Age:  15 (16 in September)
Country: United States

I’m a trans boy from Virginia! I’m the team captain of a FRC robotics team! I’m also in a production team for Visual Novels. Soon I’ll begin studying French! I love shows like Criminal Minds, The Magicians, and Tiny House Hunters. I’m interested in robotics and engineering. I’m hoping to study abroad next year in the Netherlands.
I’m interested in a pen pal because I don’t leave the house often and I think that having a pen pal would be a wonderful networking opportunity.

Preferences: No one above 25
No females under 15