More GazettE aesthetics

A follow-up to this post.

  • Ruki whispering the “Doko kara sa berasu” in RUTHLESS DEED
  • That one first guitar string Uruha does in the beginning of Anata No Tame.. (& everyone recognizing it)
  • During Shikkoku, Kai’s stunning intro to GODDESS & Aoi l i v i n g his solo
  • After so many years, Aoi 👏 still 👏 does 👏 his 👏 clapping 👏 in 👏 Linda
  • The solo in both the old & new Ito & how Ruki drags out the “yukataaa” right before it (in the new version)
  • DEPRAVITY!!!! ( which is absolutely underrated even despite the fact that Ruki’s vibrato in the chorus sounds super edited to me)
  • The way Ruki rolls his “r” in FADELESS (I just love it, leave me alone)
  • That part in DIM Scene at & after 2:47 and the expressions on Uruha’s face when he plays his solo
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