Sugizo's Second Classic Collection

Sugizo’s Second Classic Collection @SUGIZOOfficial

Last September, LUNA SEA and X JAPAN guitarist SUGIZO released SPIRITUAL CLASSIC SUGIZO COLLECTION, a collection of classical music specially selected by him. This summer, the sequel album will be hitting stores.

Logically titled SPIRITUAL CLASSIC SUGIZO COLLECTION II, the collection is set for release on July 8th and is priced at 2200yen (plus tax). No tracklist nor album art is available yet.

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The signs as visual kei bands
  • Aries:Babymetal; Nocturnal Bloodlust
  • Taurus:Malice Mizer; D
  • Gemini:Golden Bomber; An Cafe
  • Cancer:The GazettE; Gackt
  • Leo:Versailles; Lm.C
  • Virgo:Luna Sea; Alice Nine
  • Libra:Buck-Tick; exist†trace
  • Scorpio:Moi dix Mois; Mejibray
  • Sagittarius:X Japan; Jupiter
  • Capricorn:lynch.; 9Goats Black Out
  • Aquarius:Dir en grey; Mucc
  • Pisces:Kagrra,; Wagakki Band