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Plazza Caliente - Via Lothario - Monte Vista Bridge - Cafe Corazon - Cecilia’s Garden

this is still a wip, sorry. i just started to playtest everything today while taking pictures, so bare with me. i’ll release a first version soon with a few “townies” from porto coral. btw, if you want to send me your sims for porto coral, tell me ! see this project as my first attempt to build a ts4 “world” on the 64x64 lot in windenburg.

as i previously said it, this “map” is inspired on several cities in portugal, mostly porto, aveiro and barra (which i was lucky to visit at my 18th birthday). the “coral” part is from princess cordelia myth. i looked closer at one of the painting we got in the base game and i tried to make it look familiar to her hometown. i just hope we get a summer pack soon, with lounge chairs and stuff !

if you have any ideas, hopes or suggestions for this project, tell me ;) i’ll gladly try to make it real !

We are impressed with the quality of photos we have been receiving from our customers. There have been some wonderful compositions and creative photography. Here is a great photo sent to us from Rio Vista, California;

“These are our new patrol cars and new graphics package designed by The Grafix Shoppe.

This photo was taken Christmas Eve by Officer Dan Pratt, featuring our new Ford Patrol Interceptor and the landmark Rio Vista Bridge in the background.  Our new vehicles and graphics have received great reviews and compliments from our community.”

Chief Greg Bowman,
City of Rio Vista Police

Do you drive by the Vista Bridge at all? Have you seen what they’ve done?

Gates. They put up gates.

Metal diamond chained gates. You can’t even touch the bridge. They’re doing it because too many people jump off that bridge. It used to be so beautiful. The most amazing view of the city, especially at night. Wow. But now…there are black gates. Black gates and horrid chalk notes. It makes me sick. Sick to my stomach. They are colorful notes saying things like “you’re worth it,” and “there’s hope.” They started after a girl jumped off. These other girls started ruining that beautiful bridge just to clear their own fucking consciences. Too bad they didn’t care that much when she was alive. Do you feel better now? Do you feel better now that you’ve destroyed a beautiful bridge to make yourself feel better that you didn’t care about her when your friend was alive? Or did you not even know her.

And now you’ve trapped everyone. Trapped between those black diamond chained gates. You bastards. You make me want to throw up.

You ruined it! That was my escape! That was my safety net! That was my way out that I always had just in case, but chose not to use! IT WAS MY CHOICE. Now you’ve ruined that! Now I can’t! I’m not choosing to live anymore, you’re making me do it!

I feel sick. It was so beautiful. And now it’s dead. Don’t you see? You killed when you intended to safe. Or rather save yourself…now, everyone who feels the way I do- the ones who understand- you’ve trapped them, too. you stole their choice. Their chance! It makes me sick.

It makes me sick. It makes me sick.   

Does it really "get better"?

I’ve seen video after video on YouTube of teens, adults, celebrities, even the president saying over and over “It gets better”. My biggest fear is being a part of the thousands of videos that will never be made because, for many, it didn’t get better. So many of the LGBT community have taken their lives because they didn’t get the support they deserved. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to be one of them several times. I’ve heard all my life growing up in Alabama that being gay was “a disgusting abomination”. I’ve never had a problem ignoring most of the ignorant people I’ve come in contact with… But what if the people who are saying it are friends and family?

I’m 30 years old. I’m single. I’m so exhausted from trying to hide myself or change myself my entire life. I struggle on a daily basis to come up with a reason to keep going.

In my short lifetime, I’ve been lucky enough to get to travel all over the country. I’ve seen things my elders will never see. As of September 2013, the only major city I hadn’t seen was Portland, OR. I read a news story in September about a large number of suicides from jumping off the Vista Bridge in Portland. I still don’t know why that story caught my attention as strongly as it did but I decided that was where and how I wanted to end it all. The next day, I quit my job and packed all my things and left Montgomery Alabama without telling anyone where I was going.

I had no idea what I was gonna do when I got to Portland… Every time I had gotten to this point before I had always gotten through it by the next morning. Well, 2800 miles and 5 days later… I was in Portland… And I was still determined to end it. It was 2am when I arrived. I drove straight to the bridge… I was crying to the point I could barely see because I knew this was finally it. I parked my car just below the bridge and proceeded to walk the rest of the way. I thought about how my family would react… I hadn’t written a note or anything. I thought about my friends… None of which knew the real me or would understand why I did this. I pushed all that away. I drove here for a reason! I was sick of feeling like this all the time! I didn’t want to be some FAGGOT that my parents would be ashamed of!!!

It wasn’t until I topped the hill that I saw it… The city had taken notice of the increase in suicides from the bridge and put up a fence on both sides. A community watch program had also been set up and two ladies were walking back and forth on either side hoping to intervene if someone tried to climb over the fence. It was at that moment that everything I had been holding in for 30 years exploded out of me. I’ve never cried so hard.

The two ladies rushed over to me. Without saying a word, one of them dropped down beside me and held me in her arms. She told me she loved me and that it would be okay. She “loved” me… Haha… If only she knew what I was. I was sin in the flesh… I was an abomination… Media had told me I was also a pedophile… My father said my kind should be “put down”…

She and I talked for over an hour. Finally, against her wishes of course, I left. I got back in my truck. “Now what?” I’m 2800 miles from home. I have $40 to my name and ¼ tank of gas left.

I decided then and there that the fence must be something/someone telling me it wasn’t my time so I better figure something out. I searched online for a job and the very first one I applied to hired me the same day! That’s never happened! A week later I started working… One of my new coworkers found out I was sleeping in my truck and told me he had an extra room he was desperate to rent out and asked if I was interested. “Seriously?! It can’t be this easy!!”

Sounds great I know! Only one problem: I’M STILL A FUCKING FAG!!! I’ve tried and tried to come to terms with who I am in the four months I’ve been in Portland. While I’m still not out, I’ve seen overwhelming acceptance here. I almost had a breakthrough New Years Day and I told someone I was gay… There was no look of disgust or anger! I was so excited I wanted to tell everyone else now. Reality came back quickly when I remembered that “everybody” included my parents. My dad kicked my sister out of his life for three years because she dated a black guy!

Square one.

Time to come up with a new “end it all” plan… I’m so sick of running and hiding though! Now, I don’t want to die! One person accepted me and now I want more!

So, of course, I did what any other 30 year old guy from Alabama living in Portland would do when he was considering suicide: I got on YouTube! Lol

I watched “coming out” videos for hours… I was sick of “It gets better”! I wanted to hear what people had actually gone though. Many were happy. Many were sad. Unfortunately, the sad ones were pretty close to what I needed to get ready for.

Two in particular stuck out for me: one was a soldier just back from deployment. He was in Germany and he decided to call his dad back in Alabama (go figure) and tell him. What he got back was acceptance and love. He wasn’t judged at all. Calling his mom didn’t go as well but who cares… I was hooked after the dad.

The second was a beautiful young man named Dan. Dan set up a hidden camera and recorded his moms reaction face to face live! I was panicked watching this video! Again… Acceptance and love.

I’ve now watched every video (and there are many) that these two have put up! I’ve also watched all of Dan’s boyfriends Brian’s videos too (must see also) but I’m getting off topic.

I’ve seen so much love and support poured into and out from these two men but the part that’s hit home the most are the comments. I’ve spent hours pouring over the comments on these videos and I’ve realized two things: 1 - Dan and Brian have some filthy followers lol 2 - I’m so so far from being alone in this.

I keep seeing comment after comment saying basically the same thing: “I’m scared to come out…”.

Now that I hold the record for the longest Tumblr ever, lol, the events above have finally led to this moment… It’s time to love me! It’s time to be me! If I lose friends in the process then they weren’t real friends to begin with! If I lose family then I guess I’m better off! I’m still scared but the happiness I feel in my soul far outweighs the fear now.

I don’t think I have any followers on here so I may just be talking to myself… But if someone comes across this and it makes a difference at all for them then please let me know! If you see this and you have questions, please feel free to ask. I will update this at least through my coming out, if only to keep me sane.

I can tell you now this will not be one of the accepting coming out stories you see everywhere but I think it helps to see that even when you don’t get the love and acceptance you so desperately want; it still “GETS BETTER”!

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Have you seen that post going around with the theory that zelda u takes place before skyward sword, what do you think?

Do you mean this?

I have, yes! And it’s not the only time I’ve seen the suggestion that Zelda U takes place before Skyward Sword because of the lasers and robots. It’s been a pretty common theory - and one that I’m actually fairly certain I can debunk.

I’ll give a lot of credit to the guy who wrote this particular version of that theory for pointing out that the mechanical monster is missing part of one of its legs - that’s something I never noticed! - but I think we’re pretty even, because he makes no mention of the plants all over the thing that were one of my first impressions of it.

Look at it! It’s covered in grass, vines, and moss. That means it has to have been sedentary and left unattended for at least a few years until something reactivated it, and quite probably more. This isn’t a shiny new mechanical wonder fresh off the assembly line - it’s a relic of a lost era, abandoned somewhere that eventually became overgrown. I’d say the missing leg is probably just another part of the monster’s design intended to communicate this. It seems like kind of a big leap to go from “the monster is attacking Link and missing a leg” to “the monster is capable of feeling emotion and is angry at Link because they were the one to break it”, though I will definitely agree that the way it deliberately traps Link by breaking the bridge shows a certain amount of reasoning.

More under the cut - this is gonna get long.

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