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Plazza Caliente - Via Lothario - Monte Vista Bridge - Cafe Corazon - Cecilia’s Garden

this is still a wip, sorry. i just started to playtest everything today while taking pictures, so bare with me. i’ll release a first version soon with a few “townies” from porto coral. btw, if you want to send me your sims for porto coral, tell me ! see this project as my first attempt to build a ts4 “world” on the 64x64 lot in windenburg.

as i previously said it, this “map” is inspired on several cities in portugal, mostly porto, aveiro and barra (which i was lucky to visit at my 18th birthday). the “coral” part is from princess cordelia myth. i looked closer at one of the painting we got in the base game and i tried to make it look familiar to her hometown. i just hope we get a summer pack soon, with lounge chairs and stuff !

if you have any ideas, hopes or suggestions for this project, tell me ;) i’ll gladly try to make it real !

We are impressed with the quality of photos we have been receiving from our customers. There have been some wonderful compositions and creative photography. Here is a great photo sent to us from Rio Vista, California;

“These are our new patrol cars and new graphics package designed by The Grafix Shoppe.

This photo was taken Christmas Eve by Officer Dan Pratt, featuring our new Ford Patrol Interceptor and the landmark Rio Vista Bridge in the background.  Our new vehicles and graphics have received great reviews and compliments from our community.”

Chief Greg Bowman,
City of Rio Vista Police

This is a picture I took last weekend of Mount St. Helen’s, from the Vista Bridge, Portland, Oregon

It has come to my attention that I’m following too many people. Not that I don’t enjoy all of your blogs, but I can’t keep up with the ones that post a lot everyday. Please don’t take offense if you are unfollowed. Between work, my family and my reading, I am trying to keep my tumblr simple.

Enjoy this picture as an “I’m sorry” note.

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Have you seen that post going around with the theory that zelda u takes place before skyward sword, what do you think?

Do you mean this?

I have, yes! And it’s not the only time I’ve seen the suggestion that Zelda U takes place before Skyward Sword because of the lasers and robots. It’s been a pretty common theory - and one that I’m actually fairly certain I can debunk.

I’ll give a lot of credit to the guy who wrote this particular version of that theory for pointing out that the mechanical monster is missing part of one of its legs - that’s something I never noticed! - but I think we’re pretty even, because he makes no mention of the plants all over the thing that were one of my first impressions of it.

Look at it! It’s covered in grass, vines, and moss. That means it has to have been sedentary and left unattended for at least a few years until something reactivated it, and quite probably more. This isn’t a shiny new mechanical wonder fresh off the assembly line - it’s a relic of a lost era, abandoned somewhere that eventually became overgrown. I’d say the missing leg is probably just another part of the monster’s design intended to communicate this. It seems like kind of a big leap to go from “the monster is attacking Link and missing a leg” to “the monster is capable of feeling emotion and is angry at Link because they were the one to break it”, though I will definitely agree that the way it deliberately traps Link by breaking the bridge shows a certain amount of reasoning.

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