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i feel u my dude, I generally need more direction in rpgs

p much

I love Dragon Age and Mass Effect because, while fairly linear in the long run, i think they do a good job of pulling you in and getting you to really give a shit about your companions and, more important, your own character

i never really got that from Fallout or Elder Scrolls (not to say it isn’t possible)

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can you please explain why everyone is about 99% sure Ignis goes blind in later years / Chapter 0? I mean, yeah, he has two scars over where his eyes should be AND wearing what's pretty much a cover for his eyes; but what if that's just a precaution??? I mean, I wouldn't blame the man for wanting to protect them after getting TWO scars probably at once :/ i'm just a very confused bun.

basically it started with chapter 0 yeah, since his design is very different, and the scars!! and the visor!!!

and then the latest trailer happened and people noticed that, in the scene with the train, ignis is sitting away from the others with dark glasses and a walking cane. and with that as well as the obvious friction going on between the rest of the boys (plus the fact that gladio and noctis are arguing quite violently and that ignis, the mediator of the group, is doing nothing about it) people are guessing that something really bad must have gone down, and that ignis having been badly hurt for whatever reason and either having permanent or temporary damage to his eyes could be a cause for the fallout in the group

there’d definitely be a lot of guilt and self blame and frustration going on, that’s for sure!

personally i think it’s more possible that if he does go blind it would only be temporary, since from a gameplay standpoint it would be odd? especially since he’s shown later in chapter 0 healing noctis and actively directing the group where to take cover. so he clearly has SOME level of vision going on. but whether that is only partial vision, or some kind of vision granted to him through noctis’s magic is yet to be seen.

but yeah! basically it’s just fan theory right now but it could definitely be interesting

The Alfred Burtoo Encounter

Date: August 12, 1983
Location: Aldershot, Hampshire, United Kingdom

As 77-year-old Alfred Burtoo was fishing the Basingstoke Canal in the peaceful early hours of the morning of August 12, 1983, he saw a brilliant light descend from the sky and settle on the nearby towpath. Thinking it must be a helicopter from the nearby MOD base, he took no notice, and poured himself a cup of tea from his Thermos flask. Then his dog, Tiny, began whining furiously and two figures emerged from the darkness. 

“They were about four foot high, dressed in pale green coveralls from head to foot,” Burtoo told reporters. “And they had helmets of the same colour with a visor that was blacked out.”

The strangers gestured to Burtoo to accompany them. Calmly setting down his cup of tea, the intrepid pensioner follow them along the towpath towards a saucer-shaped craft. “I was 77 and didn’t have much to lose,” he later explained. 

Climbing up a set of steps into the saucer, Burtoo discovered that the ceiling was so low he had to stoop. He found himself inside a black, metallic octagonal chamber, which smelt slightly of decaying meat. 

“I did not see any signs of nuts or bolts, nor did I see any seams where the object had been put together,” he recalled. “What did interest me most of all was a shaft that rose up from the floor to the ceiling. The shaft was about four feet in circumference, and on the right-hand side stood two forms similar to those that walked along the towpath with me.“ 

One of the beings told the old man to stand beneath an orange light, which appeared to scan him for a few minutes. "What is your age?” asked the entity, in a “sing-song” voice which sounded like “a mixture of Chinese and Russian”. When he replied that he was 78, it declared: “You can go. You are too old and infirm for our purposes.” Bemused, Burtoo climbed down from the saucer and returned to his fishing spot. 

Image: Alfred Burtoo’s sketch of the craft.

Image and text sources: ;

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Trading Fallout for Bioshock sounds like a great idea! Form what people I know have said, the Bioshock series (Omitting 2. I've heard 2 was kinda bad.) is really, really good!

I played a big chunk of 1 and almost finished Infinite back when i had access to Dad’s XBox 360 and I really enjoyed them and have been dying to play them again

i’ve had a Murder of Crows vigor bottle on my keys for a few years now even!

LOOKBOOK - Juxtapositonal

Shop this look: (Left to Right)


Hair/Scarf: Boys to the Bone - Mysigt Scarf @ The Project Se7en

Dress: NYU - Scarf dress

Shoes: Empire - Jamesia


Hair: Rowne - Raquel

Mask: Titzuki - Reptillian visor

Bra: Tetra - Stretch Silk bra


Hair/Hat: Boys To the Bone - Bask in glory @ kustom9

Dress: NYU - Ruffled Babydoll

Shoes: Empire - James

Location: Studio (No sl url)

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Symmetra and Reinhardt

[Submission by @drunken-pilot ]

It’s clunky, it’s crazy, but Symmetra doesn’t hate all the armour. It keeps her safe. 

And we all know how much Reinhardt loves his armour - but I think he’d really enjoy wearing something that breathes a little better. It’s the eccentricity in him. 

Thank you for the submission! 

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Omg! I've heard of that game! It's like cyborg fruit ninja except with a lot more murder and blood and isn't there like a robot dog too? (And tbh they look really cool)


that actually…isn’t that far off…

and yeah there is a ton of blood and you basically finish guys off by ripping out their robo-spines and using the fluid in them to recover (wonderful image i know)

and there’s def a robo dog

暑いのは苦手。 I am not good with hot weather.

こちらは日に日に暑くなってきたよ。みんなの所はどう?It becomes hotter day by day here.How is your area ?

チャウチャウ犬は寒さには強いけど、暑さには弱いの。A dog called chow chow is very strong in the cold but weak in the heat. 

「アタチ、暑いのは苦手。」「I am not good with hot weather」

ワンちゃんたち、暑さ対策してる?How to take care of your dogs in hot weather?

「アタチは朝は早くに、夜は遅くに散歩へ行くよう心がけているよ。」「I make a point of taking a walk in the early morning and late at night during summer」

「ところで・・・このサンバイザー、アタチに似合ってる?みんなアタチを見てクスクス笑うのよね。失礼しちゃう。」「By the way,Does this sun visor look good on me?My family looks at me and chuckles.How rude!」