Takashi Miike (1960 - present) is a highly prolific and controversial Japanese filmmaker. He has directed over seventy theatrical, video, and television productions since his debut in 1991. His films range from violent and bizarre to dramatic and family-friendly. He has since gained a strong cult following in the West that is growing with the increase in DVD releases of his works.

Miike has garnered international notoriety for depicting shocking scenes of extreme violence and sexual perversions. Many of his films contain graphic and lurid bloodshed, often portrayed in an over-the-top, cartoonish manner. Much of his work depicts the activities of criminals (especially yakuza) or concern themselves with non-Japanese living in Japan. He is known for his black sense of humor and for pushing the boundaries of censorship as far as they will go. (x)

Bubbles of Water
Real Time
Bubbles of Water

Bubbles of Water

by Real Time

as heard in Takashi Miike’s film Visitor Q.

Lyrics provided by BoogiemanAkku of YouTube:

the sea’s so wide you can’t see anything
the waves build up slowly, then break
there are little bubbles everytwhere
they’re born, and shine sparkling in the sun
they move about slowly, floating and sinking
they kiss, become one, and then they float apart
they slowly grow, then they burst
and sink back into the sea
they are just like us
I’m thinking all sorts of stuff
while you’re naked, staring at the water
I’m thinking all sorts of stuff
while you’re very relaxed, staring at the sky
we should keep space between us and lie down for a while
don’t say anything
stay just like this
just like this…