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Tagged Questions:

001: What is one country you want to visit?

I would like to visit Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, and Japan.

002: Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset, everything is so tranquil.

003: Will you follow Produce 101 Season 2?

Honestly, no. I didn’t follow Produce 101 Season 1. I don’t really like how they do things.

004: Eyes, nose, or lips?

Eyes, they are so powerful and convey so many meanings.

005: What is your all-time favorite movie?

Right now it would be… I guess Princess Mononoke? It’s the most recent I have seen. (I don’t really watch movies.)

006: What about your favorite movie released in 2016?

Well. Nerve? I can’t say I watch anything.

007: Would you rather know your date of death, place of death, or reason for death?

I would want to know my date of death. The way I die shouldn’t matter. I would want to know if my last day was tomorrow so I can appreciate the people around me.

008: Coldplay, Beyonce or Bruno Mars?

I really don’t listen to any of them.

009: Are socks with sandals/jandals truly a fashion disaster?

I mean, you are asking someone who isn’t very into fashion trends. Lol.

010: Speaking of fashion disasters, what is your opinion on crocs?

I don’t like cros. They are… Really ugly.

011: What has been your worst birthday thus far?

I can’t remember. Almost all of my birthdays were pretty bad. Haha.


  1. Have you heard any songs from Hamilton? (The play.)
  2. How do you feel about “Never Ever” compared to “Hard Carry”?
  3. Who are your top 3 favorite girl groups?
  4. What is your favorite snack food?
  5. Who is your favorite member of NCT? (If you like NCT.)
  6. Do you still listen to songs in English?
  7. Are you also not in with the popular American songs like me? (Lol.)
  8. What video games do you play?
  9. Do you like Dragon Age: Inquisition?
  10. Are your ears pierced?
  11. Do you believe in aliens, if so what do you think?

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COCO YOU ARE A TERRIBLE HOST AGFSJGHSNGJ. will you do that to me if i ever come over to visit you in Malaysia. And nooo, I’m supposed to show them around and make them change their minds that “Singapore has nothing to see”.

I NEED TO WRITE ESSAYS TO SEND IN THE APPLICATION AHFISGHSKHHDK LET ME DIE *receives and revives under the sparkling energy tho*

Somali DPM pays respect to late Bernama staff killed in Mogadishu

KUALA LUMPUR: Somali Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omer Arteh, who is on his maiden visit to Malaysia, paid a visit to the family of the late Bernama TV cameraman Noramfaizul Mohd Nor today.

Noramfaizul was killed by stray bullets in the Somali capital Mogadishu by African peacekeepers on Sept 2, 2011.

He was 39.

Mohamed Omer met Noramfaizul’s 68-year-old mother, Naemah Abd Majid, at the family’s home in Serdang Raya this afternoon.

(File pix) Noramfaizul Mohd Nor (right) with fellow reporters while on assignment at Gaza, Palestin, August 2010. Noramfaizul was killed by stray bullets in the Somali capital Mogadishu by African peacekeepers on Sept 2, 2011.

Also present was Noramfaizul’s father Mohd Nor Mat Yasin, 72.

Naemah could not hold back her tears as she recalled memories of Noramfaizul, her eldest and only son out of her six children.

“Life has never been the same in the family without Noramfaizul.

“We will always remember him fondly, especially the last moments he spent with the family before leaving for that fateful trip to Somalia,” she told reporters.

She also expressed her gratitude to Mohamed Omer for taking the time to be with the family.

Naemah was also glad when she found out that among the pressmen present are Noramfaizul’s peers.

Mohamed Omer said the entourage had come to pay respect to the family of Noramfaizul.

“We also want to express our sorrow at the unfortunate incident.

“At the same time, I’m happy to have met the parents and bond with the family,” said Mohamed Omer, who also brought along his family members.

The visit was coordinated by Kelab Putera 1Malaysia president and Baling MP, Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim.

Abdul Azeez led a prayer session at the house together with Mohamed Omer, his entourage and the family of Noramfaizul.

He also accompanied Mohamed Omer and Naemah’s family to visit the grave of Noramfaizul.

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Notebook, Civil Service exam reviewers, my medicines, perfume spray and isoprophyl alcohol.

FIVE THINGS YOU’LL FIND IN MY BEDROOM: papers, stuffed toys, boxes, books, a cat curled up and sleeping on my favorite pillow or destroying my boxes >:(

FIVE THINGS I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE: fix my shitty life choices, use my skills and talent on a job, find my real purpose in life, go out and discover the world around me, and idk.. I’m still a confused soul..

FIVE THINGS I’M INTO RIGHT NOW: Cats, Drawing, Writing stories, Otayuri, finding out how to revive my old masterpieces (short stories)


1. Pass Civil Service examinations so I can have higher chance of getting a decent job or working on city level government.

2. Visit Butuan City, Malaysia and Singapore. I want to meet everyone at NoPants TAT .. Someday !!!

3. Get my shit together again and be that Writer/Animator/Comic Artist I’ve always wanted since I was little. Join Komikon /o/

4. Improve my health and keep exercising. 

5. Fix my damn self …


1. I have hoarding disorder. 

2. I bite my nails or peel/bite the sides of my thumbs whenever my anxiety kicks in, depressed or angry.

3. Arriving at home isn’t complete without me screaming “ANAK KOOO!!” (My child!!) so my cat will come down from the bedroom and headbutt me as greeting.

4. I don’t smoke nor drink alcoholic beverages

5. I’m always depress all the time and try to be fine even though I’m not :(

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one gifset per appearance the south seas tour: day 4, kuala lumpur [3/5] (14/09/2012)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a luncheon hosted by the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, where the Duke made a 6-minute speech.

“Catherine and I are delighted to be here on what is our first visit to Malaysia.  We are particularly pleased that our visit is specifically to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen. ‬‪Her dedication has been extraordinary to all her Realms; and to the Commonwealth of which Malaysia is such an important and influential member.  My Grandmother told me that Malaysia would provide us with some wonderful experiences and unforgettable memories.  And so indeed it has proved. ‬‪Over these three days here in Kuala Lumpur and in Sabah, we are getting to learn more of the different cultures that make up this great nation and seeing for ourselves something of the fabulous natural heritage of this land.  We would like to thank the Malaysian people for
giving us this marvellous opportunity.‬‪The Queen has asked me to convey to the Malaysian people her deepest good wishes in this, her Diamond Jubilee Year.  Thank you for this lunch, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming us to Malaysia.‬‪‬‪..”

[Explore My City] Genting Highlands

I have been pretty productive off late despite the maddening work schedules, the lack of sleep and leisure times, I managed to squeeze in a short trip away from the tiny Red Dot. 

While the rest of you wallow and nursing your Monday blues, I woke up to the magnificent chill air, relaxed and ready to jumpstart my day. I can’t exactly remember when was the last time I was at Genting Highlands, maybe more than 10 years ago. I remember going there as a kid and I remember that the theme park vividly as a magical place. So, yes, I can’t wait to conquer every ride there is in the theme park…..well……until I found out that the entire theme park had been torn down! Imagine the horror that awaits me! Nonetheless, the view of the mountain is still magnificent. 

Where the theme park used to stand. If it’s still standing, it’s directly outside my hotel room. What a waste. 

Anyhow, these views totally made up for the sinking feeling I felt when i first found out that the theme park is gone for awhile. 

What else is there to do if theme park is out. Casino is the next best option. Most people would tell you, Casino should be the primary reason why you made an 8-hr journey from the tiny Red Dot, but not for me. I can count the number of times I had set foot in a Casino. The prospect of walking around watching people aimlessly sitting by the betting table hoping for their next big win is not something that I look forward to. I could never understand the thrill these betters feel when their numbers are called and their triumphant feeling of victory. 

If you haven’t been to any of the casinos in Genting, I suggest you stay away, unless of course your past time is to soak up the second hand smokes and give your lungs some exercise to check if they are in fact working and helping your breathe better after. 

Not only are the casinos smelt, these betters are too. I was told some actually stayed there for 7 days/nights straight without leaving their seats or showered or have meals. Everyone told the same story, once they had their windfall, they would leave for good. None did! Why am I not surprised. 

Anyhow, in the midst of gloom and smog, look what I found, this actually thrilled me. Okay, I am a little different if you can tell by now. 

A Bruce Lee star! 

That concludes my first day in Genting Highlands. 

'BTS apologizes with cookies for late appearance at press conference in Malaysia'

BTS were praised by the Malaysian media when the group appeared late at the press conference for their concert in Kuala Lumpur.

The seven boys are currently visiting Malaysia for their Episode II: The Red Bullet world tour concert stop. Brought to Malaysian fans by concert organizer IME Productions, the concert itself will be held today (June 6th) at 6PM local time, but BTS greeted their fans during the Hello fanmeet session and the press the day before.

The Hello session with fans was scheduled to start at 6.30PM, while the media session at 8PM. Due to the tight schedule, BTS was not able to make it in time for the second schedule. The press conference started around an hour late, at 9PM, and lasted for about 30 minutes.

The press who were present were impressed by their manners as leader Rap Monster also relayed his apologies in English on behalf of the team. “Thank you so much for welcoming us, we love everything in Malaysia. We practiced so hard for this concert, please come see us tomorrow. Sorry for this late delay and thank you coming here again. Thank you so much, we are BTS.”