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am i the only one who's thinking that a film has got less possibilities than a second season; character / relationship developing and plot wise ?? also does the movie erease the chance for a season two ? dont get me wrong im excited for the film, it's just that for me i have less headcanons/imagination and ideas for what could happen in a movie than in a season. i may be talking too soon since it's said there will be more detailed information but still .

lmao im… actually thinking the same thing lmao which is why im not as hyped for it as i feel like i should be, but a 2 hour film definitely isnt the same as 12 30-minute episodes

i dont think it erases a chance for s2 though!! im not in the free fandom but im p sure that has a movie or two right??? and im p sure it has like 3 seasons or smth lmao idk but keep your fingers crossed!!!

  • me playing older bioware games: Why do my companions always stay in the same room all the time I wish they'd go visit each other.
  • me playing Andromeda: Where the hell are my companions now why aren’t they where I left them how dare you socialise without me