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Compare the rough to the final artwork - Southern Railway’s “Southern Adventure” summer advertising campaign, imagining the rail network & many of the regions tourist attractions as a theme park. Can you find Loco Toledo, the campaigns Mexican Wrestler? 

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VisitBritain is the official tourist board of Great Britain. Tumblr and Yahoo have become an integral part of the group’s social media strategy to reach travel enthusiasts from around the world, but especially in United States, Brazil, India, France, Germany, and Arab Gulf states.

“Sharing [content] across both platforms, we are able to combine the reach and targeting capabilities of Yahoo with the engagement and viral capabilities of Tumblr.”
–Mark Di-Toro, Senior Press & PR Manager, VisitBritain.

Campaign goals

Tourism is one of Great Britain’s most important industries. Overseas visitors spend more than $31 billion each year in the country, and the industry employs more than 3 million people (source: VisitBritain). VisitBritain’s goal is to keep those tourists coming by promoting the country’s historical landmarks, natural scenery, and cultural experiences.

Their approach

VisitBritain’s blog is an owned destination for curated photos and animations of Great Britain’s culture, history, and bucolic landscapes that tell the country’s tourism story and get travelers excited to visit. To share that story with as many people as possible, VisitBritain runs Sponsored Posts on Tumblr and Yahoo, a syndication system that inserts Sponsored Posts into Yahoo’s content streams and digital magazines. 

Through Tumblr and Yahoo’s joint offering, VisitBritain enjoys the social engagement of Tumblr’s passionate travel community (plus the resulting earned media), and the ability to reach the 250+ million people in VisitBritain’s target markets (mentioned above) who visit Yahoo properties.


VisitBritain’s sponsored content garnered 15 million impressions and more than 200,000 engagements in three weeks through a combination of social distribution on Tumblr, and the vast reach of Yahoo’s web properties.

Some other highlights from the campaign:

  • 76% of paid engagements on Tumblr were likes, reblogs, or follows. And the resulting earned media reduced the effective cost of the campaign by more than 40%. 
  • Syndication to Yahoo doubled the campaign’s reach while increasing the marginal cost by just 25%.
  • Organic engagements with VisitBritain’s content doubled, and blog impressions tripled, in the month after the Sponsored Posts ran, compared to the month before. 


  • Increase the reach of your Tumblr content with Yahoo syndication. Yahoo’s scale and ad technology made it possible for VisitBritain to reach an engaged global audience quickly and cost effectively from an exclusively branded presence on Tumblr.

anonymous asked:

Helloo, sorry for the random ask.. Sis and I were wondering what locations would be best to visit in Great Britain? It's our first time visiting and we're trying to find people who live there to aid our search on where to stay (without drilling a hole on our pockets haha) so far we've saved up 2398.72 pounds. We're staying for about a week. Thanks in advanced!


Well it depends entirely on what you’d like to see while you’re here. Firstly I would recommend that you don’t stay in London for the duration of your trip. It’s expensive, most of the big things people want to see there can be done in a day or two and all too often people visit Britain and don’t stray out of our capital which is a wasted opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, I like London and always enjoy my visits there, but it’d be like only reading one page of The Book of Britain.

Next popular place is The Cotswolds/Gloucestershire and, without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Due to its high levels of tourism and transport links to London, it is expensive to stay here but with your budget so far I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to afford nice accommodation, a rental car and meals out there.

There’s also down on the south west coastline Cornwall, Devon and Dorset and all three counties are full of charm, nice beaches, friendly people and old architecture. But, be warned, apart from small and somewhat infrequent connecting flights you will need to travel for hours to get there from the major airports. London airport; about 5 hours by car, Manchester; 9 or so if you’re driving down to Cornwall, Bristol is closer but still a good couple of hours drive away. The train links to the south west are also pretty dire if you don’t plan on hiring a car.

Interested in history and medieval architecture? Then Scotland or Wales is your best bet. Both countries are famous for their beautiful mountains and castles. Wales has the benefit of being closer to visit England, but Scotland’s hills and lochs take some beating, not to mention Edinburgh is a beautiful city. Then again, one of my favourite places in the world is Tenby on the west coast of Wales.

I’m also quite partial to Powys, Wales and Shropshire in England, which border each other. Shropshire isn’t expensive in terms of accommodation and there are a lot of interesting places to visit. It’s an hour’s drive away from Birmingham International airport which is handy and, due to its central location, makes visiting Wales, the north of England and south England more manageable than staying on one side of GB.

I hope this helps! And if you fancy staying somewhere a little different than your average B&B or travel lodge, I highly recommend looking up a website called Canopy & Stars who offer unique places to stay scattered all over Britain. Last year I booked a yurt in The Cotswolds and it was a wonderful trip.

Followers, feel free to chip in if I’ve missed somewhere worth noting.


Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Tower Bridge and the London Eye. 

All these marvelous London landmarks are featured in Instagram’s list of Top 100 Locations for 2015! Which one is your favorite? 

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Fangirl Quest is teaming up with VisitBritain, packing their bags and hitting the road next Friday! We’re going on a week’s adventure around the UK and visiting several filming locations and other attractions.

Our destinations include London, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bampton Village, Harry Potter studios, the National Theatre, the Savoy Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company, and we’ll be busy with James Bond style activities, behind the scenes specials, Downton Abbey shenanigans and so much more!

The featured films include Thor: The Dark World, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, Pirates of the Caribbean, Les Misérables, Sherlock Holmes among many others.

Naturally there will be a big bunch of photos and reports coming up (maybe even some backstage secrets, oooh) and we’d love to be able to share all of it with you sweeties! :)

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