I don’t get posts that go “Tony lost Jarvis and didn’t even react”. Because I saw him be devastated after Jarvis was torn apart. I saw him so happy and proud he was ready to burst after finding him again. I saw the way he looked at Vision like he couldn’t decide if he’d just seen a ghost or an angel.

But this is Tony Stark - he’s not going to put all his feelings on display in front of other people. You have to look a little harder.

Would I have loved to see a scene showing how Tony reacts when he’s alone? Hell yeah! But saying he didn’t react at all? You’ll never convince me of that.

Hello Gorgeous- Pietro Maximoff x Reader PT 6

Hey babes! So this part I feel might be a little stuffed, and the reason for that is because it is mostly build up for the next part, which I plan on posting tomorrow, or late, late tonight. I hope you guys enjoy!

Description: Reader is hurt in a fight, and she is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D for her injuries, and ends up being there longer than expected, gaining new friends and falling for a certain speedster.

Warnings: Swearing, Violence.

When Tony heard the news, he was ecstatic. Not because you would be staying, but because he got to design your uniform. You were led into a room with glass walls, and multiple see-through tech pieces displaying up to 10 different clothing options.

“Alright, so I figure, I just throw different stuff at you to try on, and if you like it, you like it.” Tony shrugs. “Dummy, give her number one.” A mechanical hand-like machine places an electric blue suit into your arms, and you leave to try it on. The collar resembles an oval, stringing across your shoulders. a long zipper runs down the top’s skin-tight fabric, which resembles some sort of exercise clothing. The pants, also skin-tight, are made of similar fabric, and in a matching color. Two large pockets rest on either thigh for easy access to anything you might acquire on a mission.  A pair of dark brown boots complete the outfit.

“I…I don’t know about this one.” You say, stepping in front of the rest of the team so they might decipher their opinions.

“Too bright!” Wanda says, and you mock her for her favoritism towards dark clothing.

You are handed the next outfit, and you immediately regret even considering to wear it. You stick your head out of the bathroom door once you’ve changed into it. “Um, guys? I don’t think I like this one.” You blush slightly.

“Oh, how bad could it be?” Natasha rolls her eyes, tugging you out of the bathroom. The suit was one piece this time, shining a sky blue, with a very deep v-neck, a tool belt, and white boots to tag along. The team let’s out a collective gasp. Instinctively, you cross your arms across your chest.

“The hell kinda fighting am I gonna do in this, Tony?” Your eyebrows sink in anger.

“Well, no one will want to fight you if you’re wearing that.” He chuckles. “Guarantee you’ll keep beating Pietro if you choose that one!” He winks. Your eyes meet with Pietro’s, only to find his cheeks flaming. By the heat of your own, you imagined you looked the same.

Number three was an automatic hit. It was navy blue, two pieces. The top had a hood, which everyone agreed was a nice touch. the neckline was still a v, which led down to a zipper, but at least this time, you didn’t feel the need to be wearing a scarf. The top was also a peplum top, which somewhat reminded you of the tail of a bird. The pants resembled leggings, but a little more suited for combat. You also wielded a black tool belt, and Tony even threw in an optional weapon. He called it, a feather from a Blue Jay. It was basically, a very big missile, in a very small package. Black ankle boots tied the outfit together.

“I want it. Like, now.” You say excitedly.

“Now wait a second, wait a second,” Tony pauses. “Flick your wrists.” You shoot him a questionable glance, then proceeding to stretch out your arms, and flick your wrists downward. Out fall a handful of 4 inch, metal, feather-like units, which stiffen in a fanned out formation, connecting from the edge of your long sleeves, to just a few inches up your arm from your wrist. “It’s a small touch. I didn’t want to give you wings, because that’s kinda Falcon’s thing. so I gave you some feathers.” Tony said.

“Why didn’t you show me this one first?” You ask.

“Because I knew you’d pick it! I was going to save it for last, but I got too excited.” He smiled like a child.


With a new uniform, came new fight moves, which you had primarily been working on creating with Clint and Natasha over the next few weeks.

Your round-house kick became a little bit of a signature move between the three of you. You found it more fun to do than most of your other moves, so sometimes during training, you would stand, kicking the air, seeing how high you could raise your leg, or swinging completely, including both legs, for extra damage. The two of them would tease you periodically, like when Pietro failed to be able to open his Capri-Sun pouch, so Natasha said, “Why don’t you hand it to (Y/N)? I’m sure she can roundhouse kick it open for you.”

Then, you learned how to control your powers with the twins, as they needed a bit of assistance in themselves. Pietro could never slow down, and nothing was ever going fast enough for him. When he sat, he always shook his leg, like a high school boy waiting for the bell to ring. Wanda sometimes just created balls of energy within her hands when she was bored, anxious, or mad. You, well, sometimes when you got really upset with someone, you’d be in the middle of an argument with them when you’d just pick up and start floating inches from the ground. Or, whenever you were really happy, it was hard for your toes to stay planted on the surface. The three of you spent alot of time together, correcting the others if they ever slipped up.

With Vision, you learned to steer yourself more easily with levitation and flight. You began by simply seeing how high you could levitate in the training room. Proving yourself ready for something bigger, You tried to reach the top of Avengers Tower, from the outside. After multiple tries, you managed to do it. For your final assignment, you raced Vision around New York City, adding in the element of an obstacle course, having to fly around all of the sky scrapers. You had clearly won, but Vision always mentions that you may say anything you need to sleep well at night. Most of the time, you follow this statement with an extremely dramatic eye roll.

You and Cap never really required any training together, but the two of you got along quite well. You both spent your Saturday nights together playing board games, watching movies Steve had missed, or your favorite, binge-watching Friends. He had insisted on it after you had spoken so highly of the show.

Since you could mimic powers, Pietro often took you running on Sunday’s, which was often your least favorite and favorite part of the week.


It had been 8 weeks since your wrist healed, and Pietro was dragging you out of bed to run.

“Come on, lets go! Let’s see if you can catch up to me this time!” He said to you, knowing you were too competitive to back away from a challenge.

“You’re such an ass!” You chucked a pillow at him, rolling over in bed. 

“At least I’m pretty!” He swung the pillow at you.

“You’re lucky, if you weren’t so pretty, I’d probably take that pillow from you and swing it directly at your face.” You told him, sitting up.

“Well, in order to do that, you are going to have to be able to catch me.” He smirked. You grunted in response, leaving to put on your uniform. “Hurry up.” He repeatedly kicked the bathroom door lightly. 

“Maximoff, don’t make me come out there!” You yelled at him threateningly.

“I would not really mind if you came out here in the middle of changing.” He flirted.

“Ugh, you’re gross.” You grinned harshly from the other side of the bathroom door.

You both openly flirted a lot, but it never meant much.

You opened the door, Pietro draping an arm over your shoulder. “Finally!” He said with a sigh. “Ready to run?” He turned his head to you. 

“Pietro, I will never be ready to run. Running is nasty.” You said in response.

“Well, you better get ready, so you can watch me win.” He laughed.

“You know how this works, dude. I have to focus on you.” You sit criss-cross- applesauce on the bed. He groans, sitting across from you.

“I hate this part.” He crosses his arms.

“Why? You get to stare deep into my eyes, for like, a whole minute.” You say.

“Because we do not move at all for a whole minute!” He lays back on the bed in distress.

“You want to run? This is the only way we can run.” The two of you get inches from eachother’s faces, and you look into Pietro’s eyes intensely. You are nearly in complete focus of him when he touches his tongue to your nose. “Stop it! You’ll make me laugh!” You both smile wildly. 

“Fine, I’ll stop. Are you done yet?” 

“No! No it’ll take even longer because you’re talking to me. Geez, every time, Pietro? Really?” There was no stopping it now, you both broke away from each other’s gazes and began to laugh. “I literally hate your guts.” You giggle, poking his side.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Come on, let’s get this over with.” Pietro says, getting close to your face once more. After another minute of staring, you and Pietro exited the building and began dashing down the streets of New York, working hard to dodge hot dog stands, people, fire hydrants, lamp posts, and other things that can be found on the side walks of New York CIty. You admit, you were a hot mess compared to Pietro, after all, he’d had more experience. At some point, Pietro struggled to swipe past a small child, luckily just barely missing him, which also gave you time to catch up.

“Hello, Gorgeous. Funny seeing you here!” You waved. He shouted a curse word in Sokovian making you cackle loudly.

The race ended soon after, and Pietro leaned against the outside of the building, winded and red-faced, while you were sprawled out in the grass, gasping for air. “Why do I agree to this? Pietro Maximoff, you might actually be the death of me.” You struggled to get out. He held out a hand, which you took, and he pulled you off of the ground. “I finally caught up though!” You ruffled his hair, and the two of you headed up to today’s meeting.


That’s all for part 6! Like I said, I do plan on working on part 7 tonight, so hopefully I can get it done and published before I pass out. Thanks for being so understanding that I haven’t uploaded yet today, dolls. Shoot me a message if you have any questions about me or the story!


The last post I reblogged had me thinking…Scarlet Vision’s romance is something most of us fans of the MCU cannot attain. Imagining Wanda is satisfied with a non-sexual but absolutely romantic relationship with Vision, while fans of the MCU be like:

“Yes, Natasha Romanoff, I’d tap that.”

“Please do me, Pietro Maximoff.”

We’re all terrible human beings…

How Our Eyes Stay Sharp - Researchers discover How Our Brains keep images clear even as our eyes move

Researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Shiley Eye Institute have identified the molecular “glue” that builds the brain connections that keep visual images clear and still, even as objects or your eyes move. Using mouse models, the researchers demonstrate that image stabilization depends upon two proteins, Contactin-4 and amyloid precursor protein, binding during embryonic development.

“Sensors in the eye also detect movement and connect to the brain in just the right way to tell your eyes to move in the right direction without blurring images, the way a camera does if you try to take a picture while moving. Until now, we didn’t really understand how the eye and brain control that on a molecular level,” said senior author Andrew D. Huberman, PhD.

Read More

This research was funded, in part, by the National Institutes of Health (grant RO1EY022157), National Science Foundation (grant DGE-1144086), E. Matilda Ziegler Foundation for the Blind and Pew Charitable Trusts.