My VISA Infinite Dining Experience

*DISCLAIMER: VISA is one of FH’s clients and this post is not for promotion and only documents my experience. My comments and expressions are my personal views and in no way reflect my employer.* 

This past Wednesday I was fortunate enough to attend the VISA Infinite Dining Series event at Bymark restaurant in Toronto. It was a pretty last minute decision, but aren’t those always the best? It’s not everyday you get a dinner prepared and hosted by celebrity chef Mark McEwan and Top Chef Canada winner Dale MacKay along with finalists Rob Rossi and Connie DeSousa. A bonus; each meal came with its own wine pairing. Insane right?

The first course was a Scallop Crudo, Arugula Puree, Meyer Lemon, Smoked Maldon and Bottarga. This was absolutely delicious. The scallops melted in your mouth and the arugula puree was amazing! 

Up next we had the Black Cod with Pork Thai Broth, Bok Choy, Smoked Maitake, Coriander and Chilli Oil. This dish was probably the best soup broth I had EVER tasted. The cod was imported from the west coast! 

This next dish was the High Country Bison Heart Kielbasa with Brassica Mustard and Fennel Kraut. Yes it does look like a footlong sausage you would get at Canada’s Wonderland, but let me assure you it definitely tastes a million times better! I had never had bison heart before, but after eating this I sure hope I have it again! 

Now for the main course! Dry aged P.E.I. Striploin and Slow Braised Short Rib with reduced Tomato Passato and Soft Polenta. My description of this meal is pretty much summed up in my favourite four letter word. EPIC. 

The main course was followed by the Dairy Farmers of Canada Cheese Course which included:

Le Guillame Tell, Niagara Gold and Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar cheeses. 

There was dessert after this but my phone died. (It was horrible and I don’t want to discuss it.)

Overall this was a great experience! I had an awesome meal and met some really great people. 

Until nest time, keep on hustlin.