Hi everyone, here’s a post because I have a little bit of time to update the blog. I really like Tessa’s summer look in the picture above, but I haven’t found Tessa’s Sleeveless Tie-front Chambray / Denim Top.

Here’s some alternatives if you want to create a similar look ! :

1. F21 Knot-Front Denim Shirt

2. F21 Knotted Denim Shirt

3. MOTHER Foxy Knot Chambray Shirt 

4. Motel Octavia Tie Front Crop Shirt in Indigo Denim Chambray

I’m hoping that you are all having a nice summer !

“Tessa had just gotten off the phone and there was a bit of a huddle at home, and she finally revealed that she and Scott had decided that they would no longer date.”

“How old were they?”

“She was eight and he was ten. And they thought that it would impede their career. So they decided they would put it away for now.” (x)


“If we’re talking about our legacy on the ice, it would be great if when people thought of us they thought, ‘They were true dancers,’ and that we made people feel something." 

~Tessa Virtue, 2010

"What we’ll remember most is how we felt when we watched [Tessa and Scott] skate.”

~Sochi 2014 commentator

They achieved what they set out to achieve: to be remembered for igniting emotions among the audience, to be loved and cherished for making people feel.

Thank you, Tessa & Scott. You may be silver on the podium, but you will always be gold in our hearts.


To the anon who asked about Scott’s shirt at the 2016 Worlds, I don’t think that I have found the exact one that he’s wearing (because it’s much harder to find) my guess that it’s a denim shirt (see the texture in the first picture), but here’s some similar shirts:

1. Hackett London GARMENT DYED LINEN BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT (Closest match for the color, minus the pocket)

2. Levi’s Sunset Selvedge Denim Slim Fit Button Down Shirt

3. H&M Denim Shirt

4.  Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Indigo Dyed Sport Shirt


Thanks for asking !


Scott Moir & Tessa Virtue during the victory lap from a different view.
[original gifset]

When life gives you lemons a Canadian flag poncho, you make lemonade wear it on your head & fly across the ice.