Virtual Graffiti helps you to learn the „graffiti art“. The project includes a beamer, 4 sensors and one virtual can. You put the beamer in front of a wall and place the sensors in each corner. It works like a „Wacom Cintiq“, but instead of a monitar you see the imageon a beamer.

The middle part of the beamer is able to tilt and helps you to find the right distance to the wall. The „Virtual Graffiti“ has the size of an normal can, so it is easy to put it in your bag and work wherever you want. Every Picture will be saved as a digital file, and you are able to download it with a USB-cabel.

Pixelsticking in Hampstead and the Olympic Park

The last weeks have seen me, Steve Gray, Carina Schneider and Bianca Winter at large in Crystal Palace, East London, and Camden, painting with light and creating “temporary graffiti” – or virtual installations, if you will. The pixelstick is best thought of as a light painting wand.


San Francisco hitting up graffiti vandals with costly civil suits

San Francisco hitting up graffiti vandals with costly civil suits

By By C.W. Nevius […] it’s nearly impossible to catch anyone in the act.

[…] if cops do, a criminal case in the courts often results in minor consequences, like a few hours of community service.

A walk down virtually any graffiti-tagged street in the city tells you criminal charges aren’t having much of an effect.


Source:: SF Gate

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