𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓼𝓲𝓰𝓷𝓼

✧ aries: to others, you come across as a bold and direct person. some may be intimidated by your bluntness and your ready to go attitude, but the right people will be attracted to a person who will who so readily accepts new challenges, pursues their goals without hesitation, and is dynamic enough to captivate everyone’s attention. people see you as independent to a fault, and it might make some think of you as a person who is hard to form bonds with, but when you do let someone in they mean everything to you.

✧ taurus: people are instantly attracted to the stability you exude. you take a slow, practical approach and those who moved at such a fast pace it overwhelms them are enamored with your ability to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. you may present as being overly stubborn, or unwilling to change, and it could be off-putting to those who constantly seek new experiences. overall, you are the kind of person who seeks security and routine and it shows even in first meetings.

✧ gemini: you are the sort of person who may intimidate others by the sheer amount of connections and friends you seem to have. communicating is a breeze, or at least you can make it look like it is. people are drawn to your quirky, curious, and witty personality very easily, and you come off as incredibly charming. those who are less adaptable in social situations may be enviousness of your ability to network and connect, but deep down they would benefit from your presence in their life.

✧ cancer: your sensitivity can both draw people in and put them off. on one hand, you come across as incredibly empathetic and willing to help others even if it is not beneficial to you. but on the other hand, people who do not handle emotions well can be overwhelmed by your heart on your sleeve style of dealing with feelings. you find yourself having a natural sort of intuition and knack for seeing things that aren’t outwardly mentioned, but that can come across as though you might be projecting or trying to tell people how to feel.

✧ leo: a natural born star, your confident attitude is admirable and enviable. it is both your vice and your virtue, as your confidence gives you the ability to seize your time to shine and work on your talents and capabilities, but it can also give off the air of someone who thinks of themselves too highly. there are times in life you don’t need to jump in with an “i’m the best” attitude and sometimes people feel put off by that sort of mentality.

✧ virgo: though deep down you are nurturing, at first meeting you might across as overly critical and unable to be satisfied with anything. what people don’t see is that that perfectionist attitude extends to everything, especially your own personal endeavors. your humility might seem overdone, and people may assume it’s an act, but truly you are humble and find it confusing when other’s recognize your hard work and achievements. you’re the person to go to whenever anyone can’t remember something, and you know all sorts of little things that stun people in the best way.

✧ libra: oftentimes, you seem to others as too indecisive. the sheer amount of choices in life can cause anxiety that burdens you, and it makes you seem wishy washy in some ways to the people who don’t know you. you try to be diplomatic with issues almost to a fault, sometimes unable to even pick a side when it’s needed or obvious. fairness is of the utmost importance to you, and some may find that unnecessary, but it is an admirable trait that should be fostered for life.

✧ scorpio: people can be intimidated by the passion in your emotions, but others will see that as a sign of a person who cares deeply and will seek out your companionship. you can be incredibly uplifting and inspirational on a good day, but on a bad day you can be entirely too negative for no good reason. you are the type of person who wants someone who will cry with you when you’re upset because that’s what you do for others.

✧ sagittarius: on first impression, to many you might seem intimidating or mean. you give off an air of confidence and optimism, probably much more than you actually feel. once people actually meet you, you are bright, funny, and charismatic, and they’re prone to admitting how wrong they were in assuming you might be mean. you have an innate need for change and novelty, which can lead to chronic boredom and getting into situations you definitely shouldn’t simply because you were trying to satiate that boredom.

✧ capricorn: people admire your worth ethic, drive, and maturity, but typically from afar. you might seem cold or unapproachable, though deep down your crave validation and encouragement because you too often doubt your own abilities. you may hold yourself back from great opportunities under the guise of caution and thinking things through, and it can definitely be frustrating to outsides watching you pass up something that would be good for you.

✧ aquarius: anyone who meets you admires your ability to simply be yourself. you truly march to the beat of your own drum, and you are often a trendsetter in many ways especially within your friend group. you are naturally independent and a leader, and people who like to feel taken care of and bossed around flock to you. others might find your uniqueness somewhat odd, and they might have a hard time understanding you at first, but when they make the effort it’s entirely worth it.

✧ pisces: you are someone who is incredibly pleasant to be around, simply because you are able to adapt to any situation or person. you are agreeable to the point you might allow yourself to be stepped on, which sadly attracts people who will use your kindness without giving you anything in return. you may have a sort of feeling that you want to escape, or that life is in many ways constrictive both physically and emotionally. it is common to feel as though you have a heightened sense of understanding feelings compared to your peers and others around you.

Virgo The Analyzer

🌾 Wanna figure things out soooo bad as to why they are pegged as the analyzers of the zodiac.

🌾 The only sign to exhaust themselves simply from OVERTHINKING!!!

(Sucks for Virgo Risings because that’s their first reaction they give due to Virgo being in the 1st house=head=the mind!)

🌾 Worst than Leo’s when it comes to staring in the mirror. Virgos simply look at a mirror for 35 MINUTES because they wanna make sure every piece of hair is in place…after they criticize their nose, skin, hair,etc.

🌾 Can see through bullshit and will call bullshit out when pushed to the limit.

🌾 An angry “Virgin” will either drag your ass or cut you off entirely.

🌾 Virgos simply do not just criticize,we give constructive criticism!


🌾 Search for purity through perfectionism.

🌾 Perfectionism is a gift and a curse to a Virgo.

🌾 Can’t get away with ANYTHING and receive harsher punishments. Damn! 😩

🌾 Can spot a blemish, crooked tooth, insecurity a mile away from a person!

🌾 Notice the little things and blow it out of proportion for better or for worse!

🌾 HATE being interrupted when talking

🌾 Have their own way of doing things in their fashion. MOVE OVER AQUARIUS!

🌾 Whatever house Virgo is in is where you seek purity and perfection.

🌾 Virgo Moons keep a cleaner room than Virgo Suns and Risings.

🌾 Funniest out of ALL the Earth signs.

🌾 That friend who is your personal assistant/counselor/travel partner/partner in crime!

🌾 No one can replace a Virgo EVER!

🌾 When Virgo Sun/Moon/Rising leaves, shit falls apart.

🌾 To Virgos Health=Beauty

🌾 Virgos decorate the beauty industry!

🌾 Wanna know if a Virgo person likes/cares (about) you: they’ll criticize you….then turn around and help you. If they help rearrange your life you’re in!

🌾 Will leave an event if they sense some fuck shit going on.

🌾If they decide to stay at an event, they’ll wait til it’s over, get in the car (cuz they couldn’t wait to get home) and talk shit/joke about how horrible the event was!

🌾 Have stomach problems due to nerves.

🌾 “Lady in the streets and freaks in the sheets”

🌾 August Virgos have that Leo-esque vibe to them (Leo’s rule the month of August)

🌾 Leo’s ❤️ Virgos for some reason….

🌾 Virgos and Libras are BFFs (Best Frenemies Forever)

🌾 Secretly are “feeling themselves” from time to time. 💁🏾‍♀️

🌾 Gemini’s and Virgos, the Mercurians, make good friends for the fact that they communicate perfectly.

🌾 Very funny who they let into their lives.

🌾 Will critique lovers and then turn around and then ask themselves if they are good enough for their lovers! WTF?

🌾 Tend to attract Sagittarius ALOT or end up with them.

🌾 Virgo Suns inherit the negative traits of Virgo first before they inherit the positive ones!

🌾 Worst than Taurus when it comes to sniffing things like food, pages in books, booties….👀

🌾 They’re Right on time, even when they’re late!

Benefits of your Rising Sign:

Aries Rising: You are edgy and intimidating even when you’re not trying to be! No one likes messing with you because you aren’t afraid to speak up if you feel an injustice has happened to you. Sweetie, you’re strong don’t let others tell you otherwise.

Taurus Rising: Your presence has a calm mood to it. You can be energetic but others can really get a sense of your beauty you sometimes don’t even see in yourself. You relax everyone with your aura.

Gemini Rising: You are straight-up irresistible to people. You know how to walk the walk and talk the talk EVEN if you’re not aware of your own energy. You charm those around you with just being your self. You can convince people and bring them to your side with your charismatic friendly and no bs personality.

Cancer Rising: You can sway even the toughest hearts. You know exactly what other people need just by being around them. You have such a caring energy that others are drawn to you and want to be around you because you feel safe and make them feel valuable.

Leo Rising: You have an electric energy to you that people can feel this passion and love coming off of you. You know your strengths and you know your weakness and people love how open you are about your soul.

Virgo Rising: You have a mysterious energy one that rivals that of scorpio but you also have this intellect and sweetness about you that others want to protect and hold. You make others feel important and essential in your life.

Libra Rising: You have SUCH an intoxicating personality that can be so irresistible to people. You have this charm and elegance to you that others want to be around. It’s as if they feel like if they are around you they too can also be this way. You love helping others and making sure they are taken care of.

Scorpio Rising: YOU. ARE. FIERCE. even if there’s a timid quality to you. Your gaze is mysterious and people can’t tell what you’re thinking. you have this dark beauty to you that people find intriguing and want to spend the rest of their life uncovering and experiencing. Your personality is addictive.

Sagittarius Rising: You are a free spirit and inspire others to feel the same way. You show others just how much beauty there is, how much enjoyment life has to offer. You have such an inspiring aura to people that is so hard to forget.

Capricorn Rising: You actually have great humor. You see the things others don’t normally see and can find the laughter in it. You are serious and intelligent which makes you absolutely entrancing. There’s something about you that makes people feel like It’s okay to be serious as long as you’re having fun. People love you for making them feel stronger.

Aquarius Rising: Your aura is quirky and it gets people to feel like they can be their true self around you without being judged. You are so completely approachable yet intimidating because of how sure you look to people. Your energy shows people that it’s okay to be what they want to be no matter what anyone says. This type of energy attracts people who need guidance and looking up to.

Pisces Rising: There is an artistic charm to you. People get a sense that you understand the deeper side of life and have this deep empathy for the things around you. You make people feel beautiful like art. You easily capture hearts because you love so many things. Your unpredictable personality, changing from one thing to another, feels like a puzzle someone is always trying to solve. You are alluring.

the unexpected theme of the rising signs

on my path of astrological exploration, i’ve been focusing for a few months now on understanding the ascendant. i’ve always felt as if most astrologers don’t put enough emphasis on the rising sign and kind of just shrug it off. “oh it’s about physical appearance only” …“you won’t see it at all until you’re 35”…“it’s like a crutch to the sun which you should focus on developing”, etc.
and to me, the ascendant is the most personal placement in the natal chart that tells you the most about yourself in your full potential. after all,
1) it’s the placement that changes its sign & degree the fastest - the ascendant moves from one degree to the next for 2-3 minutes
2) it determines the position of every placement in the chart - the first house of self and the sign on its cusp set the basis for all the other areas of life that follow
3) it’s part of the holy trinity of astrology - sun/moon/rising. the way i see them, they all show a different time dimension of our Self - the moon is our past and how it lives inside of us, the sun is our present and how we act in it now, and the ascendant…the ascendant is our future and who we can be.

this is why we “grow” into the ascendant - it’s like a more personal north node that we learn how to become and express freely.
in this post, i’m going to talk about the qualities of the different rising signs that people don’t usually notice and how one can develop them positively. the interpretations are based on which sign rules the house that is naturally ruled by the rising sign. this represents a core theme for the rising signs which often remains unrecognized but runs deeply in the native.

aries rising (aries in the 1st house): yeah, those are the lucky ones. that’s the ascendant’s domicile or smth lmao. accordingly, i’ve noticed aries rising ppl are usually extremely talented and motivated in many aspects of life. however, contrary to popular belief, these ppl often are quite introverted and withdrawn. the 1st house is opposing the 7th one, the house of the Other, of personal relationships - that’s why it’s actually a quite lonely place. the native with an aries rising has a very intense personal life where he doesn’t allow any outside intruders. this can be quite scary for the people who think they know them - and painful for those who know there’s a side to them they’ll always be secluded from. with time, they learn how to balance better the withdrawn side and the boisterous go-getter one.

taurus rising (gemini in the 2nd house): these people have no actual idea who they are cuz they refuse to accept they change. they project a very strong and fixed, almost predetermined sense of identity that they never bothered to doubt and it’s quite painful for them to act outside of the box they built for themselves. it can be a huge step to start allowing themselves to actually explore who they are, what they value and what they want to have in life. it’s not uncommon for people with taurus rising to completely change their way of life and personality when they grow older. with time, they start to surprise themselves.

gemini rising (leo in the 3rd house): they might look like great communicators but truth is all ppl with gemini rising i know have extreme difficulty getting their message across to others and understanding what they’re being told. it’s almost as if they have some sort of dyslexia of the brain. problem is they’re very fixed in their way of communication and expect others to adapt to it. they also listen to others only through their personal experience without trying to actually put themselves in the shoes of the other. with time, they learn that the beauty of communication lays in the fact that there are as many roads to understanding as there are people in the world and the more you learn how to walk, the richer you become.

cancer rising (libra in the 4th house): they actually look unexpectedly stable and grounded, very down to earth vibe. their family environment demanded from them to act as mediators or to adapt to everyone else’s desires and ideas. this made them feel unsafe about expressing deep and intense emotions - cancer risings have extreme mood swings and very polarized feelings but they tend to keep a balanced, nurturing facade. with time, they learn how to manage to feel extremely and express it while keeping their inner balance intact, and they find people that can handle their emotions and stay.

leo rising (sagittarius in the 5th house): they give off a very flamboyant and sociable vibe which usually makes people think they’re not very deep. that’s far from true tho. ppl with leo rising have a very special way of understanding life - it’s not snobby and it doesn’t leave you feeling as if they’re on that high horse. it’s as if the deepest secrets of the universe are a game to them and they don’t take them too seriously - they explore them sheerly out of joy and curiosity, not for power. they also make amazing teachers cuz they can translate very complicated matters in a creative and fun way. with time, they start putting more and more energy into helping others understand things without the feeling that knowledge is a burden.

virgo rising (aquarius in the 6th house): they need to service people in some unconventional way. many people i know with virgo rising practice some sort of alternative healing practice. they find a way to offer people something that soothes the soul and is unusual. they’re huuuuge innovators at the workplace and in general- something one doesn’t usually expect from the stuck up virgo. they manage to bring the New in people’s lives in a very casual and everyday way. the type of people that change you without you even realizing you’ve changed. with time, they realize they have this gift of changing people in subtle ways and manage to utilize it for the best.

libra rising (aries in the 7th house): ok these ppl are aggressive af in their personal relationships. libra risings are supposed to be sweet and friendly - they’re known to have trouble expressing anger openly and for being overall passive-aggressive. but when y'all are 1-on-1 with them, shit gets real. they are domineering and downright aggressive when it comes to personal relations. i mean, libra rising is the ascendant’s detriment - all house cusps are in the opposite sign of the sign that rules them, which makes the energies super confusing and difficult to handle. with time, people with libra rising how to stop being afraid society is going to exclude them if they show themselves to be unlikable and stops bottling up their aggression for more private encounters. that shit’s toxic bro

scorpio rising (gemini in the 8th house): they project an intense and focused image to the world, but when it comes to real intimacy, they’re simultaneously super avoidant & all over the place. their trust issues are so big they like to keep their intimate relationships non-committal and scattered. scorpio risings are always seeking for intimacy with utmost curiosity but they’re never quite satisfied with it and it’s never enough. they’ll always find a way to blame their deep distaste for commitment on someone else tho. with time, they realize there are so many different ways to be intimate with someone and you don’t have to cut off one source in order to get another, you just need to find a way to make it all work together.

sagittarius rising (leo in the 9th house): sagittarius risings always have some theme of soul searching in their life. they are usually outgoing and friendly but there’s an obvious philosophical side to them & they’re interested in more mystical matters. there’s this thing about them tho - all their soul searching is extremely self-centered and is done to serve the self, not for the sake of universal knowledge. they are focused on their own place in the grand scheme of things, not on the scheme itself. with time, they learn how to use their ability to understand the big picture for the sake of everyone and that this benefits them even more than when they’re just centered on themselves.

capricorn rising (libra in the 10th house): they’re actually so afraid to settle down and be stable, especially if the native’s chart has a lot of air/fire influence or strongly placed mercury/jupiter. they have no plans for the future and like to live in the moment, often without considering the long term consequences of their actions, or they purposefully sabotage their own plans. i’ve seen cap rising in people who drop out of their major just to sign up for a new one, move a lot from place to place, including diff countries, leave their job when they feel too settled in it, etc.  with time, cap risings learn the importance of picking up a priority and making decisions they don’t try to escape from - because a choice is not necessarily a lockdown. at its best, choosing where you want to be in your life and what you want to work on is freeing because it sets you on the path where you can be in balance with all parts of yourself.

aquarius rising (sagittarius in the 11th house): they need people in order to reach their truth. aqua risings may appear aloof and independent, self-sufficient almost but the truth is they can only reach transcendence and achieve higher types of knowledge through their interactions with others and through their work for others. the first step is to admit they need people which is very difficult for their apathetic nature. with time, they realize they need to be WITH people in order to…help people lmao.

pisces rising (aquarius in the 12th house): these people usually appear adaptable and self-sacrificial but truth is aquarius paints their subconscious in quite different colours. aquarius is a self-righteous & fixed sign - they’ve thought it all out, they’ve seen things from above and now they know with the deepest conviction of a fanatic what is the Right Thing To Do. having that sign in the 12th house of the collective unconscious is like expecting the world to be the utopia you secretly harbor in the depths of your mind. this is what leads to the infamous escapism of the pisces rising - they try to escape in fantasy worlds in movies and books so they don’t face the real world which refuses to bend to the native’s idea of Utopia. these individuals can be quite self-righteous and even despotic but in subtle ways and through manipulation. deep down, they’re sure they know what’s best. with time, they understand everyone has their own idea of perfect and how to work to make reality a place where we can all have our utopia without crashing with others’.

/use whole signs system/

The Influence of the Ascendant

Aries Rising

+ dignified, ambitious, daring

- irritable, clumsy, absentminded

  • walks fast, makes sudden movements
  • may have scars around their eyes or cheeks
  • chooses their clothes carefully to best present themselves to the world
  • prone to migraines, skin issues and fever

Taurus Rising

+ future-minded, cheerful, perceptive

- ruthless, inconsiderate, deceitful

  • their nostrils flare when they’re angry
  • speaks slowly and thinks everything through before they say it
  • great poker face
  • deep, gentle voice

Gemini Rising

+ thorough, sophisticated, observant

- clingy, complacent, domineering

  • has a bouncy walk
  • gesticulates frequently when they’re speaking
  • likely to need glasses
  • always seems full of life and energy

Cancer Rising

+ methodical, proactive, elegant

- combative, indecisive, awkward

  • overwhelmingly gentle vibes
  • just wants to go home
  • doesn’t trust easily
  • very difficult to upset or make angry, but watch out if you manage it

Leo Rising

+ captivating, witty, curious

- suspicious, short-tempered, careless

  • walks like royalty
  • prone to back and heart issues
  • their hair (or lack thereof) is a standout feature that they take good care of
  • knows how to read the room wherever they are

Virgo Rising

+ dignified, clear-headed, considerate

- spiteful, stubborn, boastful

  • lots of nervous energy, the type that never sits down
  • good posture
  • conservative when it comes to their appearance
  • hates having their picture taken

Libra Rising

+ considerate, persistent, gracious

- indecisive, sarcastic, lacks direction

  • the way they move and talk is always appealing
  • prone to kidney and chest issues
  • usually has good skin and teeth
  • projects kindness

Scorpio Rising

+ sophisticated, caring, imaginative

- stubborn, jealous, crude

  • eyes that stare into your soul
  • generally avoid external displays of emotion
  • kinda mysterious
  • good dancers

Sagittarius Rising

+ stoic, passionate, courteous

- quick-tempered, judgmental, indiscreet

  • tends to be clumsy
  • prone to issues with hair loss
  • always smiling and telling jokes
  • they have nice noses

Capricorn Rising

+ adaptable, prepared, practical

- excessive, obnoxious, cold

  • may come off as unfriendly - they’re not
  • prefers to dress in dark colors
  • give off an air of professionalism
  • reserved around strangers

Aquarius Rising

+ sentimental, reliable, sophisticated

- hostile, patronizing, vain

  • weird sense of style
  • constantly cultivating and displaying different personas
  • usually has a small friend group
  • always giving to charities and causes

Pisces Rising

+ thoughtful, profound, ambitious

- abrupt, impassive, skeptical

  • long eyelashes
  • quiet in social situations
  • large eyes
  • very charming when they finally feel comfortable opening up

anonymous asked:

sorry if it's a dumb question, but is there any possible way to guess somebody's rising sign? or at least make a proximity to it? f.ex, when aware of someone's rising you can guess their mc

I usually guess someone’s rising by trying to fit their chart into a rising sign. For example, if someone’s a Leo sun but has a virgo rising and that leo sun fits into their 12th house, they could be a leo more on the reserved side. 

I also notice that mutable risings (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are harder to distinguish and can look like many signs. 

The first step is to have a list of what you think it might be purely based on how they come off. If they’re intense, maybe mars or pluto is touching their rising and you just see how different risings fit their chart and see which one makes the most sense, taking everything into account. 

Then there are the general traits of rising signs

Aries rising/Mars in 1st/Mars aspecting rising: possibly looks lean, sharp gaze, small or long face, could come off as self reliant and blunt, can be very competitive

Taurus rising/Venus in 1st/Venus aspecting rising: square/broad shoulders, plumper looking face, soft gaze, comes off as very calm, can be self indulgent, cares a lot about being comfortable 

Gemini rising/Mercury in 1st/Mercury aspecting rising: a lot of different facial expressions, chatterbox, curious or wandering eyes, comes off as witty 

Cancer rising/Moon in 1st/Moon aspecting rising: soft skin, deep, tending towards round eyes, watery eyes–could look like they’re about to cry, comes off as reserved and possibly defensive 

Leo rising/Sun in 1st/Sun aspecting rising: nice hair/cares about hair, big/warm personality, looks very determined, could come off as dramatic and funny 

Virgo rising/Mercury in 1st/Mercury aspecting rising: well groomed, simplistic style, can look uptight/nervous –girl/boy next door types, comes off nervous and detail oriented, tend to be reserved

Libra rising/Venus in 1st/Venus aspecting rising: dimples, well proportioned body/face, face looks harmonious and each feature goes well with the other but none stands out, comes off polite

Scorpio rising/Pluto in 1st/Pluto aspecting rising: strong eyes, can look like they’re staring into your soul, tend to have a slight smile/smirk, sharp or angular features, comes off as intimidating 

Sagittarius rising/Jupiter in 1st/Jupiter aspecting rising: can have a mischievous look to them, nice/long looking legs, versatile/changing style, comes off very energetic and open to new things 

Capricorn rising/Saturn in 1st/Saturn aspecting rising: can look proper or even intimidatingly smart, defined cheekbones/jawline, can come off as serious or practical 

Aquarius rising/Uranus in 1st/Uranus aspecting rising: bigger forehead/head, can look like they’re spacing out or pondering about something, looks genuine and smart, come off as intelligent and serious 

Pisces rising/Neptune in 1st/Neptune aspecting rising: bigger eyes, longer eyelashes, smiling eyes, fleshy face/body, comes off as soft spoken

Astro observations - 11

- ♡ Virgo sun/moon in 8th are naturally attracted to any topic related to paranormal things

- ♡ Aquarius sun/rising tends to possess abundant hair or stylish hairstyles like his sister sign Leo.

- ♡ Capricorn Mars usually have more dirty sexual tastes and fantasies than Scorpio

- ♡ Sagittarius rising woman tend to be spoiled until a fairly mature age or be especially adored by their family.

- ♡ The trait generally more ‘’masculine’’ between fire signs, are usually broad and muscular thighs. This is more denotable in Sagittarius sun/rising/mars ladys.

- ♡ The Quincunx pairings have a deeper and karmic connection than the opposite signs. These couples who end up being soul mates are commonly ‘’Taurus and Sagittarius’’, ‘’Cancer and Sagittarius’’, ‘’Virgo and Aquarius’’ ’’Leo and Pisces’’.

- ♡ Jupiter in Virgo tend to view material belongings as a priority. This can lead them to accumulate those things from their youth.

- ♡ In the Sideral Chart, more physical similarities can be found in the rising signs than in Tropical Chart.

- ♡ Despite his conservative fame, Virgo rising usually breaks schemes since childhood and is one of the first to stand out for being different from its peers.

- ♡ Many times, Venus in Scorpio and Aquarius in 7th/8th tend to romanticize infidelities.

- ♡ Celebrities with Uranus conj. Ascendant can become icons in moments of crisis or after his death.

- ♡ Aries/Aquarius rising woman has an air of ‘’diva’’ more powerful than Leo.

- ♡ Taurus and Sagittarius midheaven tend to work in botanical sciences or decorate their homes or work areas with plants and natural products.

- ♡ Cancer rising in 2nd decan, the sweet shape of his eyes usually resembles that of a deer

- ♡ Duplas Aquarius/Leo sun and midheaven tend to be admired especially if they get together to form any project or work of any kind.

- ♡ The art of Aquarius Mercury RX can stand out on piano, possessing a raised musical ear.

- ♡ Scorpio rising woman have a strange balance between femininity and gore style in terms of appearance. Many of them also often make interpretations or cosplays of this type.

- ♡ Uranus or Aquarius in 2nd have a slow, squeaky and playful voice quite distinctive.

- ♡ Virgo in 2n/6th/9th often feel anxiety and dissatisfaction in any aspect of his life: work, possessions, love, basic needs, etc.

- ♡ This is quite personal, but I have noticed that the most pleasant voices to hear are usually Cancer and Pisces rising and mercury in 2nd.

🍭 Sun in the 1st house is the No.1 position of famous people. Followed by, Sun in 11th & Sun in 8th & Sun in 5th, in that order.

🍭 People with their ASC ruler in 8th are the embodiment of Lilith energy. Sultry, seductive & provocative.

🍭 Pisces Sun is very susceptible to any kind of stress but it becomes extremely prominent when it’s also the chart ruler. (Leo Rising)

🍭 Mars conj. Sun might indicate an abusive father. Emotionally / physically / mentally; it depends on the house and aspects of the Sun.

🍭 Having a Virgo Moon / Moon in 6th might indicate a passive & pushover mother.

🍭 Mercury conj. Sun individuals are basically half Gemini’s. [Sun+Mercury] is the most common conjunction of all planets. Maybe that’s why Gemini is so disliked.

🍭 Men who have 5th house Moons are natural womanisers. Depends on aspects. Capricorn Moon is the exception to rule. 

🍭 T-Square (triangle) is the MOST powerful aspect you could have. If you have a T-Square, it overrides everything else. 

🍭 Virgo’s are more narrow minded than Capricorn & Taurus put together. Even though it’s mutable! Especially the Risings. This is astrology’s biggest unsolved mystery.

🍭 Aquarius Moon / Moon conj. Uranus is the most common moon sign amongst people who suffer from bipolar disorders. (Vivien Leigh struggled with BPD {unknown at the time} she had Aquarius Moon conj. Uranus)

🍭 Libra is the most disrespected sign. Often passed off as “co-dependent & shallow”. Yet it’s the most intelligent. (Only sign not represented by a life form). Many of the greatest philosophers have had 7th house stelliums & Libra placements.

🍭 90% of birth times recorded at; [ ‘00 / '15 / '30 / '45 ] are not real birth times. These are rounded hours. Most people are born only a few minutes off.

Cosmic Love: Jupiter & Venus

On November 24th, 2019, we will experience the Jupiter and Venus conjunction in Sagittarius. Mercury Retrogrades shadow in early October followed by that energy draining Libra Season Full Moon were the flood gates opened all of us up to a world of unforeseen chaos. We suffered through the unexpected and learned how to pick up the pieces after being blindsided by the turn of events that the cosmos had in store for us. Much of the Retrograde during Scorpio Season was probably spent in the reflective period and it was accompanied with a sense of stasis that either filled us with dread or hope. However, now we enter the expansive and enjoyable Sagittarius Season. It is appropriate that Sagittarius is (usually considered) the philosopher since it is ruled by Jupiter. Here we put on the breaks on what has been causing us inner turmoil and learn to officially release. Below I will discuss the effects of the Venus and Jupiter Conjunction in the Houses

1st House / Sagittarius Rising – A resetting or rebirth to your persona as you begin to accept your flaws and successes. The expansive energy of your ruler will allow for you to see the brighter side in things. What was bringing you down will recharge you and make you focus on what you want. You are learning from your mistakes and putting the pieces back together that had been broken. The energy from this transit will carry on to 2020, so focus on this glowing new you.

2nd House / Scorpio Rising – Your ego has suffered quite a lot in the last couple of years, but with this conjunction happening in your second house, you know that you are the boss and the haters can keep their drama away from you. There is power in knowing your worth and the vibrancy you exude now will help you take on the challenges you face next year. No one can push you from your throne as you now feel your power.

3rd House / Libra Rising – The optimism and love we all want will flow easily with your mannerisms and thoughts thanks to this transit. Everything you say will be filled with annoying sweetness but being the master of balance, you will know when to cut the charm off and turn it back on. Your heart will be filled with excessive travel and excitement to the most luxurious and dream worthy places. Everything looks rosy now in your world because it is.

4th House / Virgo Rising – It has been a tough year for Virgos, with the Saturn transits in their house of excitement but this conjunction vibrates and lights up your heart space at home. Experience the love of family and friends as you feel it multiply during this transit. Be grateful for the people in your life who bring you joy and care for you. Sometimes, the greatest gifts are right before our eyes and it takes hardships to teach us to appreciate what we have.

5th House / Leo Rising – You reignite this time around with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter making you lust for life even more. This is your moment to be in the Sun during this time of year. Enjoy it, explore and thrive. 2020 will bring you lots of love and joy and this conjunction is only a brief taste of what is to come. Open your hearts and minds and feel liberated this transit.

6th House / Cancer Rising – Your focus during this transit will be to push yourself harder than ever. Take it easy. You along with the other Cardinal signs have been working hard and facing challenges with thicker skin and more guts. Now is the time to let your guard down a bit and focus on you. The Jupiter and Venus conjunction will allow for pleasant environments all around. More peaceful times at work, school or any other places you deal with people. You will be rewarded for those efforts, so keep doing you.

7th House / Gemini Rising – If you are looking for love, this placement magnifies it for you at this moment in time. Even if it is not the romance of dreams, you will still feel comfortable enough to keep dreaming for that special person. You may encounter people that are extremely beautiful and filled with such bright personalities. Relationships (including friendships) started around this time might take you on an interesting ride.

8th House / Taurus Rising – The paranoid feelings that you might have experienced may come to a slow end (for now) as Venus graces your Scorpio ruled house and blesses you with clarity and optimism. Take the leap you have been waiting for, but make sure you have thought this through. With Jupiter on your side, you might be surprised to see just how much of what you have dreamt will be manifesting right before your eyes. Dream big and do not be afraid.

9th House / Aries Rising – “I am not afraid,” you might be saying to yourself after dealing with the drama of last month’s Full Moon in your sign. You are the fighter and now it is your turn to become more of the philosopher. Think and practice patience as you await what is to come in 2020. A rough year for you and you have learned and fought tooth and nail to be where you are. The conjunction presents new opportunities as well as new methods to connect spiritually and intellectually. Continue fighting and stay optimistic, because Jupiter will gift you what you have not been expecting.

10th House / Pisces Rising – It has been quite the silent year for many Pisceans, but now it is the time to show the world just who the hell is the boss. You are finally center stage as this Jupiter and Venus conjunction brightens up your Midheaven. What you do now will have a great impact in the next decade (2020 is just a month and change away). It is your time to use this opportunity to express your individuality and creativity.

11th House / Aquarius Rising – A wonderful transit to have in this house as the world sees you in such a favorable light and you are able to draw in interesting friends from all walks of life. The beautify with this conjunction is the ability to manifest love, hope and happiness. Those around you will bring forth some major help and benefits that will take you out of the biggest slump or find incredible success. Take advantage of this transit as its vibrations will lead you to 2020.

12th House / Capricorn Rising – Your mind will feel at ease as what has been troubling you no longer causes a sense of paranoia. This is a great period of time to take things in slowly and prepare for what is to come. Your sign along with the other Cardinal signs have been put through a lot with Saturn, your ruler, causing mayhem for the last couple of years.  Take the much-needed break from the world, energize yourself and feel the love flow privately, between you and someone else (or by yourself).

7th house and Descendant, “Don’t ask me why I am this way. Look inside and ask yourself why this is the way that you see me” 
our 7th house sign (across from the ascendant) is an inner mirror that people see their own image through, the personalities and qualities that rise when the sun sets, and because they have not integrated these personalities or qualities its assumed they all belong to you

aries rising: can be subject to substantial injustices and disempowerment by law, other people may come to associate the individual with groups and people known for shadowy reputations, this may result in being subject to automatic assumptions of guilt or wrongdoing despite their innocence 

taurus rising: relationship partners have a tendency of bringing out the absolute best and worst in the individual, it’s also because people can unconsciously approach them to fight old demons they haven’t faced yet, and therefore at the same time see images of those who have hurt or betrayed them in the past through the individual. it leaves no relationship free from storms 

gemini rising: can confront a lot of unsubstantiated suspicion regarding their motives - people can wrongly and routinely believe that the individual is hiding or avoiding something, the individual can be a primary witness of other people’s ‘split’ or ‘alter ego’ personality and catch glimpses of darkness and projection that nobody else does

cancer rising: the individual can be the subject of excessive expectation and get blamed for errors or events that were completely out of their control. they can attract a lot of people who are very emotionally unexpressive and distant who seem to find the ways out getting an emotional reaction from the individual

leo rising: can confront a lot of unsubstantiated judgement and envy, other people can assume that they are much more confident and fortunate than they are, they can be wrongly shifted blame or cause for other people’s failures to follow and reach their own aspirations, it’s possible that the heart is very exposed to hurt because pouring it all out can have a way of changing lovers into friends

virgo rising: can be a sounding board who is seen as an anchor or rescuer, people can assume that they know all the answers and idealise them in this regard, so the individual can feel very bound and unable to reach out to anybody for help, sometimes people come to find somebody who is lost themselves

libra rising: can become the reflective mixture of in the image of people’s lost loves, past relationships, and broken hearts, so you can imagine that this makes most human connections quite unpredictable and intense. they may be the subject of excessive questioning regarding their motives and find themselves in the middle of a conflict they never wanted to start  

scorpio rising: can be subject to over dependency and having excessive responsibilities placed on them that the individual may not truly value such as financially, the work they do, or be easily exploited by other people for their resources, appearance, or talents

sagittarius rising: can be subject to  or conflict due to miscommunication or being misinterpreted by others, they may find that people have a habit of ‘hearing what they want to hear’ instead of the individual’s words and be a primary witness of other people’s ‘split’ or ‘alter ego’ personality and catch glimpses of darkness and projection that nobody else does

capricorn rising: a resting and redemption place for the inner children that have been abandoned, wounded, or compromised by the mother or mother figure in their life, people find it very easy to attach to the person and become quite dependant on them to continue meeting unresolved childhood needs

aquarius rising: could sacrifice their heart and soul to humanity until they burned to nothing and people would still remark the individual as being ‘selfish’, ‘self-centred’ or whatever adjective that seems to completely diminish the concern they have and express to others. they may also find themselves in the position of ‘relationship counselling’ people they desire to be in a relationship with themselves

pisces rising: their emotional experiences and psychological troubles can be routinely dismissed or invalidated, they may suffer excessive unsubstantiated criticism or frustration from other people - especially in regards to ‘getting their life together’ as a remedy for repairing their sicknesses and troubles


Virgo Risings 🌾

Those with Virgo on the Ascendant have taken upon themselves to always look smart and resourceful. When meeting a Virgo Rising for the first time, we instantly have the feeling that they’re clever, intelligent and helpful.
Virgo Rising people set high standards for how they project themselves into the world. It is certainly not the easiest task to always appear like you’re informed of everything and ready to be of some use, but such is their instinct. Everything must be in order and every task must be done carefully, with full attention to details. Such is the impeccable image they’re instinctually bound to portray. It is how they feel themselves as individuals.

Virgo Risings are perceived as detail-oriented, balanced and practical people. Projects and changes are approached methodically and carefully. They’re restrained and may be shy; this is a reflection of Virgo’s search for perfection. They may not achieve their own excellence standards regarding their image or physical body, and thus may become shy or arrogant. There may be problems with self-esteem. Moreover, Virgo Risings are honest and very clear about their values and intentions, although some things can change depending on one’s Mercury conditions and position in the natal chart:

Mercury/1st house: a skilled painter sits by their canvas, drawing rather anxiously; their eyes move nervously along the blooming figures. The search for perfection and the instinct to be quick combined. A not so fruitful combination most of us would say. This is someone who’s very active and who pays attention to every single detail, never losing on dexterity. Mercury’s blessings on the Ascendant may produce a rather small and lean body. There are strong instincts to take care of one’s own body and health.

Mercury/2nd house: a storekeeper smiles gently at a customer that leaves satisfied with their orders. This is someone who’s all about work. And, in this case, work must offer a possibility to be recognized and valued for the services that’ve been made. This Mercury enjoys dealing with money and is in search of stability. Tranquility and composure are outwardly expressed.

Mercury/3rd house: an intelligent psychologist pays careful attention to what their client is saying; every phrasal structure is analyzed deeply and thoughtfully. An active mind, no doubt, keen on details, specially to those with emotional connotations. This is someone who loves mysteries and enjoys going deeper into every subject. There may be shyness. Utterly powerful, this Mercury is discreet and has the ability to transform other people’s minds and thoughts through communication and also the ability to see easily through smoke and mirrors.

Mercury/4th house: a meticulous historian reads a large book on ancient history; how did it all began after all? This Mercury is rather shy or drawn to oneself. There’s much curiosity about the subjects surrounding one’s roots, country or family history. This is someone who’s gentle and kind. Matters of the unconscious and hidden feelings are of much interest. There’s probably the need to actively demonstrate the greatness of one’s knowledge.

Mercury/5th house: a weary student walks tiredly down the stairs to meet their parents and show them a table of golden “A"s; they’re restless in their eyes, yet content in their lips. Hard-work always pays off, right? This is someone who works exceedingly hard to meet their own expectations. An exhausted battle to be approved for one’s toil and hardships. There is a need to be true to one’s own heart. This Mercury is actually creative and joyful, although it may be hard to see it.

Mercury/6th house: a young designer draws his latest ideas upon a sheet of blank paper; they hold the key to the next generation of technology. This is someone who is organized in their own mess. Ideas are brilliant and revolutionary, but rather inconsistent. The mind is genuinely active. There’s the ability to manifest one’s ideas into the world, thus changing people’s lives forever. There is a need to comprehend the brilliance of one’s own mind.

Mercury/7th house: from an open window, a person observes lovingly as their spouse tends to the rose-garden down below. There’s the instinctual need to penetrate into the other’s world, thoughts and feelings through one’s sensitivity and ability to communicate. Expressing one’s will and ego may be a difficult task. This is someone who may be selfless and has the ability to completely understand other people’s reality. Feelings and logical thoughts are intertwined; for other people, one’s thoughts may be difficult to grasp. There’s a need to develop tranquility and peace with one’s self. Everything will become clear in time.

Mercury/8th house: a therapist considers their client quietly; the room is silent and submerged in dark layers of water. The ability to actively dive into other people’s minds and intimacy. People may feel intruded by this Mercury. This is someone who’s sincere and utterly attentive to subtle details.

Mercury/9th house: a wise alchemist studies the properties of an unknown elixir; they’re delighted in its fragrance and colour. There’s much interest in other people’s lives and habits, specially those connected to religion and culture. This is someone who loves being in touch with the things that give them physical pleasure, like fragrances, flavours or sounds. They’ll try to understand the mechanisms behind these things as much as they’ll enjoy being in touch with them.

Mercury/10th house: a famous professor talks to a large group of new students; they’re late for their next appointment. This is someone with a most agitated agenda and that is probably famous for their ability to communicate and exchange information. There’s so little time! Yet, all duties are performed seriously, always in a quest for perfection. There’s a need to develop calm and to find time for rest.

Mercury/11th house: a popular cook hosts a banquet in their own house; they drift from one group of friends to the other, always attending to their wishful needs. This is someone who’s very popular and well-known for their ability to provide love and solutions for others’ troubles. Loving and gentle as they may be, they’ll feel the need to be recognized by all their toil by the end of the day, rightfully so. Affection is delivered by talking. Compliments are received with the happiest smile ever.

Mercury/12th house: a film director sits alone and studies their own film in search for anything that should be improved or eliminated. This is someone with the greatest gift to translate art’s subtle language into technical, objective matters. Being an individual in this case means organizing the realm of arts or even spirituality. This is generally well appreciated in society. Leadership positions in these fields are favoured. This Mercury is of great help. As shy as this person may be, this is someone who glows brightly and humbly and for that they’re deeply admired.

Thanks for reading! <3

🌅 Rising Signs 🌅

Aries Rising: can actually pull off red eyeshadow. hates waiting. thinks everything is a competition and people usually let them win because they’re scary when they get angry. doesn’t care about your problems. is every authority figure’s worst nightmare. 

Taurus Rising: that mf who actually looks good without makeup. no but fr they look like they walked straight out of a Jane Austen novel. the most awkward person ever. sucks at being spontaneous. once they develop a certain habit it’s there to stay. is really bad at reading between the lines. 

Gemini Rising: cute af and knows it. constantly interrupts you. doesn’t know what they’re talking about. is crushing on at least 5 people at any one time. has too many different interests and none of them stick for very long. the one sign that could actually make use of a fidget spinner.  

Cancer Rising: everyone thinks they’re gay and they’re right. has the weirdest laugh. makes a big deal out of everything. fragile but tries way too hard to pretend they aren’t. the Mum Friend™. kinda chubby. has probably seen every romcom under the sun.   

Leo Rising: has never had a single bad hair day in their life. puts makeup on to go grocery shopping. u either love them or u hate them. incorrectly quotes Shakespeare all the time. has to have the last word in everything. crowd-pleaser. always trying to one up u for some reason.

Virgo Rising: looks competent but is barely keeping it together. most common facial expression is disappointment. corrects ur grammar in the middle of a dmc. literally the worst person to be around before an exam. cracks their knuckles so much u have to wonder how their hands aren’t broken already. 

Libra Rising: spends too much time getting ready. deeply insecure but also cannot conceive of anyone disliking them. is both argumentative and afraid of confrontation. waits until the last possible minute to make a decision. pretends to want to split the bill. doesn’t have any bad angles. 

Scorpio Rising: reads too deeply into ur texts. you can never tell what they’re thinking. has the anime villain laugh down to a t. fake deep. intense eye contact, to the point where it’s actually kind of creepy. keeps detailed case files on everyone they’ve ever been in a relationship with. 

Sagittarius Rising: too fucking loud!! class clown. irritatingly optimistic. offers their opinion even if no one asked. thinks they’re a good dancer. probably has one of those “live, laugh, love” signs hanging in their house somewhere. somehow always has the money to travel?? 

Capricorn Rising: do these people even talk?? if they weren’t so intimidating you probably wouldn’t even know they were there. would genuinely sell their soul to get to the top. always expects the worst from every situation. never tells you what you want to hear. the ugly kid in class who grows up to be a millionaire

Aquarius Rising: the kind of person who looks like everyone else but also no one in particular. gives u a lecture on social issues every chance they get. thinks a pat on the back counts as emotional support. practically lives on the internet. is somehow friends with everyone you know. 

Pisces Rising: the ultimate manic pixie dream girl. no one really knows who they are, and chances are, neither do they. in fact, their whole life is just one ongoing identity crisis. is way too nice to everyone. wasn’t actually listening to what u were saying but agrees with u nevertheless. 


Virgo Rising

Celebrities: Kurt Cobain, Adele Exarchopoulos, Frances Bean Cobain, Cybill Shepherd, Lea Seydoux, Marion Cotillard, Francoise Dorleac, and Emma Watson

Appearance: Pensive, shy, demure type of beauty, looks like they’re deep in thought, sharp yet delicate, youthful features, cute button nose, arched brows, observant doe eyes, pure angelic aura


Rising sign is not something that ‘kicks in after you have turned 30’ (believe it or not, I’ve heard this too many times to count) or something only other people can see and you are not aware of it. It is always present, it’s your skin that, unlike snakes, you can not shed. When you meet new people, it is the first thing they see. If you have planets conjuct your Rising, they also show immediately. Rising sign does not describe physical appearance only, that depends A LOT on your genetics. But there is certain mannerism of each Rising sign that is different from the other. We all have physical traits of our Rising sign, even if they aren’t too prominent because of some other influences (aspects to your rising, outer planets in the first house etc)

ARIES RISING: They are very ‘in your face’ and can come off as rude sometimes. They like things that revolve around them, in that respect they are much like children. Can seem (and really be) uninterested in topics that do not concern them directly and generally speaking most of the time they pay attention only if the topic of conversation is somehow about them. They can have prominent heads and/or foreheads and they are normally very honest and upfront.

TAURUS RISING: The neck, the voice! They tend to slow things down, can’t be rushed and speak in the same manner. They are generally seen as attractive, they enjoy comfort and like to be surrounded with useful things. They are very sensual and like to touch and smell things. All the Taurus Rising people I know personally have a great, melodic voice, even if they can’t sing (and almost all of those I know can)

GEMINI RISING: They talk with their hands and tend to look younger than their peers. Can be really loud and somehow people always notice them (they are 50% adorable, 50% annoying as fuck) Their talks have no filter, they’ll just say whatever off the top of their head or, alternatively, make people awkward with their silence if they need to think about something (you can literally hear Geminis think, it’s common for all the Gemini placements). They can talk with literally anyone and are generally popular with friends.

CANCER RISING: They can have ‘love handles’ or effortlessly flat/six-pack stomach. Their weight might fluctuate a lot throughout life and they tend to retain water and often feel ‘bloated’, even if they aren’t. Cancer Rising have watery eyes, no matter the size or colour. They are seen as soft and caring and people are generally surprised when they get to know them better and their other placements come to the surface! Not that they are not caring, it’s just that their softness is rarely a weakness, as it may be perceived.

LEO RISING: You must have heard it before, but Leo risings do have noticeable hair. Even if it isn’t thick and mane-like, it’s still something they pay attention to. They really care what people think of them, even if they hide it well. They can respond to criticism in a dramatic way, but they are generally lovable and warm, and small children are especially drawn to them. They can express themselves in quite a dramatic way and are born entertainers.

VIRGO RISING: They like correcting people, but are not mean, they just want you to improve and have the urge to teach you something. Although they are often very smart, they’ll put themselves down a lot. You may feel judged around them, the way they speak is clear and very much to the point. Their attention to details can be bothersome at times, because there is no thing, no matter how small, that they won’t like to analyze.

LIBRA RISING: Society darlings. They ooze charm and it’s unstoppable. They often have dimples when they smile and there is just something cool about them. Libra Rising is never ‘in your face’, but if they want to convince you to do something, they will and you won’t know what hit you. They’ll probably agree a lot with whoever they’re talking to, so they can be perceived as manipulative, although their priority is peace and harmony around them.

SCORPIO RISING: When they speak, it can sound dramatic, severe sometimes, definitely intimidating. They can be either hilariously funny or bitterly sarcastic, often both. You can feel their mood and they can really make you uncomfortable. It’s because they’ll rarely show immediately what’s inside them, no matter how hurt or even happy they are. They must always be in control and if their inner storm is brewing, it turns into a scary expression on their face.

SAGITTARIUS RISING: They can have strong legs and/or butt and talk loudly, with exaggeration. They might sound as if they’re bragging about the adventures in their life (whatever they consider to be adventurous). Silly and goofy, they are at the same time wise and philosophical. If you don’t have a sense of humor, which is something they have in abundance and appreciate in other people, they’ll be gone and won’t lie about that.

CAPRICORN RISING: The older they get, the more confident they are. Reliable and won’t waste your time so you might as well not waste theirs. Their  manner of speech is steady, they don’t like to ‘beautify’ things for the sake of conversation, but are surprisingly open when it comes to their personal struggles - as well as achievements. If you have something meaningful to say, they’ll definitely listen and don’t like to be bothered with the trivial.

AQUARIUS RISING: Their appearance is unique and they might want to point that out. Generally friendly and nice but you can feel the distance until you really get to know them better. Can have long legs and arms and egg-shaped skulls, or oval faces. Intelligent and free-spirited, they’ll try all the possible new and inventive approaches to any situation. Many Aquarius Risings I’ve met in my life had hands and feet that were always cold, although they rarely complained about being cold.

PISCES RISING: Because of their sensitivity, they can sometimes seem aggressive if they try to hide it. They are vulnerable and can’t hide it for a long time, if you ask them something personal and they start talking, their vulnerability will be revealed. They may seem shy and always have a light, dreamy smile on their lips. At times they can even seem completely non-present, because they tend to wander away in their thoughts.

There is something beautiful about Taurus and Libra Risings.
Something intimidating about Sagittarius and Capricorn Risings.
Something intense about Aries and Scorpio Risings.
Something odd about Cancer and Aquarius Risings.
Something sweet about Pisces Risings.
Something cute but ‘nerdy’ about Gemini and Virgo Risings.
Something that draws your attention about Leo Risings.

Virgo: High Vs. Low Functioning

Every sign has the potential for greatness or weakness. Depending on where we are on our journey, we move between low and high functioning. No matter where you are now- we all have the ability to reach ‘the high’ :)

Even if you don’t have a Virgo Sun, If you have any kind of significant Virgo influence, this may be applicable.

High: Hardworking, serving, and discerning. A high-functioning Virgo is has achieved balance in understanding what is realistic, yet also understanding they can create any possibility. They are wise and modest leaders who motivate others with their service. They stand as a symbol of humanitarianism and truth. They do not have judgment of others, just understanding of the process of life. They inspire others with their hope and dedication. Their principles and strong personal integrity allows them to become teachers, who teach through simple action. Their perception of the world is that of kindness and understanding the importance of the light and the dark in the world. Their self-discipline allows them to master and conquer. Their intelligence is developed and quickness magnified. They share the skills they have developed. They are the ultimate symbol of truth.

Middle: They have a desire to do their best and perfect all of their skills. They work hard to improve themselves and master their many abilities and talents. They want to become better to be able to bring joy and help to all of those around them. They want to bring truth and betterment to the whole world. They may become dissatisfied with themselves and reality. They may be self-critical and not feel “they are good enough yet” to share their many talents. They are quick-witted and observe information quickly. They may become too obsessed with detail and become highly self-controlled. Perfectionism, judgment, and self-righteousness begins to appear. May be emotionally constricted and suffer with anxiety. Workaholism is very common.

Low: Highly critical of themselves and others. They have lost sense of reality and only see imperfections. They judge others, while compulsively rationalizing their own behaviors. Wanting themselves and everyone to “do-the right thing” to the point of condemning. Self-control becomes obsessive. Extreme nervousness may emerge.  Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Depressive disorders may emerge.



Uma Thurman, Paul McCartney, Peggy Lee, Keanu Reeves, Emma Watson, Kurt Cobain, Dolly Parton, Tiger Woods, Dalida, Chris Pine

Physical Characteristics: Beady or large and round eyes, usually deep set/hooded eyelids. Straight eyebrows with a soft arch. Relatively small noses with a strong tip. Squared jaws and chins with soft edges. Usually visible ears, extended cartilage like a fairy. Thin to medium lips. Youthful features, soft skin with a cherubic glow. Usually shorter than average or average height. Longer limbs.

Spirit Guide Communication Guide

Aries rising

Spirit guides communicate through the natural watery flow of intuition, typically erratic in its presence. Spirit guides are guardians. They respond through those you have close, intimate bonds and attachments with. 

Taurus rising

The inner world is glowing, alight, and alive with messages of intuition, often too compelling and magnetic to overlook or ignore. Your spirit guides communicate through your instinct, through tapping into the essence of yourself and projecting it outward, they join in the display

Gemini rising

The intuitive message of spirit guides passes through the conduit of the mind, breaking into thought and self talk. Dialogue with the inner self generates conversation with spirit guides. Questions are answered by more questions 

Cancer rising

You are not likely to receive informative forms of guidance but rather enhancing beauty around you, a moment of stillness in the sun and fresh air as your spirit guides deliver a gentle moment of bliss and exile from reality so you are reminded of pure, true, and everlasting beauty

Leo rising

The most harrowing and profound experiences of life taps into the everlasting wisdom of your spirit guides, like tools of sacred knowledge they arise at moments of catastrophe, it’s very hard to silence their instinct 

Virgo rising

Spirit guides are accessed through pilgrimages in the higher mind, a place where wisdom and symbolism integrate in the human experience, so the spirit guides are leaders toward knowledge and answers, meditation is the easiest way to reach these guides, they are not far away

Libra rising

Your spirit guides arrive at moments of most peril, but you may doubt your worth or entitlement, you may sense that you don’t deserve their help. This of course, weakens their vibration and makes it very difficult for them to reach you. They have already seen your past, present, and future, trust in their understanding of cosmic justice

Scorpio rising

Spirit guides buzz through a sort of electric intuition, almost pulsating, but their presence is erratic and unpredictable. They can leave puzzling messages and it can be like it’s all up to you to figure everything out. Spirit guides enact themselves through this conduit of fast acting intuition 

Sagittarius rising

Your whole world is the conduit where your spirit guides express themselves, they are flying ahead of you, never truly graspable, but always present. Your world is the poetry of your spirit guides and they assemble a personal and private message just for you 

Capricorn rising

Intuitive resources are like a hotplate, they can sizzle uncontrollably and fizzle out at moment’s you deem of most importance. But your spirit guides are what keep you grounded and remind you of what is really important, and it’s very possible for that to get lost in your volatile inner world amongst fury and battles with the self, they are protectors of your insides 

Aquarius  rising

You are not likely to receive informative forms of guidance but rather enhancing beauty around you, a moment of stillness in the sun and fresh air as your spirit guides deliver a gentle moment of bliss and exile from reality so you are reminded of pure, true, and everlasting beauty

Pisces rising

The intuitive message of spirit guides passes through the conduit of the mind, breaking into thought and self talk. Dialogue with the inner self generates conversation with spirit guides. Questions are answered by more questions 


Astrological Houses: 1/12

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THE FIRST ASTROLOGICAL HOUSE IN THE SIGNS- also known as “the rising sign” or the ascendant -COLLECTION OF SIGNIFICANT CONCEPTS, WORDS & IDEAS by crystal melbourne | within the zodiac 

1st House in Aries/ Aries Rising
confrontational, brave, impetuous. a sense of urgency to express oneself, immediate self-projection, instinctive reactions, short-term thinking, impatience. Rising up!

1st House in Taurus/ Taurus Rising
resilient inner motivations, enduring efforts, circumspection, quiet determination. cautious, deliberate, slow. physical magnetism & venusian beauty, with a sensual nature & self-indulgent tendencies

1st House in Gemini/ Gemini Rising
versatile, needs change. love of movement, mental cultivation, interconnected life experiences. slender, nervous, quick of step. communicator, negotiator. “dual life”- constant feeling of being walking down 2 different life paths at the same time.

1st House in Cancer/ Cancer Rising
sensitive, sympathetic, understanding. incredible sense of self-preservation. first impressions matter a lot, taking things personally. emotional unstability, comfort-seeking nature, looking for a “home base”.

1st House in Leo/ Leo Rising
grandiose, exaggerated, aware. ability to organize the great scheme of things. creativity, love of children, love of love. appreciation for the good life- clothes, jewelry, accessories, make up. pleasure seeking

1st House in Virgo/ Virgo Rising
fastidious, organized, neat, practical. persistent eagerness to be of service, help others, be resourceful, solve problems. coming up with solutions. hard work instead of taking the easy road.

1st House in Libra/ Libra Rising
social butterfly. beauty, grace, charm. the urge to please/the urge not to displease. indecisiveness. constant attempts to bring harmony and peace. tendency to see the self through the eyes of others.

1st House in Scorpio/ Scorpio Rising
self-control, resilience, composure. eagle eyes. tendency to try to dominate, to peer into the core of others, and to emotionally deceive or manipulate. great ability to support and heal. need for sexual balance.

1st House in Sagittarius/ Sagittarius Rising
exuberant, expansive, a philosopher. the urge to travel, discover, learn, experience, teach, preach. intellectual or physical restless.independence, spontaneity. running away from anything that limits one’s individuality. 

1st House in Capricorn/ Capricorn Rising
self-restrained, objective, wise, responsible, duty-orientated. sustaining an image of “good” rather than constantly changing it. building upon the self. long range vision, lofty perspective, patient manner, insightfulness. 

1st House in Aquarius/ Aquarius Rising
love/hate relationship with groups: individualistic, original and “different”, but looking to fit in with people who share the same ideals, thoughts, visions. Joining cults, networking, mentally connecting. Setting themselves apart through their appearance.

1st House in Pisces/ Pisces Rising
impressionable, sensitive, emotionally absorptive. expression oneself through channels only opened to them. intense impressions, therefore, the need to withdraw. ability to identify with everyone, seeing themselves in others.

By crystal melbourne | within the zodiac | “what’s in my first house?”