Ünlü İntihar Notları;

-Kurt Cobain: “Ben çok ümitsizim! Artık eski tutkum yok, ve şunu hatırla, sönüp gitmektense yanmak daha iyidir.”
-Nilgün Marmara “Hayatın neresinden dönülse kardır.”
-Virginia Woolf: “Yaşamak neden böyle içler acısı, neden bir uçurumun yanıbaşından geçen daracık bir yol gibi”
-Hunter Thompson “Artık bana ihtiyaç yok. Sıkıcıyım ve huysuzum.Yaşımın olgunluğunda davranacağım.Bu acıtmayacak.”
-Heinrich Von Kleist: “Yeryüzünde artık öğrenip edineceğim hiçbir şey kalmadığı için ölüyorum. Elveda!”
-Romain Gary: “Çok eğlendim, hoşçakalın ve teşekkürler!”
-İlhami Çiçek: “Yalnız hüznü vardır, kalbi olanın.“


the pretend people
out there.

the masks
they wear
bend and breathe
like skin.

they rented fog
to fill up entire towns.

fog has gotten
to my friends,
my family - 
soon i will be taken too.

school feels more
like a thrashed nightclub.

every morning
strobe-lights click on
and fizzle
like wet fireworks.

the announcements
have been replaced
with the sound of chatty women
rolling on make-up
In bar bathrooms.

i press my forehead
to my fake wood desk.

in a world filled
with pretend people:
to dream is to be safe.

when i go
to call you by your name,
i feel phony.

i introduce myself as your
brother, instead.

we are not related
and we haven’t yet met.

this is what the
pretend people
are after.

a few of us clap
off-beat as
the barefooted girl
her way through
the broken glass
cigarette butts.

when the curtains close,
we’ll act
like we’re
behind them.

What’s Inside the October NOVLbox?

Everything spine-chilling! Last month, we took the opportunity to curate a truly spooktacular NOVLbox. From Naughty John to Dear Old Dad to the monster in the woods… we’d say this was our scariest box of books yet! 

THE DEAD HOUSE by Dawn Kurtagich + a wooden bookmark | UNBREAKABLE (The Legion Series) by Kami Garcia + 4 drink coasters | THE DARKEST PART OF THE FOREST by Holly Black | THE DIVINERS by Libba Bray + LAIR OF DREAMS tattoos | I HUNT KILLERS by Barry Lyga | THE WITCH HUNTER by Virginia Boecker | NOVL tote bag

Like what you see? The next one won’t be the same, but we can promise that it’s going to be just as awesome. If you love @finishingschoolbooks​, you’re going to want to enter to win the November NOVLbox, curated by Gail Carriger!

t h i s  C | o s e

i map out
the dead ends
in my

the map,
my front door,
on the flowers
in the front yard
we planted
for your mother.

the roof
came down,
fought its way

the flaked paint
a rich

ceiling beams.


we locked eyes
a bent lampshade
the split

Teen Author Carnival 2015 — Author List

Teen Author Carnival 2015

Adam Silvera — More Happy Than Not
Adi Alsaid — Never Always Sometimes and Let’s Get Lost
Alexander London — Guardian and Proxy
Alexandra Bracken — The Darkest Minds, Never Fade, In The Afterlight
Anne Heltzel — Charlie, Presumed Dead
Claire Legrand —  Winterspell

Dhonielle Clayton — Tiny Pretty Things
Elizabeth Eulberg — We Can Work It Out
Jennifer E. Smith — The Geography of You and Me
Jennifer L. Armentrout — Stone Cold Touch
Jesse Andrews —  Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 

Katie McGarry — Nowhere But Here
Kody Keplinger — Lying Out Loud
Lance Rubin — Denton Little’s Death Date
Leila Sales — Tonight The Streets Are Ours and This Song Can Save Your Life
Marieke Nijkamp — This Is Where It Ends
Melissa Grey — The Girl at Midnight
Rebecca Serle — Famous In Love 

Sona Charaipotra — Tiny Pretty Things
Susan Dennard — Something Strange and Deadly
Tiffany Schmidt — Hold Me Like A Breath
Tommy Wallach — We All Looked Up
Virginia Boecker — The Witch Hunter