Ünlü İntihar Notları;

-Kurt Cobain: “Ben çok ümitsizim! Artık eski tutkum yok, ve şunu hatırla, sönüp gitmektense yanmak daha iyidir.”
-Nilgün Marmara “Hayatın neresinden dönülse kardır.”
-Virginia Woolf: “Yaşamak neden böyle içler acısı, neden bir uçurumun yanıbaşından geçen daracık bir yol gibi”
-Hunter Thompson “Artık bana ihtiyaç yok. Sıkıcıyım ve huysuzum.Yaşımın olgunluğunda davranacağım.Bu acıtmayacak.”
-Heinrich Von Kleist: “Yeryüzünde artık öğrenip edineceğim hiçbir şey kalmadığı için ölüyorum. Elveda!”
-Romain Gary: “Çok eğlendim, hoşçakalın ve teşekkürler!”
-İlhami Çiçek: “Yalnız hüznü vardır, kalbi olanın.“

(via Iced Tee Time: 1926 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive)

July 9, 1926. “Golf in bathing suits – icing off at the tee. Miss Dorothy Kelly teeing off on a cake of ice. The others in the group are Misses Virginia Hunter, Elaine Griggs, Hazel Brown, and Mary Kaminsky of the Washington, D.C. area.” Previously spied here and here, and in color hereView full size.

On The Witch Hunter series (and characters!)

by Virginia Boecker

Six years ago, when I first sat down to write The Witch Hunter, I only knew two things: the setting (a fictionalized Tudor-era England, with magic) and my protagonist (Elizabeth, a girl who is good at getting herself into trouble). What I didn’t know was the rest: the plot, the supporting characters, the themes, motifs, structure, arcs…or how to do any of it (talk about getting yourself in trouble!). It was my first book—hell, it was the first thing I’d ever written. But write I did. After three years, three titles, nine drafts, and more revisions than I care to count, I finally had a story I would allow friends to read without making them sign a nondisclosure agreement. It was still two more years before the story became what it is on the shelves today.

What I ended up with was also a story much bigger than I had originally intended. It was enough to span into a series, filled with characters I felt as if I met along the way, as opposed to feeling like I created them. When they first appeared on the page, I didn’t know who they were. Yet so in many ways they began as Horcruxes of me: Elizabeth was my brave side, John my caring side, Fifer my bitchy side, Schuyler my irreverent side. If that sounds one dimensional, it’s because it was, at first – but over the course of those three years, three titles, etc., those singular characteristics became more of a baseline from which these characters grew to their full potential. Elizabeth became brave and foolish; the act now, ask questions later kind of girl. John became caring, nerdy, reserved, and tortured. Fifer became bitchy and smart and loyal with serious abandonment issues, and Schuyler became fatalistic, sarcastic, irreverent, and tortured (I do like me a tortured boy).

While The Witch Hunter and The King Slayer allowed me to explore these characters and their growth, it was all done through Elizabeth’s eyes. Fortunately, the novellas provided just the opportunity I was looking for: the chance to dive in deeper to the other cast members’ back stories. With The Healer, we get to learn more about John, what’s important to him, why he’s so tortured, and get a glimpse into that nerdy, occasionally eccentric side. With The Chase, we learn more about both Fifer and Schuyler, their equally strong personalities, and how sometimes two people who appear to be complete opposites are a lot more alike than they’d like to think.

Now that The Witch Hunter series is complete, I like to think I’m putting the characters—these little pieces of myself—in my readers’ care.  I hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as I did.

Thank you, @virgboecker

The Chase is available now, and it’s another story in The Witch Hunter universe that gives us insight to the awesome characters Virginia created (we adore Fifer and Schuyler!). You won’t want to miss it so download it now for $1.99 from your favorite e-tailer! And if you haven’t checked out this epic and magical series, GET ON IT. It’s full of action, fun, and we think you’re going to love it<3 (p.s. The Witch Hunter eBook is on sale for $2.99.)