And if 2 Muslim men attacked a group of White girls with baseball bats and then kidnapped and beat one to death?

Could you imagine the outrage? the devastation?

But this? I have only seen a few regular people tweeting and posting about it. No articles. No headlines. #WhiteTerrorism #Islamaphobia

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Danica Roem is the first openly trans woman to win Virginia’s General Assembly primaries

  • Danica Roem could become the first openly transgender legislator in Virginia’s House of Delegates, and the third openly trans legislator in the country — she just has to beat Republican incumbent Bob Marshall.
  • Roem cinched the nomination for the Virginia Democratic party on Tuesday, winning a challenging primary.
  • She told the outlet she plans on winning the general election by pushing her platform of LGBTQ rights, better-paying jobs and improvements to Route 28 — a perpetually congested road in her district crucial to her constituents’ daily commutes. Read more (6/14/17)
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A Virginia public school system will be closed on March 8th after 300 staffers take off for Women’s Strike

  • The Women’s Strike is already working its intended effect in Alexandria, Virginia, where public schools will close on March 8 after 300 employees requested the day off.
  • The Alexandria City Public Schools system announced Monday that March 8 would serve as a “teacher work day for ACPS staff,” WTTG reported.
  • A statement from ACPS noted that the “unusually high number of requests” for time off on Wednesday “may be attributed to the observance of International Women’s Day," WTTG reported.
  •  There are a number of actions planned for March 8, among them the International Women’s Strike and A Day Without a Woman, both of which call for women to abstain from all forms of labor in protest of economic inequality. Read more (3/6/17 4:50 PM)

Sunrise in the Appalachian Mountains can be an awe-inspiring sight. Sitting on an ancient rock and breathing in the cool mountain air, the beauty of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia unfolds before you as the first rays of sun sweep down into green valleys and misty hollows. No matter how many times you see it, it never gets old. Photo by N. Lewis, National Park Service.


Woman berates Latino man in Virginia Sprint store: “Take his fucking ass back to Mexico”

  • A viral video captured an incident where a white woman went on a racist tirade inside a mall Sprint store in Manassas, Virginia.
  • In the video, the woman called a Latino man a “spic” — a racial slur used against Hispanics and Latinos — and threatened to physically assault him.
  • Shaun King tweeted the video, which has already garnered more than 45,000 retweets, on Sunday. Read more (5/23/17)

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You can never see too many sunsets on the Blue Ridge Parkway. After the first snow in Virginia this winter, photographer Brandon Dewey drove out to capture the sights. “The sky normally lights up once the sun dips behind the mountain ridges, but this night, there wasn’t that much color. About 20 minutes after sunset, I was just about to pack up my gear when the sky finally caught on fire for less than two minutes.” Photo courtesy of Brandon Dewey.