“If Drake was Future’s maid”


The Signs as random viral songs on youtube

Aries: Friday

Taurus: Milk and Cereal 

Gemini: Ferrets

Cancer: Heyeayeayea

Leo: Look at my horse

Virgo: Put a bannana

Libra: Shoes

Scorpio: Show me your genitals

Sagittarius: Oh my god

Capricorn: I knew you were a goat

Aquarius: What does the fox say

Pisces: Numa numa 

These Guys Made Up a Fake Case to Get On ‘Judge Judy’

Back in 2010, there was an amazing Judge Judy segment that featured four people in a dispute over some smashed TVs and a dead cat. You may have seen a clip of it called “Best Judge Judy ending EVER!!!!!” 

The story was completely made up. Invented by four roommates in order to get a free trip to LA and some cash out of the Judge Judy producers. 

The story they invented was, basically, that a guy called Jonathan had gotten wasted at the house of a girl named Kate and smashed two TVs that she owned. One of the TVs, she said, landed on her pet cat, Trips, killing it. You can see the full segment here

I spoke to Jonathan, the defendant in the case, to hear his side off what happened:

VICE: What gave you guys the idea to contact the show?
Jonathan Coward: Well, my friend Kate, who was the plaintiff, had just moved up to New York from Baltimore, and she asked me what a quick way to make money was. I had some friends who went on Judge Joe Brown back in the late 90s. They were on there for some sort of roommate dispute. And they told me that the show pays the settlement. 

Was that a genuine case?
Yeah. So I told her we could come up with some story for Judge Judy, and we would probably get the settlement and a free trip to LA, because we knew that’s where they shot. So we tried to think of a story that was absurd, something that would be good television. So I just threw out the idea of the cat thing, just off the top of my head. The whole point was that we need to have a story that’s entertaining, but also involves damaged property. I was aware that the cap for small claims was around four grand. Kate got real excited about it and emailed the show straight away. And they got back to her, and were interested in doing it. 

How did they reach out to you?
They just called. I allowed Kate to give them my number. I was really dodgy and cagey about answering the phone, and I would like, talk to them for a second and hang up, and I told them I’d do it if they gave me an appearance fee and flew my friend Brian out for a character witness. I guess I was more concerned about making this more of a party for ourselves than anything else.

How much of the story that you guys told is true?
Absolutely none of it. Once they agreed to put us on the show, we realized that we needed to take roles and not have this be something that was completely see through. There were tensions at our house, so a slight amount of it was real. 


No one can predict what videos will go viral, but “Too Many Cooks” seemed like an especially unlikely candidate. An 11-minute parody of ‘80s sitcom openings that originally aired on Adult Swim at 4 in the morning, it’s currently sitting at more than 8.8 million views on YouTube. Everyone from your stoner friend to your mom told you that you had to watch it, and, if you did, you probably couldn’t quite put the experience into words. We wanted to know how such a bizarre piece of entertainment gets made, so we talked to its writer and director, Casper Kelly.

5 Insane Realities When Your Video Goes Viral

NASA and Jupiter’s Recent Storm Hoax : Photoshop or Flashworks?

Based on the 

NASA stop already. This is getting embarrassing. NASA has released new FAKE images of Jupiter, with amazing auroras around it. Its just too bad, they are proven fakes. And in this video I will prove it 100%. The recent Hubble telescope images of Jupiter are fakes with CGI auroras superimposed. The new images, that NASA has released, showing aurora, are just a 2014 image of Jupiter, with a superimposed CGI aurora on it.

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What is it you are truly hiding NASA?

Skeletons kiss and hug before a crowd then surprised audience when they stepped out.

This video made my day (and tear up, I admit). 

A screen appeared before a crowd last Valentines 2015, of which skeletons are shown kissing and hugging before a crowd, then the couples showed up and made the crowd smiled.

Here’s a video that sends one message; The heart doesn’t see race, love has no age limit, we are all neighbors and bestfriends and that we all have different religion but we have universal love, and ultimately, love is love. You can watch more viral videos here


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Watch how little boys react when they were asked to slap a girl

This violence against women infomercial asked 7 - 11 year old boys to slap a girl. Their reactions are brilliant and cute. One boy even said “As the saying goes, girls shouldn’t be hit, not even with a flower.”

What a gentleman, or should we say gentlekids, don’t ever change boys! You can watch the video over here or watch this equally cute video of a kid crying over his younger brother when he found out he’ll grow old and won’t remain little.


I kinda like the tune