Viper vs Mountain


Oberyn vs Mountain (The Denial Version) (by Ozzy Man)


As you’ve all heard, this week’s The 100 episode will feature an intense fight scene that is said to last for quite a bit, between our Heda and the Prince of Azgeda aka Queen Nia’s son.

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The bloody duel is said to mimic the gruesome and gut wrenching fight scene between Oberyn Martell and Clegane, from Game of Thrones, or most famously known as the Viper vs Mountain fight, and let me tell you, that was F-KING INTENSE

The link to the fight is here:

(Trust me, you’re definitely going to want to watch it so you’ll know just how serious this is) 

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Well if the Lexa vs Roan fight is anything like this (not exactly but close bc I don’t want neither’s head getting blown up), it can only go down 2 ways:

A) Lexa is dominating (lol no Clarke, not that way) and has the upper hand and beats the s-t outta Roan, but then, he somehow catches her of guard and well, we wouldn’t want a Viper ending for Lexa now do we?


B) Roan is the one who is seen having the upper hand throughout most of the fight (maybe Lexa was distracted with memories of Costia and trying to keep Clarke safe and away from all this). But just when it seems it could all be over for our beloved commander, SHE DESTROYS HIM AND WIPES HIS VERY EXISTENCE FROM THIS RADIOACTIVE PLANET! 

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So you’re damn right that we’re rooting for the latter (Option B guys, we’re rooting for option b) which seems to makes more sense. LEXA WINNING. 

But, it’s going to come at a price our hearts are going to have to endure. We’re going to have to sit and watch her get hurt and beaten up and bleed her infamous black blood but at least we know the commander will live up to her reputation.

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That’s right Ice Nation, what she said.