Grimoire Prompts

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Here’s a few ideas if you’re stuck on what you want to do!

  • Pendulum board
  • Crystal grid
  • Your favourite song, turned into a spell
  • Pressed flowers
  • Photographs of nature
  • Your handprint, with all the things that make you ‘you’ written inside
  • Pouch to hold incense 
  • Black mirror page (Using some reflective black material)
  • Create your own alphabet
  • A letter to yourself in the future or in the past
  • Create an altar in your grimoire
  • Smells of witchcraft you love
  • Magical moments in your life
  • Dream diary
  • Drawings of places you have seen in meditation/ astral travel
  • Photos of your pets
  • List of reasons why you are glad to be a witch
  • Write a letter to a deity, or if you don’t believe in deity, to an ancestor 
  • Colour palette tabs found from paint shops
  • A pie chart of significant things in your practise
  • Unorthodox correspondences; (examples: Socks for protection and comfort, Blue tack for creativity, doritos for enjoyment)
  • What would your followers leave as offerings for you if you were a deity?
  • Make a tarot card out of old newspaper pictures 
  • Write a spell using the most ridiculous objects you can think off
  • Create a mythical creature that would be your familiar

*I do not condone using sigils or any form of witchcraft in place of psychiatric or medical/professional help. 

If you want your sigil added (or just one you think is cool), feel free to ask!






















Yule Resource Masterpost

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A collection of categorized links for your Yule needs! What is Yule? [X] Yule is celebrated on slightly different days depending on who you ask, but the broad spectrum is: December 20th to January 1st.

 The basics:

Yule Crafts:

Yule Recipes:

Yule Spells:

Yule Tarot Spreads:


fullmooninthenightsky  asked:

Hey, I read you answered questions on witchcraft and I'm just about starting out on being a witch and I'm just kinda lost. How do I find out what kind of a witch I am, for example? And what about room decor, plants, drying herbs, crystals, sigils and others? How do I even start being a witch?Do you have any websites or blogs (or tips?) that could help me out? Thank you ♡ x

Hi there!

You find out what kind of witch you are, by deciding what kind of witchcraft you want to practice. Most people just choose what they want to be, based off what they like, what they feel drawn to, or just what they want to do. [Here] is a list of types of witches that might inspire you / help you get started on finding a type of magic you want to work with first. This list is not extensive, and what you choose you aren’t stuck with forever - you can try other things, combine things, whatever you want to do! Witchcraft is super personal, and it’s all for you, by you. You also don’t need to confine your magic to any singular label; you can choose more than one to work with.

I picked sigil magic to start with, for example, because it seemed easy, and I knew I could draw; it also required very little supplies, and it also honestly seemed the least likely to backfire. xD My craft eventually evolved into eclectic magic, because I began using a bit of everything else (crystals, herbs, candles, etc.) in my magic to get what I needed.

As for room decor, that’s up to you. You don’t need it, though. You don’t need to *look* witchy to *be* witchy. If you need to be on the down low about your magic, you don’t have to draw huge pentacles on your walls or wear all black or anything like that to still have magic work. What makes you a witch or magic user is what’s inside you, not around you (it can help but, you know, not required). But, if you want to make your room look “witchy,” whatever that means to you, go right for it. But I don’t think it will impact your magic in any way. (I don’t view altars / magical work spaces as decor - they are more than just decorations.)

In regards to plants, it’s another case of if you want to. All my herbs I get pre-dried in grocery stores and bulk stores, because I can’t grow plants worth squat. I’ve taken fresh herbs from grocery stores, actually, that’s a lie, but they were already grown, and I just hung them in my window to dry them. If you want to try growing your own herbs, feel free, but it isn’t necessary - pre-dried and store bought have worked perfectly for me for the last two years. (I also don’t know anything about growing herbs or gardening, so you’d need to go elsewhere for those answers.)

Working with crystals and sigils are optional - they can prove beneficial, but if you don’t want to do that, you don’t need to. 

Working with *anything* is optional, when you get right down to it - all these things, candles, herbs, crystals, are just amplifiers and focuses for magic. You can perform witchcraft with just your own body, energy, and intent. You just need to know how. (P.S. [energy work] is how.)

Doing your own research will never go amiss, let me tell you that right now. I know it can seem daunting, and you don’t know where to start, but seriously, just a Google search of “witchcraft crystal magic” or “witchcraft sigil magic” can pull up a lot of information and give you more ideas of where to go that you can follow on your own. (I really recommend specifying “witchcraft” when searching on the internet, because you might get a lot of pop culture links that just aren’t relevant, or a variety of other articles that might not be applicable.)

You start being a witch by deciding you want to be a witch. Boom, congratulations, welcome to witchcraft! :D From there, it’s going to be a lot of research. Research will help you determine more about witchcraft in general, and from there you can decide what you want to do with it. Once you have an idea of things you might want to try - working with crystals, herbs, sea magic, etc. - you can do more focused research on those topics. 

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, try it out. Give some things a shot and practice. Write down what you try, so if it doesn’t work or things go wrong, you can look back and think “what if I try this instead?.” and then try it. It really is all about experimentation. You will make mistakes, spell may not work - it is something that has happened to us all, and likely will again. Nothing is perfect and neither is magic. Don’t be daunted, though - you are new to it, it will take some time to get the hang of and build your confidence up. Just stay positive, and remember that mistakes are learning experiences, and help define you more as witch. Never give up. The magic is inside you, you just need to find the right way to work with it. 

Here are some more posts on starting with witchcraft:

Some of my favorite blogs:

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@broomcorner @modern-witchcraft @themoonmysteries

Long post, but yeah, I hope that helps you! If you have any more questions, I’ll do what I can to help you. :)

Witchcraft uses a lot of words you might not have heard before; here’s a breakdown of some of the most common!


Intent: The goal or desire; the will for something to come into being.

Visualisation: A technique used in magical workings in which the witch pictures the desired effect within their mind’s eye.

Manifestation: The process of a desired intent being brought into reality.

Charging: The act of filling an object with energy.

Cleansing: A magical working with the intent of removing all lingering energies from an object, place or person, be those energies negative or positive.

Grounding: A magical technique in which the individual removes excess unwanted energy (often by ‘pushing’ it into the ground while sitting down) and aligns themselves with the energy of the earth.

Banishing: A magical working with the intent of sending something away, removing an individual from your life or cutting out negative acts and behaviours.

Warding: A magical working in which the individual creates ‘Wards’. Wards are barriers of energy which deny any unwanted entity entrance to the place warded. Wards can also be placed upon oneself to prevent a magical attack.

Deity: A supreme being. Often represented by Gods and Goddesses though not limited to these terms.

Tools, Objects & Symbology

Grimoire:  A personal magical inventory of beliefs, spells, ingredients and anything else deemed essential to a witches path. 

Altar: A sacred space in which to enact magical workings, meditation and worship.

Wand: A pointed object used to direct energy.

Priapic Wand: A phallus-shaped wand.

Athame: A knife used in ritual to cut out a sacred space and to direct energy. Typically you will never use this to cut solid objects.

Book Of Shadows: A personal magical inventory of beliefs, spells, ingredients and anything else deemed essential to a Wiccan’s path.

Boline: A knife, often but not always a sickle, used for the cutting of ingredients, inscribing of candles and carving of wood.

Besom: A broomstick used to cleanse an area.

Cauldron: A metal pot used for spellwork. (Boiling, mixing, stirring).

Chalice: A goblet, cup or class containing ritual drink. Typically containing offerings.

Dark Mirror: A black piece of glass or reflective material used for scrying.

Pentagram: A five-pointed star widely used amongst many Pagan religions.

Pentacle: A pentagram with a circle around it, typically worn as a necklace for protection.

Inversed Pentagram: A symbol relating to Satanic practises and beliefs.

Septagram: A seven-sided star, usually used in reference to workings with the Fae.

Triquetra: An ancient Celtic symbol which has lost its initial meanings which is today adopted by Pagans of varying paths to mean different things. In Christianity referred to as the trinity knot and believed to represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. A secular way of viewing this is that it represents life, death and rebirth. In Wicca believed to represent the triple Goddess. 

Amulet: An object that has innate magical properties used as a necklace.

Charm: An object that has been given magical properties.

Talisman: An object that has been created with the intention of having a specific magical property

Hag Stone: A stone with a hole worn naturally worn through it in which the other side is visible. Thought to be used to see the ‘unseen’ and often the Fae.

Poppet: An object designed to take on the likeness of an individual upon which spells are used. A taglock is used to bind the person to the poppet.

Taglock: The personal effect of an individual that can be used in spellwork as a link to that target. 

Festivities, Holidays & Events

Wheel Of The Year: A name used to refer to the cycle of the eight holidays observed in Wicca; synonymously used to describe the turn of the seasons.

Solstice: Two points in the year in which the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky. The longest and shortest days of the year.

Esbat: A meeting upon the full moon.

Sabbat: Used to refer to any of the eight holidays observed by Wiccans and others.

Skyclad: To be naked. Believed to promote a greater connection to nature during ritual and worship. 

Equinox: The time in which day and night are of equal length as the sun crosses the celestial equator.

Coven: A meeting of witches with the intent to perform magic or worship as a group.

Circle: A temporary space marked out by a magical practitioner that is capable of containing, enhancing and binding magical energy.

Further Reading  

Mage: Another term for a magical practitioner.

Aether: The fifth element after Earth, Air, Fire and Water meaning Spirit, Energy, Life Essense & Soul.

Abjuration: Practices of magic relating to the protection of oneself through the suppression of spells cast by other magic practitioners.

Conjuration: Practices of magic relating to bringing desired effects into reality.

Divination: Practices of magic relating to gathering further insight on desired topics, including knowledge of the past and the future. 

Enchantment: Practices of magic relating to enacting influence over the minds and decisions of others.

Evocation: Practices of magic relating to working with raw, sometimes uncontrollable forces of power.

Animism: The belief that all things are alive or have a soul.

Glamour: Practices of magic pertaining to achieving desired intent via altering, enhancing or changing one’s appearance.

Blasting: A magical working with the intent of causing infertility and ill health, in both people and crops.

Sigil: A magical symbol created by the individual, usually constructed by breaking down a word or sentence and using the letters.

Seal: A magical symbol. Often used to finalise a working.

Elemental (Noun): A force, being, entity or representation of an element given form and sometimes rudimentary conscious thought, though not in a way thought to be understood correctly by humankind. 

Elemental (Adjective): Pertaining to any workings regarding the elements

Witchcraft Types

Secular: The practice of witchcraft at its core. Devoid of any influence from religion or spirituality.

Atheistic: The practice of witchcraft from an Athiest perspective.

Elemental: The practice of witchcraft in which the individual utilises the power of the Elements as their primary source of energy and spell structure. E.g Water Witch, Fire Witch, etc.

Wiccan: Belonging to Wicca, a relatively new nature-based religion born in the 1940′s/50′s in which Witchcraft is expressed as the main form of worship for the God and Goddess.

Traditional: Witchcraft that predates the rebirth in popularity of Witchcraft during the 20th Century.

Hedge: A solitary practitioner who utilises herbs in their practice. Once used exclusively for witches who follow the practice of ‘Hedge Riding’ this term has opened out to encompass those following the archetype of the ‘village witch’ providing salves and potions. 

Stregheria: A form of Italian witchcraft, often centred around the worship of Leyland’s version of Aradia and Diana (though the term can also be used for other forms of Italian witchcraft).

Christian: The practice of witchcraft from a Christian perspective. 

Witchling / Baby Witch: Terms used to describe new practitioners.

Spell-a-Day Challenge! Day 2
  • DAY TWO: Write a spell to aid someone in divination. Any method.

To Promote Accurate Divination


  • Sea Salt
  • Cinnamon
  • Mint
  • Amethyst (I’m using the little chips)
  • Clear Quartz(also the chips)
  • Best if done on a full moon


  1. Mix everything today in a small container with a lid! 
  2. Gather your divination tool (cards, pendulum, phone with playlist etc)
  3. On a flat surface, set your tool down and gather your mixture.
  4. Using the mixture pour a circle around the tool while chanting

Find the truth, the truth for me
Clear the path and let me see

Use your tool per usual! 

Afterwards, this mixture can be returned to it’s container and reused until you decide to refresh it, preferably at the next full moon!

Witch and diviner blogs to follow

So I went through all the blogs I follow (now under 350 lol) and complied a list of all the witches and diviners I follow that have helped me on my path, are generally awesome people, and are knowledgeable and friendly people! Bolded blogs are ones that are my personal favorites or they are people that I’ve actually talked to!


anonymous asked:

Hi, do you have a list of blogs you recommend following? i know u just movedurls, maybe thats why i cant find it if it exists? thanks and sorry if its right in front of me and im just missing it!

I know I have a list somewhere on my blog - I know I’ve made one before in any case. I think I’m going to update it, though, since there are some awesome new blogs that I follow and some people have changed URLs (and some blogs went private ): ).

The mention function was being really broken on this ask so I had to tag these all by hand. Basically I won’t be making a blog rec post for a while lol.

I’ll be bolding some of my forever faves / friends ^^ (Please no one take offense if you weren’t added to this list, I just have more blogs I follow than I think Tumblr will let me link in one post)

A - C

; aeronsrunestones ; ash-verity ; asksecularwitch ; alpinewitch ; althara ; anothersusurrus ; badoccultadvice ; belladonnaswitchblog ; breelandwalker ; broomcorner ; candlelight-magick ; cannibalcoalition ; casualcurses ; ceramyn ; chaosjelly ; chaosundone ; cladinscarlet ; cunningcelt ; cunninggreeneraven ;

D - F

; da-at-ass ; darkwoodswitch ; digital–witch ; digitalsigils ; divinealtruism ; divineclecticism ; dog-rose ; dontusemycauldron ; draconicastralguardian ; dragonscraft ; duskenpath ; etamina-amata ; feuillemor ; fuckyeahpaganism ;

G - I

; glitz-witch ; graycloak ; greysorcery ; grimoirxc ; grin-the-coyote ; growing-yet-into-magic ; heatherwitch ; hecaatia ; hellboundwitch ; herbs-and-journals ; herbs-and-spells ; hereticalapothecary ; hylianshrinemaiden ; infinitethreads ; inkandsigils ; insertcheesywitchypunhere ; ioqayin ;

J - L

; kitchenwitchcraft ; kittenwicked ; lavenderheljardottir ; lavenderspells ; lazy-technowitch ; little-witcheries ; lotuseatingwitch ; low-budget-witches ; lucasfaraway ; lunaesteria

M - O

; maddiviner ; magicianmew ; magicusersresource ; manic-witchbitch ; memeomancy ; modern-witchcraft ; natural-magics ; neurowitchcraft ; nightkunoichi ; nightshadeleafofcloudsandstars ; ofwoodandbone ; orriculum ;

P - S

; phoenyxoftheashes ; polar-solstice ; pomegranateandivy ; potionslab ;  qedavathegrey ; quartzbound ; queerkitchenwitch ; queerqueerwitchcraft ; ravensnthorns ; recreationalwitchcraft ; ritual-and-chaos ; rootandrock ; saltwaterwitchery ; scarletgloves ; scry-and-sketch ; sealedsigils ; severne-witchcraft ; sigilathenaeum ; sigildaily ; sigiliuvenum (hehe) ; sigil-seer ; sigils-in-your-area ; sigils-r-us ; smokeandblueroses ; sordhent ; spellcraftbaby ; spell-recipes ; spiritapprentice ; spiritscraft ; spooniewitches ; starlit-witch ; stitchingscreamer ; stormbornwitch ; stormwaterwitch ; strangesigils ; stsathyre ; sugarandspells ; swampseer ;

T - V

; teaandspells ; teacupsandcauldrons ; teapartyforthewitches ; thatemeraldkid ; the-aegis-witch ; the-atypical-pagan ; the-friendly-witch ; the-ram-occultist ; thefrogsapothecary ; thekelpiemaster ; themanicnami ; themoonmysteries ; themori-witch ; thepaganstudygrouppage ; thesigilsofbaphomet ; thesubtlewitch ; thewanderesswitch ; thewitchywitch ; thiscrookedcrown ; thistletongue ; thymewitch ; torque-witch ; toxinsandtea ; trialless ; undauntedwitchery ; upthewitchypunx ; urbanspellcraft ; violetwitchcraft ; visardistofelphame ;

W - Z

; w-itchling ; whitewit-ch ; witch-of-roses ; witch-tips-dump ; witchdraft ; witchella ; witches-ofcolor ; witching-while-libra ; witchofkeys ; witchsaves ; witchthatiam ; witchtips ; witchwondering ; witchxstitchery ; witchy-infobook ; witchy-recipes-and-things ; witchy-tips ; witchy-woman ; witchy-words ; wolfofantimonyoccultism ; writtensecretsonparchment ; wyntercraft ; 

I wish I could have bolded thistletongue six times lol

Also, if you give a shit about art, go look at stormwaterwitch’s comic!

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm really new to all this witchy stuff and I'm having trouble picking which blogs to follow. Could you maybe suggest me some blogs? If you'd rather not that's fine, I just thought I would ask! Thank you for your time!

Oh man, I had made a huge list a while ago, and I just spent like.. at least a half hour looking for it and I can’t find it, so I’m just going to make a new one! Here we go! 

@magic-for-the-masses (genuinely one of my very favorite witchcraft blogs– SO kind and SO MUCH INFO)

Wow, it’s a lot but i know I’ve forgotten some. So many good blogs, I just don’t always pay enough attention to who posts the content I really love!

I hope this is helpful. I honestly love every single one of these blogs!

Wand Wood Correspondences
  • Alder: Fire and Water, passion and calm, manifesting and banishing.
  • Elm: Stability, strength, longevity, female empowerment.
  • Oak: Healing, protection, feeling of being at ease, being the best version of yourself.
  • Ash: Healing, both physical and magical. Luck for newborns.
  • Beech: Wishes, communication with deity, luck, fortune.
  • Cedar: Grounding, building new starts/places, protecting places, ancestors.
  • Elder: Good and bad luck depending on how you use it, fey energy, banishing.
  • Hazel: Wisdom, learning, power in knowledge, Inspiration.
  • Fir: Clarity, truth, divination, home.
  • Maple: Change, magic, learning, decision making, progression.
  • Sandalwood: Healing, purification, banishing of negative spirit and energy.
  • Willow: Divination, female energy, learning, beauty, creative arts.
  • Yew: Long life, rebirth, ancestor connection, cycle of life and death, protection from bad health (physical and spiritual).
  • Pine: Cleansing, air element, fresh beginnings, comfort in isolation.
  • Rowan: magical power, mysticism, removing negative magic, protection against curses and evil.
Downright Dirty Banishing

So, I’m big on things you can do quick and easy and so is my favorite comic book character John Constantine! So I’ve come up with a simple downright dirty banishing spell, similar to something I’m sure he’d do himself.


  • Ashes ( cigarette preferably, but any will suffice )
  • A shot glass
  • Any type of alcohol, preferably whiskey or vodka
First you’re going to want to take a shot and down it. You’re the powerful one here, not whatever piece of shit is fucking with you.

Next, you’ll want to pour another shot and mix in your ashes. You’ll dip your finger into the mix and write ‘FUCK OFF’ on all the mirrors and windows in the room or house if you so wish, while you think of what you’d like to banish.

Let it dry till morning and do a nice cleansing spell to ward off the rest of the bad juju.


anonymous asked:

Hi there i want to become a witch but dont know how to go about it.

Dear Anonymous,

I don’t know how long ago you sent this message and I apologize for my delayed response. If you have not found someone to help you answer this question, please allow me.

I have created a witchcraft course. It is incomplete but I am trying to add a new lesson every week. You can find it here: Witchcraft 101

These are the lessons already available:

Know Thyself

Be completely honest with yourself. Map out your strengths and weaknesses. What are your future goals? Discover your true self and what you hope to gain through witchcraft. What does being a witch mean to you? There are no right or wrong answers, only true answers.

What is a Witch?

What are your values? What draws you in? What motivates you? Determine for yourself what type of witch fits you, which religious path (if any) you are on, and how you would like to practice.

Principles of Magic

What are the Principles of Magic and how do they apply to the world in which we live? Each of the seven principles (correspondence, mentalism, vibration, cause and effect, polarity, gender, rhythm) applies to everyone equally, all the time. You will learn what they are and how you can channel their power.

Introduction to Magic

The basic structure of a magical working: purpose, correspondences (zodiac signs, celestial bodies, and magical elements), materials (plants, rocks, and animals), and combining these.

Learning to Focus

The ability to focus and visualize will greatly increase the power of your magic. Learn types of meditation. Learn how to create a sacred space and how to make time for your practice. Learn how to breathe and to be still in meditation postures. Try some meditation and visualization exercises to increase your concentration.


A self-dedication ritual or ceremony is for you and you alone. Design a meaningful ritual that represents you, your path, your style, everything about you and your Craft.

I have a few more posts/rituals/celebrations to add to the self dedication lesson over the next three weeks and  Solitary Practitioner is schedule for March 13th.

In addition I would suggest following:


anonymous asked:

I'm new to the craft and I'm kinda blundering about all over the place. Are there any blogs, sites, books or anything else you can recommend me to read/watch so I can learn more about becoming a witch? Thank you

Obviously, my blog. ;)

Okay, no, but seriously…


Book Recommendation Lists

(I don’t read a lot of witchcraft books - my main resource is the internet - so these lists are recommendations made by other magic users.)

Other Helpful Stuff

When it comes to studying, it is very important that you take what you read with a grain of salt. There are many problematic authors within the witchcraft community, and not just on Tumblr. Misinformation and cultural appropriation are everywhere, even among well known or renowned authors. It is highly recommended that you use discretion, criticize what you read, and fact check what you learn, if you can; sometimes I use as many as six or seven sources when checking the properties of a single herb (but that is just me and being ridiculously sure, one or two are usually enough for additional sources).

You are not going to agree with or connect with everything you read. There may be cases where you pick up a book that you have high expectations for, and you read through the whole thing, and pick up nothing from it. It isn’t that you didn’t gain knowledge, but sometimes it doesn’t apply to you or where you wish to take your magic. That is fine. Just because you have the knowledge, doesn’t mean you must use it. And having knowledge without using it isn’t a negative thing either - some day you may want to use that knowledge after all, or it may come in handy when applied with other branches of magic, or it may help you inspire your own path…

With all that being said, there is also nothing wrong with not completing a book if you really aren’t feeling it. Again, it all comes down to you and your preferences, what you want to learn and what you plan to do with that knowledge. If there is anything that you read that makes you uncomfortable, don’t bother incorporating it at all. It is your path, your magic; do with it as you will.

I hope that helps you! :D

Witchy Planner Inserts: Tumblr Challenges

To help bring in 2017 this New Year, I’ve revamped my Witchy “Planner” and to help out my fellow witches here on Tumblr, I’ve decided to make a series of posts of all the things I keep in my Planner. For more about My Witchy “Planner” see this post.

In a green plastic sleeve in the front of my Planner I keep a list of all the Challenges that I want to do. As of right now, all of the Challenges I have are witchcraft related, but there are plenty of other Challenges that you can include in your planner!

I find it helpful to keep the Challenges in a place where you can constantly refer to them. Some days it helps to have a list of prompts that will help you write when you get into that writing mood!

Some of my favorite Challenges:

 30 Days of Witchcraft by @violetwitchcraft

 Witchy Art Challenge by @modernwitchesdaily

 Magical Concepts to Research by @witch-of-the-redwoods

 Nami’s Spell Writing Challenge by @themanicnami

 40 Weeks of Witchlings by @thewitchmysteries

 Cosmic Witchcraft 30 Day Challenge by @cosmic-witch

 Shadow Work Challenge by @unmaskingthedivine

Pop Culture Entity Challenge by @highpriestness

anonymous asked:

Hai! I think i want to start learning spells, crystal hearings, and potions as a hobby and to become productive. What is some advice you have for a beginner like me? Any resources? Textbooks? Recommend tumbles? What should I start off with? And how? I know these are a lot of questions but I am very interested. Thankyou!!!

First I will direct you to my giant response to a previous ask just like this one:

Tips for beginner witches

I don’t have many witch books to personally recommend, many of the ones I have read have been rather… bias in some level. But you can find encyclopedias on crystal meanings quite easily. This is my favorite one. As well as books with herbal meanings though I mostly use online resources (google is a wonderful thing).

Tips on Potions:

  • Make sure you research the herbs you are using heavily! some herbs cannot be ingested if you are on certain medications, have certain health problems, pregnant and some you can OD on resulting in some not very fun results
  • Store them in glass containers if you can. Plastic ones don’t hold as long.
  • Keep them refrigerated if you have leftovers
  • DO NOT PLACE CRYSTALS DIRECTLY INTO THE WATER UNLESS THEY ARE SAFE TO PUT INTO WATER! Some stones are extremely toxic!! Line them around the jar or potion to charge it.

Some good blogs you should check out:

And like the link to the previous ask I give you, all new witches need to start off with getting a notebook or binder for their grimoire and begin researching. Write down correspondences as well as health effects of herbs, crystals, etc etc. Research, research, research. Save online resources you find and tag everything you reblog. Then start small, practice cleansing yourself and spaces, practice meditation and sigils. All of those are very beginner friendly. Good luck dear! You are always welcome to send me asks or IM me if you have anymore questions.