De Profundis, Serge Lutens

“This fragrance twists through the spring, crisp green notes that soar.”

Notes: chrysanthemum, gladiolus, dahlia, chamomile, peony, woods, hay, violets, incense and candied fruit

You’re wandering in the woods when suddenly you stumble upon a small enclave carpeted with violet blossoms. Delicate, wispy fragrance entwine themselves around your wrists. As you walk, bluebells and hyacinths brush your ankles.


Sailor Moon’s Artemis Bath Bomb

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Sailor Moon’s Artemis is an alluring scent of pink Japanese cherry blossoms, fragrant violet flower petals, sensual white lily, and warm base notes of vanilla. The slow foaming action is sure to make you feel incredibly relaxed. This bath bomb is also color changing! It may look plain white, but it will turn your bath water a cheerful pink color. Artemis’ bath bomb also includes a built-in bubble bar that can be used to add bubbles to your bath!