Artistry (Mingyu/Wonwoo)

type: one shot

genre: fluffy fluff

synopsis: artist wonwoo gets a new muse named mingyu

author’s note: introducing the other one of my new admins, alison  aka hansvernon! I’m so excited to have her on the blog as well, and this was her application scenario!

Wonwoo curses loudly at the murky puddle of water splashed on the concrete.

Disregarding his wet watercolor painting, Wonwoo sets his current piece on one of the sales tables and bends down to pick up the now empty paper cup. It’s a good thing the water didn’t spill on his art.

Sighing, Wonwoo takes his half full water bottle and refills his cup. It’s a slow second day at the university art festival, which lasts for an entire week. Colorful blooms of vermillion and violet are morphed into blossoms and peaceful sunsets, dressing Wonwoo’s booth in warm hues.

He managed to borrow some of Seungkwan’s white cardboard frames for displaying his artwork, but failed to remember to buy himself an easel and a new sketchbook. He had resorted to taping some cheap watercolor paper to the back of his leather Moleskine notebook.

Wonwoo carefully tilts his notebook as he watches cobalt blue paint slide around his paper. He’s attempting to paint a closeup of a blue hyacinth, but for some reason his attention span is shorter than usual and his colors are blending with harsh edges.

Wonwoo’s Converse suddenly slip from its perch on his seat and the painting falls backwards. Yelping, Wonwoo saves his notebook just in time, but the hyacinths have a long, ugly streak of blue through them. He groans.

“Forgot an easel?”

Wonwoo looks up and is surprised to see the sun being blocked by a tall figure. Squinting, Wonwoo holds up a hand and sees a smooth caramel face and pretty brown eyes. This guy doesn’t look like a student attending this university and Wonwoo knows he’s right when he sees the adhesive admissions nametag slapped onto the guy’s chest.

“Um, yeah, sort of.” Wonwoo says, laughing sheepishly.

The guy smiles. “I paint like that too. On a notebook.”

“Oh, I don’t do this all the time.” Wonwoo feels himself turn red. “But–wait, you paint?”

The guy nods. “I’m gonna be a freshman here next year. I’m Mingyu.”


“Yeah, I can tell by your name on all of these.” Mingyu gestures at the paintings and gives Wonwoo another cute smile. Wonwoo almost drops his paintbrush.

“Can I look around?”

As Mingyu makes his rounds around Wonwoo’s booth, taking his sweet time observing each and every stroke, Wonwoo takes his time observing Mingyu. He decides that Mingyu is blessed because he has graceful long legs and a nice back. Mingyu’s eyelashes are long and fluttery, casting inky shadows onto his cheekbones whenever he moves into the shade.

“These are really pretty.” Mingyu comments, a ghost of a smile on his lips.

“Thank you.” Wonwoo turns red.

The light hits Mingyu’s brown puppy eyes and Wonwoo thinks it looks like swirling paint on a canvas. The sugar brown color is illuminated as the sun flits past Mingyu’s face.

“So how much is one painting?”

Wonwoo clears his throat. “Depends. Which one do you want?”

Mingyu makes a small circle as he looks at all the paintings. “Can I get a customized piece?”

Wonwoo blinks, surprised. “Are you asking for a commission? From a university student?”

Mingyu shrugs. Wonwoo’s heart beats faster. “I mean, why not? I like your art so…”

Wonwoo’s cheeks feel warm as he looks down shyly. “What if I mess up…”

He hears Mingyu’s laugh and looks up to see the younger smiling. “I don’t think you will.”

Suddenly, Mingyu’s phone rings. Excusing himself, Mingyu stands to the side as he answers the call. Wonwoo awkwardly rubs the back of his neck as he looks around. The spring blossoms are blooming at this time of the year, their velvety pink petals ruffling in the breeze. It’s warm today and the buttery sunshine drapes over all the vibrant booths. Wonwoo’s gaze flits to Mingyu, whose eyebrows are knitted together.

“Okay, okay. Bye.” Mingyu sighs before ending the call.

He turns to Wonwoo with an apologetic smile. “I’m really sorry, but I have to go.”

“Oh. It’s fine. I guess you won’t be getting your painting then.” Wonwoo laughs awkwardly. He’s secretly disappointed, but he brushes the feeling aside.

“I mean, I can always come back.” Mingyu smiles teasingly. Wonwoo’s chest swells.

“Well, see you around?” Mingyu’s eyes are hopeful.

“Yeah,” Wonwoo gulps, smiling. “See you.”

Mingyu waves before walking away. Feeling strangely empty, Wonwoo picks up his notebook and rips the ruined hyacinth painting off the leather back cover. Absentmindedly, he gets out a fresh sheet of cheap watercolor paper and thinks about what to paint next when it suddenly hits him.

Smiling to himself, Wonwoo starts to sketch long legs and a nice back.

re-deaned asked:

carnation orange blossom violet! :)

Carnation: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?

Westlife :3 sadly they split last year :(

Orange Blossom: If you could pick the gender and appearance of your child, would you?

No… probably not… I’d love them any way they were :)

Violet: Do you like where you’re from?

Yeah :) The UK is nice :) I’ve moved around a bit, done a bit of a triangle hehe :D

You’re all my little sunflowers! (Flower Asks!)

About the reveal

So i got a few messages regarding the revealing of Chain Reaction and Violet Blossom.

As many of you already figured it out before and only got confirmation now, most people actually thought they would be Switch’s sister and niece, so i was able to steer most of the viewers in the wrong direction.

Also, as mentioned a while back, i don’t claim to write good stories, i keep it simple and hopefully entertaining to a certain degree.
I work on this blog thing totally alone and with my busy life, i have little time to come up with long and deep stories, plus Switch is just a year old, compared to other blogs still pretty new, so i have lots of room to make better stories.

As for now, enjoy what is coming up, the story isn’t done yet.

Many myths are associated with the “Dueling Oaks.” An 1892 Times-Democrat article noted that “Blood has been shed under the old cathedral aisles of nature. Between 1834 and 1844 scarcely a day passed without duels being fought at the Oaks. Why, it would not be strange if the very violets blossomed red of this soaked grass! The lover for his mistress, the gentleman for his honor, the courtier for his King; what loyalty has not cried out in pistol shot and scratch of steel! Sometimes two or three hundred people hurried from the city to witness these human baitings. On the occasion of one duel the spectators could stand no more, drew their swords, and there was a general melee.”

One of the frequently referenced duels involved a “European scientist insulting the Mississippi River by calling it ‘but a tiny rill compared to the great rivers of Europe.’ A Creole overheard the insult and immediately came to the defense of the river, challenging the scientist to a duel, which the Creole won.”

Before the Dueling Oaks became a favorite spot for disrespected Creoles, a frequent dueling site had been St. Anthony’s Garden, located behind the St. Louis Cathedral. In 1855, laws against dueling began to be enforced, so most duels moved to the city’s outskirts. Some sources claim that the last duel was fought beneath the oaks in 1890, while others contend the last one took place during the first decade of the Twentieth Century.

One of the Dueling Oaks was destroyed by a hurricane in the 1940’s. The remaining one is thought to be 300 years old with a height of 70 feet and a girth of 25 feet.

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Neighbour’s Home! (Happy to click tree)
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