Violent Mosh (2004)

Violent Mosh by Violator is a pretty damn strong thrash release. These guys look and sound like they came from 1987 Bay Area with a time machine, so originality isn’t the priority here.

Listen to the entire EP below.

Violator - Violent Mosh (Full EP)


01 - Let The Violation Begin
02 - Thrash Maniacs
03 - Artillery Attack
04 - The Plague Never Dies
05 - The Shadow Of Death
06 - Killer Instinct


Circa Survive - Violent Waves (Black 2xLP, 180 gram /?)

My favorite album, it’s perfect from start to finish.

So happy to finally own this on vinyl. Too bad it was in a pretty average condition when I got it, it has seam splits, damaged inner sleeves, a bent corner and both vinyl records were quite dirty. It sounded great after I cleaned it though.