The Huntress - 1

Chapter 1


“With leather worn and sword unsheathed stands the fallen child of the angels; the huntress of the deep.” - willowing-love

Pairing: Castiel x Nephilim!Reader

Warning: This will be another one of my adventure fics. This series will contain FLUFF, ANGST andSMUT (at some point. I am not a smut writer, but this fic calls for it). All nsfw chapters will be tagged. It will also contain strong language, physical violence, blood, gore, violent visions, and pain. If any of this would be triggering for you, then you can check out my masterlist for some slightly less angsty oneshots and drabbles instead.

Word Count: 4,967

WARNING: Physical violence 

@perseusandmedusa whispered ‘Castiel x Nephilim!Reader’ in my ear and THIS happened. There is a lot of conflicting info on nephilim out there so I stuck with their basic powers. All Enochian translations at the end. You know the drill…let me build up the story line before I throw you off the cliff. Enjoy!


THE MELODY OF INSPIRATION:  (because tumblr is having issues with links now)


The last sounds of twilight humming amid the fallen leaves and brush began to recede back into their burrows and thickets, leaving only the sound of your breathing in the early dawn. The air sat heavy around you, your hands steady as you watched from a distance, back through the thick forest of trees that hid you from view.

You watched the lights in the windows darken one by one, the sounds of the house falling quiet as the sun began to slowly creep up the horizon. The first rays of daylight began to break through the trees, glinting on the blade of the angel sword at your side; your fingers wrapped tightly around the grip.

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The Book

Warnings: Violence
Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Request: The Reader is Tony’s niece, Civil War never happened and everyone is alive and living in the tower. The team goes on a mission and something happens to Bucky, where he is triggered into the Winter Soldier mode. So he fights everyone and all that and the Reader is the last person he comes up to. But, instead of fighting her he protects her. He’s still The Winter Soldier, Bucky just somehow made it that his mission is to protect the Reader. He’s still Bucky, but he’s the Winter Soldier too and after they all escape the reader and the Winter Soldier have a cute moment. Thanks Dearie! - @iamwarrenspeace

Author’s Notes: This took longer than I estimated, though I’m happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy!

There was a certain atmosphere that hung about in the hours leading up to a mission. It was laden with the inherent professionalism that came with being on a team of super heroes, and was thick with apprehension of a fight that could easily twist into a disaster.

It was especially tense during travel time. That was when strategies were discussed and plans were determined.

You were still an official-unofficial member of the team. Until recent months, you had little involvement with the initiative at all, and had only known them after being invited to live in New York by your uncle, Tony.

Just prior to the Battle of New York, he had contacted you about a position at Stark Industries’ NY branch. After careful consideration, you accepted, and only days before you were set to move, the invasion happened. You postponed your trip until debris had been cleared, but still only arrived after the tower had been refurbished to accommodate an entire team of superheroes.

The tower subsequently became the team’s headquarters, and you were able to do your work for the company from the comfort of your own lab.

You trained with the team, helped provide upgrades to their tech and their armor (and wholeheartedly agreed that anything Shield issued was prehistoric in comparison), and soon started discussing missions and field work.

There was an AIM outpost upstate, struggling still after the organization’s first defeat three years prior. While the team provided a large enough distraction, you would wait for an opportune moment to go in, find the data banks, and extract everything you could.

As you sat in the quinjet, trying to calm your nerves, you listened to Cap reiterate the plan to everyone and begin to discuss what they knew about AIM and their motives.

Movement in your peripheral vision shifted your focus, and you looked over your shoulder to see Bucky giving you a strange look that you couldn’t discern. When you made eye contact, he looked away again, leaving you confused.

He was a recent addition to the team as well, and had not yet become well acquainted with the others. In fact, once Cap and Sam tracked him down after the DC incident, it had taken weeks to convince him that the tower, and in turn, the team, were safe. He was distant, for sure, and was rarely seen outside of team functions.

Steve was the one who told both you and Tony about the Winter Soldier’s part in Howard and Maria’s deaths. He had offered to leave the tower altogether if having Bucky there would be an issue. But he refused to step away from his friend, and had been determined to help him recover. It was Tony’s decision to let Bucky stay, but it was you who told him why.

‘If you trust him, then so do I.’

When the quinjet landed under stealth mode, the others, sans Bruce, departed and you set up your comm to wait for your signal. There were at least fifty known operatives on site, possibly more unaccounted for, and you watched from a holoscreen when one by one, the numbers diminished.

Through your comm, you could hear orders being relayed and the muffled sounds of fighting. One line remained near silent, though, and every word that AIM’s thugs spoke, every sound they made could be heard clearly. Bucky only spoke when directly addressed, and had single handedly taken down at least a dozen operatives on his own so far. The east wing of the building was clear now, but that wasn’t enough.

You switched on your mic. “East side’s clear.”

Copy that, (L/N). Outside’s clear.” Clint offered. “They’ve got backup coming in from the north.

“Friday, jam their signals so they can’t call more aid.” You noted, and the AI chimed an answer.

Falcon, take care of the ones coming in.” You heard Cap say. “Hawkeye, make sure no one else gets close to the building.

Guys,” Tony piped in. “We got a problem. Barnes is going berserk.

Elaborate, Stark.” Cap demanded.

No time, he’s headed our way…

Static replaced words, and then total silence.

“Friday, talk to me.”

“Communications are non functional.”

“For everyone?!”

“Falcon and Hawkeye are currently preoccupied, but have otherwise functional comm links.”

“Shit,” You muttered, jumping from your seat.

“Is this a Code Green?” Bruce questioned, looking like he was already dreading the answer.

“Not yet.” You said. “Looks like I’m going in early. Are the sedatives still on board?”

“Hold on,” Bruce said, crossing to where the medical supplies were kept. He opened a case and removed what looked like a compact tranquilizer gun, and brought it back to you.

“I don’t want to use this on him.” You said, holstering the gun.

“I know.” Bruce placated. “But if you can’t talk him out of it, you may have to.”

You nodded, took a deep breath, and opened the jet’s bay door. It closed behind you as you made your way toward the small facility, armed only with a pistol, a tranquilizer, and your combat lessons from Nat. You came up to the main doors, and saw Sam in the distance, still occupied with the newcomers. Clint was nowhere to be seen, but that was usually the case on missions like this.

You pushed through the doors, stepping over an unconscious AIM agent who was sprawled in the threshold. You maneuvered through the corridors, only slightly unnerved by the stillness. You managed only a few corners before nearly stumbling over something in the dark. You looked down and let your eyes adjust to the change in light.

No, you almost stumbled over someone.

“Tony? What the hell?” The arc reactor that powered the suit was completely dark.

“He disabled the suit, and it’s too heavy to move.” Tony said, proving his point by trying to lift his upper body.

“I’ll be back.” You said, starting to walk away.

“Hey, wait! No, you can’t go after him!” Tony called after you.

Without looking back, you said: “What are you going to do to stop me?”

“This kid never listens to me.” Tony muttered, exasperated. “I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’ll revoke your lab privileges is what I’ll do.”

“I’m an adult.” You countered, disappearing into another corridor.

The next teammate who you crossed paths with was Cap. And he obviously hadn’t made it out of that confrontation without a scratch. He was bleeding from a nasty gash on his forehead, and was sitting against a wall.

“Just need a minute.” He said. “You need to fall back.”

“Bruce gave me the tranquilizer from the jet. I’m not going to fight him, Cap, just going to calm him down. You need to fall back.”

He tried to protest, but you interrupted him. “If you’re worried, then get back to the jet and get back on comms. And help Tony when you pass him!”

That was four teammates accounted for, and three still missing. You ventured deeper into the facility, on edge and ready to fight with every step you took. Most rooms you passed were either empty or had been vacated once the fighting began, and there wasn’t much for you to recover.

In the center of the building, you found a large room behind a reinforced door. Inside it was pitch black, and all you could see was only highlighted by the dim glow from the corridors behind you. You retrieved a small light from your belt and switched it on, scanning the room.

From what you could see, it was the exact room you were meant to look for, had the mission gone as planned. Data banks lined one wall, silent, as they were all off. Monitors adorned various desks in front of them, each sporting black screens. You set the light down on one of the desks and searched for a button or a switch, anything to turn the machines on so you could finish your part. Nothing was labelled or marked, but as luck would have it, the button that you did find was connected to each machine.

One by one, each monitor lit up, and a quiet, electrical hum filled the room. You stepped back to wait, but became aware of a human shaped shadow cast on the wall from the door way. You turned around, you saw who it was.

It was Bucky, blank faced and battle ready, obscuring the only escape route you had. Momentarily forgetting your secondary task, you sidestepped the desk and relayed your position over the comms. As you moved, and as you spoke, Bucky stepped into the room in intimidating strides, heading straight for you.

Panic gripped your heart, and you backed away, grasping for the tranquilizer gun holstered protectively on your belt. He was in front of you in seconds, and had his right hand on your shoulder as soon as your hand found the grip on the gun. His grip tightened, almost painfully, but before you could act further, he…moved you?

Surprised, you tripped over your own feet and stopped abruptly behind him. A soft shifting sounded from a darkened peninsula of tall filing cabinets and a support pillar. Bucky effortlessly tossed aside one of the cabinets, and the sound of the metal crashing to the floor was accompanied by a startled yelp.

A struggling figure was dragged out of the crawlspace by a metal hand, feet inches above the ground and kicking uselessly. In a split second, the would-be assailant raised his weapon, and then was thrown against the wall.

The room fell silent, and you watched the crumpled form of the AIM operative for a few moments before your focus once again fell upon Bucky.

He was watching you intently, arms at his side’s and unmoving. You thought for a moment and decided that there was no sense in using the tranquilizer if there was no immediate danger.

Silently, he crossed the room and stopped in the doorway again, this time facing out.

Your comm came to life once it was back online with the voices of your teammates speaking over one another.

“One at a time, please.” You stressed.

Did you find him?” Cap questioned.

And more importantly, is he sedated?” Tony added.

“Yes and no,” You said. “I found the data banks, and he’s guarding the door. Do you know what happened?”

One of AIM’s thugs used to work for Hydra.” Cap said. “He had a book -it was basically a manual- and tried to trigger Bucky’s programming.

“Tried?” You looked over your shoulder at Bucky, then went back to work on the computers.

We think Bucky tried to fight it.

“Did you find Nat and Wanda?”

“Currently en route from a security bunker at the edge of the parameter. There was a dozen other people waiting for us inside.” Tony replied, and you sighed with relief.

Once you were done downloading and then wiping the computers, you shut them down and approached Bucky, who was still faced away from you. You tentatively reached over to him, and retracted immediately when he turned sharply to face you.

“The mission is over, it’s time to go.” You said.

“Negative. Only mission objective B is complete.” Bucky answered.

Shit. “What’s mission objective A?”

“To protect you, (L/N).”

“Did Tony put you up to this?” You scoffed. His expression didn’t change. “Right. You’re still the Soldier. Well, you can protect me on the way out.”

You slipped past him and started navigating back the way you came with the Winter Soldier practically on your heels, eyeing each unconscious (or dead) figure with scrutiny. You made it outside in considerably less time than it took to get in, and saw the rest of the team hovering around the jet. Natasha was closest to you, and once again, you found your path blocked by Mr. Tall, Dark, and Mysterious.

“You can uh…stand down. They’re friends.” You pointed out. “We know them.”

“They have weapons.”

“Did they use them on you? Is that why you fought them?” He nodded sharply.

“Don’t worry about it anymore. I need you to do something for me.” He turned to you. “I need you to fight the programming. Steve has the book and we’re going to help you, but I can’t promise they won’t sedate you until it wears off.”

He nodded again, and attempted to do just so, but you could tell he was struggling.

“I don’t want to be him anymore.” He finally said.

“You don’t have to be…” You started, but he shook his head.

“But I am. I am the Winter Soldier.”

“No one will ever control you like that again. Not if we can help it, okay?”

The others were waiting now, and in the distance you could see a caravan of SHIELD emergency response.

“C'mon. Let’s get home.”

Assets Attract

Okay so this totally started out as a request but my hands have a mind of their own and typed this instead. Not totally sure how I feel about it but I spent four days writing it so it’s absolutely being posted. (Plus, the title I came up with is cute and punny) This is dedicated to @italwaysendsinafightcap for getting my mind going and I will get your actual request started soon!

Bucky Barnes x reader

Brother!Tony Stark x reader

Warnings: swearing, violence, mentions of death, some fluff, some angst, protective!Reader.

All credit goes to Marvel

Word Count: 5.6k 

    Your story with Bucky Barnes all started on December 16th, 1991 after you watched him kill your parents. Nick Fury had recruited you in secrecy when you were 16. You were his asset. Not even Natasha had known about you (she had her suspicions). Your own brother had believed you were dead. He believed that you were in the car with your parents when it “crashed”, despite there being no body to prove it. You knew the Winter Soldier had killed your parents. 

    You were tracking him down when it happened, but you were too late. As soon as your parents’ bodies went limp, you attacked, lunging down from a tree branch, wrapping your legs around his neck and squeezing your thighs together as hard as you can, blocking the airways. You repeatedly brought one of your elbows down on his head while your other arm was busy trying to slice at any body part you could get. Somehow, he had been able to reach his gun, and he shot you in the thigh. When you collapsed off his body, he made eye contact with you, but it was not a look you were expecting to receive from the man who had just killed your parents and attempted to kill you. He looked at you with a mix of guilt and anger. You sat next to your mother’s lifeless body, brushing her blood-matted hair from her face while you waited for Nick to get you. You thought of Tony and how he would react to the news and for the first time since being a recruited agent, the thought of him pulled at your heartstrings. You were nineteen at the time.

       Nick allowed you to see Tony when it was discovered that he was dying from the shrapnel in his chest. He almost didn’t believe it was you, he even wanted a copy of your birth certificate. When he didn’t believe it, you pulled the collar of your shirt to reveal your shoulder, where you had a big scar from when you and Tony had a contest to see who could climb the highest tree when you were 10 and 12. All your brother could do was stare in shock and almost hurt. Nick had to explain the situation to him and that currently, your mission was to find the man who had killed your parents and that it was a very sensitive mission. Nick and you had promised each other to not tell him about the Winter Soldier part, because, well, it’s Tony and his approach to the Winter Soldier would end in a blood battle. Your specialty was being a fly on the wall that happened to be carrying guns and knives, which was crucial in this mission.

    He promised to keep you a secret on the ground that he could see you and hear from you when it was safe. He would also be the first to know if something happened to you, and reserved the right to throw caution to the wind and come get you if needed.
    Because nobody knew you even existed at the time, Nick sent you to track down the Winter Soldier, knowing that his brain would have been wiped of any memory of you. If you could hide in plain sight and nobody would suspect a thing, you were his perfect match. Fury’s best chance to take that guy down. And you thought of Bucky Barnes every damn day.

    You were there when the helipads went into the air, when Captain Rogers had to replace the chip that would’ve killed seven million people. You watched as he fell from the helipad, and you wished that you could grab him, but you couldn’t do that. Not without blowing your cover, and Fury would have your ass on a silver platter if that happened. 

     Instead, you watched the Winter Soldier drag Steve onto the sand from your hiding spot and you instantly drew your weapon, aiming at his face if he tried to kill Steve, if he wasn’t already dead. “Don’t even think about it.”

     He dropped Steve to the ground and just stared at him for a while, before walking away, his back turned to you. You took your chance and got behind him, pressing the barrel to the back of his skull. He stopped. He didn’t even make a move to kill you. “I recognize your voice.” He said and your jaw clenched and you spoke through grit teeth.

     “You should. I almost had you dead the minute you killed my parents.” He slowly stepped forward, away from the gun and turned to look at you. He had the same look in his eyes that he did after he killed your parents. But there was no anger this time, only guilt and sadness.
     “You’re Howard’s daughter.” He said thoughtfully. You clenched your jaw harder, willing the tears in your eyes to dry at the sound of your father’s name. You weren’t going to give this bastard the satisfaction of seeing you cry. He dropped all of his weapons onto the sand beneath your feet and stepped forward.
    “Don’t.” You demanded, a little too loudly. He raised his hands, taking another step forward, hesitantly grasping your forearm in his flesh hand. You stared at him in disbelief.
    “Listen, I know you want to kill me, trust me, I know. But right now, I’m considered a refugee, and when they find me, they’re going to take me back to HYDRA and make me kill more people. They’re going to wipe my brain all over again. People might be watching us right now. If they see you with me, they’re going to kill you. Believe it or not, I’ve seen enough people killed and I don’t want that to happen. My name is James Buchanan Barnes,”
    “I know who you are.” You spat.
    “I know you know, but I need you to trust me because your life could depend it. I have a safe house in Bridgeport, Texas. You need to come with me,” he was nearly pleading and you felt yourself crumbling. You didn’t know if he was dragging you off to kill you or genuinely wanted to get you out of here. You felt tears finally leaking out of your eyes, your arm holding your gun slowly wavering. He slowly grabbed it from your hand, and dropped it to the ground. “Please.”
    You were downright crazy, but you found yourself slowly nodding.

    Because you couldn’t go through TSA with Bucky’s metal arm and they would definitely take him, you used Fury’s escape to Europe and the definite lack of communication between you two to steal one of the jets. You had all but ushered Bucky onto the plane before Maria could see him. She would definitely tell Fury if she didn’t try to shoot the plane down, but you gave her a heads up that you were going away for a while and taking the jet, so you didn’t think much would happen.
     Flying from Washington to Bridgeport was supposed to take roughly two and a half hours, and after today’s events and the pure shock at what you were doing, you were tired. The vast expanse of sky made you feel like you weren’t getting anywhere. You sat in the cockpit, lazily holding up your head with one hand, practically nodding off when you heard footsteps behind you. “I can take over from here,” Bucky said gently, you could tell he was tired too, but hell, he knew where he was going. You got up and went to go to the back of the plane, but Bucky quietly called after you. “Can you sit up here with me?” He turned towards to the wheel. You paused, opening your mouth only for nothing to come out. You let out a silent breath, and sat in the seat next to him. Before you could say anything, he began asking questions, rushing them out because he was so eager to get the answers he needed. “Who was that man that I pulled out of the water? He said he knew me all my life and that he wasn’t going to fight me because I was his friend. He looked so familiar and my head hurts every time I try to think of him.” He looked off in thought before pulling out of his trance and focusing back on flying.
    “His name is Steve Rogers. He does know you all his and your lives. He was your best friend. He was the scrawny kid that did everything possible to get into the army during World War II. Bucky, I don’t know if anyone’s told you or if you even remember, but you were born in 1917. You fell out of a train and were presumed dead.  You were captured by HYDRA, obviously,” you said, gesturing to his arm. “Steve found you a couple days ago.” He nodded, seemingly still trying to wrap his head around the new information.
    “So who are you?”
    “Y/N Stark. I was recruited by Fury when I was 16, trained to the absolute best of my abilities. Tony knew that far. They faked my death the night my parents were killed and I became a fly on the wall. Some minor plastic surgery, dyed my hair, colored contact lenses. If nobody knew I existed, it’d make my mission a hell of a lot easier.”
    “And your mission?”
    “That’s where things get awkward. My mission was to find you, or the Winter Soldier, and well, kill the Winter Soldier.”
    “You tried to. After I killed your parents, you dropped out of a tree and tried suffocating me,” you nodded, biting your lip as he began to remember more information. “I shot your thigh.” You nodded a little more and he pursed his lips. “Would you tell me if you got me on this plane to kill me?” You laughed.
    “Bucky, I had the chance and instead I’m here on a plane with you leading me to the middle of nowhere, I think I should be more worried about you killing me.” You turned over in your seat and smiled at him, watching as the corner of his lips curled upwards, exposing a bit of teeth.
    “Well then I solemnly swear that I won’t kill you if you don’t kill me. Deal?” He stuck his pinky finger out and you laughed, looping your pinky with his.

    Three weeks had gone by since you and Bucky had made it to the safe house. Things were surprisingly easy as far as two master assassins living together who were once trying to kill each other. Dare you even say there was romantic tension between you? You two had fallen into a routine. You’d get up in the morning, taking turns making breakfast. You liked to make jokes that if you put Bucky out in the sun for a little while, you could just fry the eggs on his arms. After breakfast, you would talk to Tony on the phone for about an hour while Bucky would do some work around the house (even though it looked fairly well kept, anyways). You had told Tony about Bucky and that you were staying with him. Reluctantly, he agreed to keep quiet about it because if you knew what you were doing, he trusted you. For dinner, if neither of you felt like cooking, you’d go get Chinese takeout. Every night, however, would be spent catching Bucky up on all the movies and music he had missed. Eventually, he started binge-watching Impractical Jokers episodes with you and always asking: “One more episode? Please?” After that one last episode, you’d go to bed. Bucky would stay in a bedroom on one side of the hall and you slept in the bedroom right across from him.

    He’d have you dance with him, showing you how people in his time used to. He would take your hand and twirl you around, dipping you while old Lionel Richie albums played in the background.
    You woke up early on Monday morning, around 4 in the morning and you couldn’t fall back asleep. Deciding now would be the perfect time, you began to clean the dishes from dinner last night. You stared out the window and watched the few streetlamps illuminate the street below. Your reflection in the glass showed your hair up in a messy bun, eyes with surprisingly no bags underneath them, perfectly pink lips, and clear skin. For one of the first times lately, you felt beautiful. Inside and out. You smiled at your reflection, but only when you saw Bucky coming down the stairs behind you, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. His shirt had been stripped of him and his shorts hung onto his hips. “What are you doing?” He mumbled.
    “I couldn’t sleep so I’m cleaning syrup off of plates from the massive amount of pancakes you made last night.” You laughed and you watched a tired smile creep onto his features. You fell into a comfortable silence.
    When you finished up the dishes, you turned from the sink and faced Bucky who was only 2 feet away. You couldn’t read his eyes, but there was an entirely new emotion in his eyes. “Buck?” His head snapped up to meet your eyes and you gave him a soft smile. He started coming closer and you couldn’t find it in you to move away.
    “Can I try something?” He asked quietly, practically a whisper and you nodded, swallowing a lump in your throat that you didn’t realize was there. He stepped closer until the tips of your toes were touching. He brushed his flesh fingers down your arm, causing goosebumps. With an even gentler hand, he brought his left hand around to the back of your neck. His right hand grasped your hip, and you couldn’t take it anymore. You reached up onto the tips of your toes and pressed your lips to his, relishing in the way he held you even closer at you making the first move. Your arms went around his neck, tangling in his hair. You could feel his chest heaving against yours and his lips perfectly molded into yours. You pulled apart when you became breathless, keeping your hands where they were. Looking into his eyes, you could see he looked a little scared and you pressed another kiss to his lips and pulled back.
    “Hey, it’s okay. You’re not going to hurt me. I know you won’t.” He looked at me through his lashes.
    “They’re going to take you away from me too, now.” You gave him a confused look before realizing what he meant.
    “No they won’t, Bucky. I know that you’ll protect me, that’s why you brought me here. God forbid something happens, and I can defend myself too. If I can almost take you out, I’m sure I can take out a few other bad guys.” You laughed, lightening the mood and smiled when he did. “But for the record, you cheated. You brought a gun to a knife fight.”
    “Maybe you brought a knife to my gun fight.”

     It had been another 5 weeks since you and Bucky shared your first kiss and 8 weeks since you began living with one another. You guys became even closer and eventually you agreed to become an item. You weren’t angry at him about your parents anymore because you knew that if he wasn’t brainwashed into doing, he wouldn’t have done it.
    Since then, you guys had gone to Bucharest, deciding that the longer you stayed in Bridgeport, the more likely the chances of someone finding you guys would be.
    It was going great until one day, Bucky had gone out to a farmer’s market to grab some food for your dinner that night. Within 20 minutes, he had come back running into the house, slamming the door shut and securing all the locks on the doors and window.

    “You know that bombing that killed T’Chaka?” You nodded and he pushed a newspaper in your chest, your eyes quickly scanning the paper and widening. “They’re coming for me, the guy at the stand called the police. Hide, don’t come out until you’re absolutely sure no one’s here.”
    “What’s going to happen to you? You can’t leave me here.” You whispered, worry instantly flooding your words.
    “Nothing that won’t stop me from coming back for you. Hide, Y/N. Please.” With that, he pulled you in for a kiss so passionate and so rushed that you swear your heart stopped. You watched him as you made your way to a hidden closet. Right as you closed the door, you heard the police, banging on the window and telling Bucky to come out with his hands up.
    The front door ripped open and you swear you heard Steve Rogers talking. Then you heard one of the floor boards being ripped apart. Your hand flew to your mouth, not knowing what was going on at all and fearing the worst. Then you heard a window shatter and tears began to flood your eyes. You heard police raiding the house and quietly hid further into the closet.
    It felt like hours since you heard the police leave, but you were paranoid that one may have been directly outside, watching for any activity. Slowly, eyes scanning the perimeter of the house, you crawled out. You checked the time, it was about 3 in the afternoon. The house was invaded at 11. Because you heard Steve, you did the one thing you could think of to get any information about where he was.
    “Hello?” Your brother’s voice rang through the phone.
    “Hey, I heard the Bucky was found in Bucharest. Know anything about that?”
    “Great to hear from you, too,” he said sarcastically. “But yes, I do. He was arrested along with Rogers, Wilson, and the Prince of, wait, King maybe, of Wakanda.”
    “Why were they arrested?”
    “Apparently the royal families of Wakanda have a suit they pass down along the kings. It’s made of vibranium and has very long claws. The Black Panther. Pair that with a very angry man who is convinced James Barnes is the one who killed his father and you don’t get a good mix. Long story short, there was a fight on a highway between them all and because they’re now being seen as a threat, they were arrested.”
    “What do you mean they’re being seen as a threat, Tony?”
    “Look, Y/N, we don’t have any boundaries. We might as well be considered the bad guys. We’ve killed so many people trying to do what’s best, but lives are still lost even if we do save the day. It’s not enough. I’ve helped put together the Sokovia Accords, which will be handing over our power to government officials. They’ll decide when we go out.”
    “Do you really think that the rest of the team will agree to that?”
    You heard Tony sigh, “No, Steve, Sam, and Wanda are already going against it, but it’s worth a shot. I need to give it a shot if it means I’m doing more good than harm for once.” You were going to give him a speech on how he is a good person and how he has saved so many lives, but he knew that deep down, and you were calling to find out where Bucky was.
    “Where is Bucky now?”
    “He’s getting a mental eval- woah, hey, the power went out.” You heard alarms going off and people yelling but you couldn’t make out much.
    “Y/N, I’m going to have to go. Something happened with Bucky.”
    “What? Tony Stark, don’t you dare hang up on me. You need-“ The line went dead. You groaned. Tucking your phone in your pocket, you knew you only had one thing to do. You tracked Tony’s phone, grabbed your guns, suited up, and hot-wired a car that was parked on the side of the street.
    The ride to the penitentiary was only 30 minutes, because you were hardcore speeding. You put your hair up into a ponytail and holstered your guns. You knew you had to be very careful, you may have found the Winter Soldier, but you still needed to be a fly on the wall, which would be very, very hard in these circumstances. You slid on a pair of sunglasses and pulled the hood of your suit over your head.
    Scanning the building, you looked for areas to get in that wouldn’t attract attention. Setting your eyes on a small, ground-level window, you went in, sliding your body easily through the glass. You heard people shouting and glass shattering and you hid behind a pillar near an elevator with your gun drawn.
    Bucky was pushing Steve towards the elevator, punching and swinging at him, and you saw your chance. As Bucky ripped open the elevator doors and pushed Steve, you swung your legs up around Bucky and threw both of you down the elevator, landing next to Steve with a thud. Bucky had been knocked unconscious from the drop and you stepped on his back, just to be sure.  
    You didn’t even realize that you were being stared at until you heard Steve awkwardly cough. “And you are?” You raised your gun once more, aiming it at him but he didn’t seem scared and you were slightly relieved.
    “Don’t worry about it,” you jumped up, grabbing onto whatever you could get your hands on to lift yourself out of the elevator shaft. You took one last look at the unconscious man. The man that you loved and would fight until your very last breath for. “Take good care of him, Steve.” With that, you had successfully lifted up and out of the elevator, leaving behind a very confused Captain America.

      Bucky woke up with a throbbing headache and his arm in a vice grip. He groaned and looked at his surroundings, expecting the vague memories of a house around him and music playing and a…girl? Instead, it looked like he was in a basement and two men were watching him. Steve. “Where am I?” He found himself asking. The man who he believed to be Steve answered.
    “Depends, who am I talking to?” A shooting pain erupted in Bucky’s head, but he was too exhausted to complain as the memory blew into his mind.
    “Your mom’s name was Sarah,” Bucky spoke. “Where’s Y/N?” Sam and Steve gave each other a wary look. “Where is she?” He was starting to get agitated, his arm vibrating with frustration.
    “Where is she? Let’s start with who is she?” Sam questioned. He stood up straighter, stiffening his posture to stand against Bucky. Bucky quieted down, feeling a sadness consume his heart, believing that you must’ve been a memory of his old life and that you weren’t coming back.
    “I didn’t do it, the bombing in Vienna. The guy who did this, he kept asking for the mission report December 16, 1991.”
    “Why would he ask you that?”
    “Because I’m not the only Winter Soldier. There are 5 more. The most elite death squad, more kills than anyone in HYDRA history. And that was before the serum.”
    “They all turn out like you?” Sam asked, arms crossed.
    “Worse. They speak over 30 languages, can hide in plain sight, infiltrate, assassinate, destabilize. They can take a whole country down in one night and you’d never see them coming.
    You watched the men from the skylight, pushing the window open the tiniest bit to hear what they were saying. You were assuming the guy who was supposed to give Bucky the mental evaluation either didn’t show up and someone else got ahold of him, or the actual doctor did this to him, but you listened to their plan of getting to Siberia to stop the man from getting control of the other Winter Soldiers.
    Based on what they were saying and what Tony had confessed to you earlier, you predicted that it wouldn’t go over well. Your brother wasn’t going to let them go anywhere if they didn’t sign the accords and because Tony was so thick skulled, he wasn’t going to let any excuse fly with them.
    You pulled back from the window, sighing to yourself and wondering what the hell you were going to do. You could either follow them wherever they would go, go to Siberia and stop the guy yourself, or blow your cover by joining the fight. None of these seemed like good choices, but you knew you had to pick one.

    “Does anyone have the feeling they’re being watched or is that just me?” You heard Steve ask. You slunk lower into the one of the beams on the ceiling, flattening yourself out as much as possible. You knew Bucky thought something was up, but you also knew that you couldn’t blow your cover by leaping down and smuggling him with kisses like you wanted to. Nobody knew that you existed still, besides the one time Steve saw you, but he had no idea who you were anyway.
    Your heart nearly stopped when you felt someone’s eyes trained on you. Carefully peeking over, you saw Bucky. His eyes displayed nothing but surprise and joy at you. You smirked at him and put your finger to your lips, signaling him to stay quiet about your presence. He made a show of sneezing, nodding his head forward as he did and you grinned, flattening yourself out again before you heard alarms going off. “They’re evacuating the airport,” Steve said, turning to his captain voice. “Time to suit up.” Bucky subtly looked up at you with concern, fearing what you might be getting yourself into. You gave him a thumbs up and slightly turned onto one hip, letting him see the outlines of your guns and knives. He gave you a single nod before walking away, following the rest of his team.
    Once there was no one in sight, you jumped off the rafter, landing with your knees bent. You looked around, looking for anyone before breaking into a sprint, looking for anywhere you could watch over the scene that was about to play out in front of you, planning to get a few shots in as well.

    You watched as Steve and Bucky left in one of the quinjets and Tony follow shortly after. Groaning inwardly, knowing the fight would only continue in Siberia, you hopped into a nearby helicopter and took off, hoping no one would question who was flying it. You had to get out of here if you didn’t want to get exposed. 

    “I almost killed the wrong man.” T’Challa said, putting his helmet down.
    “Hardly an innocent one.”
    “So is this what you wanted? Them to rip each other apart?”
    “My father lived outside the city, I thought we would be safe there. My son was excited, he could see the Iron Man from the car window. And I told my wife, ‘Don’t worry, we are far from the city, we are miles from harm. And the dust cleared and the screaming starts. It took me two days to find their bodies. My father, still holding my wife and son in his arms. And the Avengers; they went home. I knew I couldn’t kill them. Men more powerful than me have tried. But, if I could get them to kill each other. I’m sorry about your father. He seemed a good man with a beautiful son.”
    “Vengeance has consumed you,” T’Challa spoke softly. “It’s consuming them. I am done letting it consume me,” He declared, his voice shaky, his claws beginning to poke through. “Justice shall come soon enough.”
    “Tell that to the dead.” Zemo spoke coldly, aiming a gun underneath his chin, getting ready to pull the trigger when T’Challa placed his vibranium covered hand over the barrel of the gun as he fired it, then pulling Zemo into a headlock.
    “Believe me, I am not done with you yet.”
    “Oh fuck me! I sure as hell am.” And you shot Zemo twice in the skull after popping out of your hiding spot. T’Challa looked at you with eyes of disbelief and didn’t even move a muscle, he couldn’t. You turned on your heel to face him as Zemo’s body fell limp to the ground, his eyes still open in shock. “Your highness.” You bowed quickly to him before turning on your heel to get into the shelter.

    You stalked quietly through the hallways, following the voices of your boyfriend, your brother, and Captain America himself. When you walked in, you instantly knew what was being played on the screen that Tony’s eyes were fixated on and you grimaced, unprepared for what was to happen next. Tony’s eyes began to register what they were seeing, and his arm raised towards Steve, the gauntlet glowing with energy.

    “Tony. Stand down.” You had your gun raised at his head. You weren’t going to shoot him, and you’re pretty sure he knew that.
    “Okay is someone ever going to tell me who she is or where she came from?”
    “She’s my sister.” Tony said at the same time that Bucky said: “She’s my girl.” And you swear that the room got sufficiently tenser. Steve looked back and forth between all of you before you sighed, putting your hand out to the man who looked like he had just seen a ghost.
    “Y/N Stark,” He shook your hand, about to introduce himself as well before you cut him off. “I know who you are.”
    “He killed our parents, Y/N.” Tony cut in, wanting to keep the introductories short.
    “We know better than anyone that sometimes innocent people have to die to get the job done. HYDRA made him do it. Do you think he would’ve done it on his own free will?”
    “Then what about Steve? He knew, Y/N. He knew.”
    “Tony, look at Bucky’s arm. Then look at your suit. You didn’t ever think you’d become Iron Man. That wasn’t in your five year plan or even your lifetime plan. You think Bucky wanted to become the Winter Soldier? He didn’t have a choice. Neither did you. Drop. Your. Gauntlet. Now!”
    Never had you raised your voice at Tony, at least since you guys were in your teen years. You had always been very gentle with him given everything he had gone through after it was revealed to him that you were alive. His everlasting anguish over the loss of your mother and father. Losing your father was especially hard on Tony, never knowing that your dad loved him until two years ago when he watched a video and Howard said that Tony will always be his greatest creation. By then, Tony had been so lost in his own brain that he didn’t know how to handle his newfound sorrow.
    Tony lowered his arm and turned around, facing away from all of you. You turned to Bucky and Steve, and waved them to leave while you consoled your brother who had ejected himself from the suit. You stepped out of yours when Steve and Bucky were out of sight and went to stand by Tony. Wrapping your arms around his torso, he instinctively buried his head in your hair and you could feel tears slowly soaking your shirt.
    Crying was a rare occurrence for Tony Stark. You had only seen him do it after nightmares and after Pepper had left. This probably had hurt him worse than those two combined. You stood there, rubbing his back while you let him cry into your shoulder. From over his, you could see the screen replaying your parents’ death on loop, then yourself jumping from the tree and beginning to fight off the Winter Soldier. You had always been better at coping than Tony had been, but seeing that, you did start to feel an ache in your heart. You felt for Tony. “You were there. You tried to kill him.” Tony’s voice was shaking and wavering with every word he spoke.
    “Yes, I did.”
    “Why didn’t you?”
    “Well, for one, he shot me through the thigh. Second, I watched him pull a knocked out Steve Rogers out of the water after those helipads that were launched into the air came crashing down. Yes, I had the chance to shoot him, I absolutely did. Then I really looked at him. Tony, he isn’t a cold blooded killer. The Winter Soldier is. And as long as no one gets their hands on that damn book, he never will be again. I watched what he did, good and bad. They weren’t the same person. I can’t be angry with a person who never did anything wrong.”
    “He’s a weapon.”
   “No, his arm is. But you know what? So is your brain. You built the Iron Man suit on your own. If I got kidnapped, I sure as hell would have just accepted my fate. I wouldn’t have even thought to build a fucking suit that would go on to help me save the world a billion times. And yes, I said saved. You do more good than harm, Tony. But you can’t always have just one. Come on, we’re going home.”

Let It Burn (26/?)

Here’s the next chapter of Let It Burn. I hope you guys like it and as always, thanks for the comments/messages/reblogs!! :D

Warning(s): Violence and angst mostly this chapter. 

“This can’t be real, this can’t be real…” Future Honoka muttered under her breath as she paced back and forth, her hands securely in her hair. She was painfully aware of Kotori sitting on the bed, watching her in concern. Her Kotori. Not the Kotori she had grown accustomed to again over the past few months. “How is this happening?”

“Honoka-chan, just sit down for a minute.” Kotori, on her knees on the bed, pleaded as she continue to watch Honoka pacing in front of her. “What’s going on? Did you have a nightmare or something?”

It wouldn’t have been the first time Honoka had woken up, dazed, after a nightmare she’d had.

Honoka’s grip on her hair tightened to the point of pain as she tried to remember exactly what had happened before she’d woken up. She’d argued with Nozomi, she remembered that clearly, if only for the hurt look on the third year’s face. After that, she didn’t know. She couldn’t think clearly. Not with Kotori so closeby, sitting on the bed as if it were just another day.  “This can’t be real. You’re dead. I saw you die, I know I did.”


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The Place I Call My Home (Part 2/?) (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Well, I am really getting excited with this fic! I really hope you guys like it, and that you are enjoying how it’s turning out. Anywho, updates are going to be semi-regular. I hope to at least do once a week. 

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Warnings: Violence. 

Part Two:

Today was a fairly busy day at Central Park Zoo. The baby penguins were going to be introduced to the exhibit today, and would finally be on display for the public. Young children were lined up around the glass of the enclosure, giggling and laughing at the penguins playing with each other. Your favorite penguin, Tuxedo, was puffing his chest out at a female. This made the kids laugh even more. You chuckled at the penguin’s swagger, and made your way to the inside of the exhibit. Your job was to transfer the babies while ensuring their health and safety.

You entered the room behind the penguin’s enclosure and made your way to your office. On your desk was a note from your boss stapled to some logistics that needed to be filled out. You put on your lab coat and your goggles, and made your way to the baby penguins. They were noisily squeaking when you approached, begging to be fed and given attention. “Calm down, little ones. Today you’re going to your new home!” you cooed at them lovingly. You slipped on some protective gloves, and readied a box so you could move them with ease. You prepped the box with blankets so they wouldn’t be too disrupted by the transition of environments. “Alright lil munchkins, let’s get you goin!” One by one, you placed the little chicks of fur into the box. You opened the door to the enclosure area quickly, and carried the box gently. As you stepped into the enclosure, cameras began snapping and children began pointing and jumping with excitement. You smiled sweetly at the reaction, and set the box down. You quickly yet soothingly helped each penguin out of the box, and let them explore their area. Tuxedo sauntered over towards you excitedly, expecting a treat of raw fish. “Tux, I don’t have any treats for you today!” you said, chuckling as the bird nuzzled against your pant leg. You had done your job for now, before leaving the penguin’s exhibit, you flashed a big smile and gave final wave to the observant crowd.

“We need all staff on guard, stat! Code red, intruders ARE ARMED!” Sam’s voice yelled over the walkie talkie that was strapped to your waist. You immediately paled as your heart climbed into your throat. As long as you had worked at the zoo, nothing like this had ever happened before. You saw the crowd take in your reaction, and panic broke through the crowd. You began yelling loud enough that the people on the other side of the glass could hear you. “FIND THE NEAREST EXIT, AND GET OUT NOW!” You ran into the back room and sped towards the exit that would put you out in the common area of the zoo. Fear and panic were all you felt, but you didn’t let it stop you from protecting the innocent people who were here for enjoyment.

As you rounded the corner of the zoo that led you towards the exhibit holding the sea lions, you spotted several intruders. Immediately, they began to shoot at you. You hid quickly enough that they had missed. You had seen that a family was being held hostage. You cursed under your breath, and grabbed the walkie. “Wilson, they have hostages. Are the police on the way?” “(Y/N), reinforcements are on the way. Can you do something, maybe distract them? The public is our first priority!” You cleared your throat, and raised your hands in the air as you stepped out into the open. “Take me, and release them” you pleaded as you inched closer. “Remove any electronics or weapons that you have!” ordered one of the intruders. You removed your walkie, your keys, and your cell phone. You placed them onto the ground, and inched closer. “You have ten seconds to leave our sight or we’ll shoot you dead” they warned the family. They sprinted out of there, and you were grabbed roughly. “What is your job here?” someone asked with a thick Russian accent. “I’m a marine biologist” you answered bleakly. “A scientist, then?” he said with a smirk. “I suppose” you spat back. “Don’t give me lip, or I’ll shoot you down without a second thought.” A gun was placed to your already sweating forehead, and you gritted your teeth, trying to hold back your screams.

“Shoot her, and I will rip you lip from limb” a voice said, cold and merciless. You turned towards the voice, and were startled at the sight of two men. One was Captain America. The other one, holding a machine gun in an entirely metal arm, was shaking with rage. It was your neighbor.

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news reports about violence against autistics: trigger warning, you know the drill. be careful (posted an hour ago) ( London man ‘training to cure autism’ filmed abusing client , posted two days ago) (posted yesterday) (posted earlier this month) (posted earlier this month) (posted earlier this month) ( posted 8 days ago) (posted sept 1st)

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Prompt - Could we please see the moment Riverside Park Gold met David?

Riverside Park - David meets Gold for the first time. 

warning: violence/murder 

When he heard her cry, the sound sliced through his heart like a saber. Clenching his teeth, David ran into the narrow, brick alley and spotted Mary standing over a man with a pairing knife gripped in her hand. His blood boiled when she saw her gaping neckline and the buttons of her bodice scattered over the ground.

The man was dead.

David approached his girl, but saw how she was stuck in a state of panic. She whipped around, slashing him from lip to chin with the tip of her knife. He didn’t even blink as he pulled the knife from her gasp and captured her wrist to settle her nerves.

“Go see mama, Mary,” he commanded.

“David…I…” Mary gasped, too shocked to even speak.

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Thief. Goddess. Headmistress. Queen. The X-Man called STORM has always defied a single title. And her desire to better the world has never been limited to only her own kind. On a mission to foster goodwill and safeguard the mutant race’s continued existence in her own way, Storm will travel the globe, confronting man and mutant, god and monster and everything inbetween. She will overthrow tyrants, quell tsunamis and strive to see her dream for the world realized. She is STORM, a hero like no other….and the skies will tremble at the sight of their namesake. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Marry Me
  • Marry Me
  • Emilie Autumn
  • Opheliac - The Deluxe Edition

Marry me, he said – god, he’s ugly, but fortune is ours
Running in the gardens enjoying men, women, and flowers 

Then I break a glass and I slit my own innermost thigh
So that I can pretend that I’m menstru…well, unavailable

My life is arranged but this union’s deranged
So I’ll fuck who I choose for I’ve nothing to lose
And when master’s displeased I’ll be down on my knees again

I won’t attempt to speak for others, but the reason that I found Barbara Gordon’s assault in The Killing Joke to be misogynistic was not because she was a woman being attacked by a man, but because her attack was sexualized. Joker has committed countless acts of violence, but what sets the attack on Barbara apart from other atrocities (like Jason Todd’s murder) is that she was stripped nude and photographed in order to torment her father. Her body was sexually objectified against her will and used as a tool to hurt another (male) character, and that is why I personally consider it to be misogynistic. 

In Arkham Knight there is a flashback sequence depicting Joker attacking Barbara, and although it was extremely graphic–Barbara is shown lying in a puddle of her own blood, moaning in pain as Joker photographs her–I did not feel that it was misogynistic because none of her clothing was removed. It was horrific and it was disturbing, but it was not sexualized and to me that makes a HUGE difference.  

I was also extremely uncomfortable with Jim Gordon being forcibly stripped and paraded around the carnival to be tortured, and I hope that whenever The Killing Joke animated film is released that neither he nor Barbara are nude during their respective scenes.