Two Sides Of A Coin // Chapter Nine

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Arranged Marriage!AU
Genre: Angst, smut, fluff, violence
Rated: M

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader
Summary: Born into a powerful Mafia family, your destined to take over the family business with a promised future but one innocent decision nearly destroys your future. Will you survive the trails and tribulations of life and love?
Warnings: Violence, Physical Abuse
Word Count: Chapter: 3,543 Series: 35.9k (and counting)

Chapter One // Chapter Two // Chapter Three // Chapter Four // Chapter Five // Chapter Six // Chapter Seven // Chapter Eight // Chapter Nine

A/N: Please let me know what you think of this chapter x

The world has frozen around you; Jongin stands still in front of you, awaiting your reaction while you stand frozen to the spot with your mouth agape and eyes wide in shock.

Yes, you knew that one day you would have to face him.

Yes, you have been waiting for this day to arrive.

But, you didn’t realise it was going to happen so soon, unexpected and in a way that smelled like a trap.

It’s Park Chanyeol; he has something up his sleeve.

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Save Me Pt 2(Min Yoongi)

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Action

Summary: After Namjoon fucks up Yoongi and the others come to your rescue

Warnings: Violence, Gore, Attempted Rape, Murder, Strong Language, Mature Themes

Part 1

Yoongi’s POV

After the messages between Namjoon, Jaebum and I, the boys and I kicked Namjoon’s ass and stole his phone to see where Jaebum took Y/n which he stupidly told Namjoon for some reason, I can’t wait to kill him, nobody touches my girl…nobody. I felt something wet on my cheeks and realized I’d started crying, I clear my throat and yell “YO BOZOS! LET’S GO GET MY WOMAN BACK”! they all whoop and holler as we leave with weapons in hands…God, please let my babygirl be alright…please.

Your POV

I’d stopped moving, and a sack was thrown over my head, I hoped I got to see my little sisters again, to braid their hair, to reassure them that black is beautiful when they’d cry telling me how they wanted to be “Lighter”, I wanted to see my grandma again, Yoongi and I’s puppies Holly, and Trooper, I was crying, full on sobbing by now I was being carried by a heavier man, I froze when I heard a male’s voice behind the man and I say “Miss me kitten”?, I shuddered, that voice scared me for 2 years, I remembered the dark lonely nights, crying myself to sleep after being beaten and raped over and over again, it was Jaebum, IM Jaebum.

I wanted to scream as I felt his oh so familiar hands spreading my legs forcibly, but I was gagged, I tried screaming and crying for help but it all came out muffled, so this is how it was going to end? …Mama? I’ll see you soon, I black out from terror after hearing a bunch of gunshots, please god put my heart in your hands…

Third person POV

The boys rushed in and all Yoongi saw was Jaebum spreading your legs before he started shooting, he hit Jaebum two times, once in the chest and the other in the leg, but he didn’t stop he wanted his blood to pour, the other boys quickly take out the rest of the Got7 members excluding Jackson and Mark who were also helping Yoongi and the boys, after everyone was down Yoongi rushed to your side, you flinched away when he embraced you, he whispered a small “Shh Shh it’s me” you cried and wrapped your arms around his neck as Hoseok called the police “Yoongi”? you whimpered quietly, Yoongi shushed you again “Don’t worry babygirl I got you, I love you, baby, I got you…I promise” he whispered again letting a tear slip as he took the sack off your head and kissed your forehead which had a huge knot “I’ve got you” he repeated over and over again because it was true and always would be…he’s got you

Save Me Pt. 1(Min Yoongi)

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Action

Summary: You haven’t heard from Yoongi, your boyfriend all day and after talking to Namjoon you’re suspicious and convinced that Yoongi may be cheating but is something more sinister going on instead?

Warnings: Violence, Gore, Attempted Rape, Murder, Strong Language, Blood, Mature Themes

Part 2

You put on a comfortable grey jumpsuit in case you had to fight and threw your curls into a messy bun, put your nearest pair of Nikes on and off you went, you were barely off the driveway when you’re grabbed from behind and thrown into a white van, as you prayed and started crying, you wondered just what exactly was going on, and you hoped Yoongi wasn’t involved…

You Bet

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!reader


  • Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader … Honestly IDK what you wright. I am just a sucker for Steve The Mom™ and his bromance with Dustin. Would love for Dustin to have a sister or cousin or something and the Reader getting roped into Dart shenanigans. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ
  • Can you do an imagine with Steve Harrington, were the reader is really badass, and kills one of the demogorgons, and steve starts liking her?

Word Count: 3038 (suuuper long I kinda hate it)

Song: No song for this I kinda just blasted the whole soundtrack for two days straight

Summary: Kinda exactly what the requests say but if you didn’t read it it’s essentially Steve being Mom Of The Year and you being Dustin’s badass older sister that Steve falls for after seeing her in action while fighting the demodogs.

Warning(s): Violence, swearing, I think that’s it????

Author’s Note: I’ll do a smutty part two if y’all want it like I’ll probs do it anyway let’s be for real

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The Girlfriend

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Fandom: Avengers/Marvel
Paring: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Peter Parker goes on a mission to bring back the Winter Solider, but ends up getting beat up really badly. As he’s passing out he calls out for his girlfriend, asking Steve to call her. Everyone is surprised since they had no idea Peter was dating anyone. Fluff, teasing and a little revenge ensues :)
Not really a request…I found this post and was just so inspired!
Warnings: violence, mention of blood, swearing…and a little long. Sorry not sorry lol

It all started with that damn red notebook. 

“We should’ve destroyed it.” Steve said, barely able to look up from the table top.  
“You should’ve kept Bucky asleep in Wakanda.” Tony said roughly, spitting out Bucky’s name. He may have forgiven Steve for their fight during the Accords, but he was far from forgiving Bucky for killing his parents.
“We should’ve known it wouldn’t be safe with SHIELD. Those guys are always having their headquarters either broken into or blown up.” Sam shot back, trying to keep the peace but catering to everyone’s shared distaste for the spy organization.

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not on my watch

pairing: steve harrington x reader
warning: swearing, violence, blood mention

requestS T E V E H A R R I N G T O N I M A G I N E where you’re Dustin’s older sister and Dustin tells Steve that Billy has you cornered at school and is calling you vulgar things and Steve is like ‘not on my watch" or something cheesy and beats the crap out of him and the reader is crying and idk
requested byanonymous

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“It’s My Job” protective!harry

Authors Note: Guess who’s back after a long ass hiatus. I had some free time and magically got a request so I'm convinced that yall can feel my lack of busyness. Anyways here it is I hope you enjoy, this is dedicated to my baby Carolina aka @antisocialandcute stay strong babes and I love you.Credits to eve created the gif, I legit got it off google search lol/ Enjoy and find more of my writing here 

Warnings: Mild violence

Request:  Could you write something about a similar situation happening in between harry and the misses like the one that happened with louis and el at the airport? Maybe a bad fan experience and and protective!harry?

To say that you were two were tired would be a complete understatement. The travel back from Holmes Chapel back to New York wore you out every time you and Harry chose to visit Anne and his family. You spent most of your flight snuggling into each other and catching blissful Zzzs as your private plane took you home. But alas your privacy wouldn’t last long, after your seven and half hour flight you still had to make it through the terminal and drive home. This wouldn’t be that big of a challenge, except your boyfriend just so happens to be Harry Styles and traveling with him means being met with annoying paps and angsty fans at almost every corner. You held onto Harry’s as you entered the terminal, he kept you behind but as close as he could knowing how bad it can get when the paps are involved. It was not long before you two finally encountered a pap, Harry tried his best to use his charm giving the pap a wave and a half-hearted cheeky smile but it wasn’t enough. This pap was determined to bother you, his camera constantly flashing in your direction shouting your name and snapping at you to get your attention as if you wee some type of dog.

“(Y/N)!(Y/N)!(Y/N! Look over here doll face!  I won’t bite hard cutie!”

You heard Harry let out a small growl, the tone territorial and annoyed. He pulled you in front of him swiftly, his forearm securely wrapped around your torso.

“Listen to me kitten, I need you to go ahead of me”, he whispered in your ear.

“Wha-Why? “

“I’m going to get rid of this asshole and once I do I will be right back beside you”, he glared at the pap as he continued his slur of perverted comments.

“Are you sure”.

“ ‘solutely, I’m right behind you love.just speed walk as fast as you can and I’ll be there soon”, he assured you. You nodded your head agreeing to the plan, Harry placed a kiss on your forehead before letting you go from his grasp.

You immediately began to pick up your speed, trying your hardest to not look back at Harry and the pap. So caught up in your own movement you didn’t realize that the pap was the least of your problems. The fans caught word that you and Harry were now exiting the terminal, while some were lined up outside two had found their way to the gate you had exited from.

“(Y/N)! Can we get a picture please”

Despite the pap situation, you didn’t see the harm in taking 2 minutes to take a picture with the two fans.

“Why of course”, you smiled walking toward the girls. As one girl held up her camera and posed with you other went behind the two of you.

It all happened too fast. The camera went off. You let out a small laugh. Next thing you knew you were on the floor. The girl behind you had pulled your hair and the one by your side had smashed your face with her phone.

Your initial shock prevented you from reacting, but you heard Harry’s voice yelling your name which instantly snapped you out of your shock. You brought yourself to your feet, the girls’ steel crowding around wiggling as you gained your balance.  

You felt the anger rush over you but just before you could swing your arm to clock one of the girls in the jaw, Harry had already come running toward you picking you up and pulling you away from the girls.

“What’s wrong(Y/N), can’t defend yourself”

“She always makes Harry do all the work, lazy bitch”

You pushed against Harry trying to break from his grasp. “Harry let me go! Let me go! They can’t just get away with that”. Harry placed you down and cupped your cheeks, still holding you back from attacking the girls.

“(Y/N) look at me. Hey hey look at me !”, you tried your best keep from making eye contact with him. You never got angry or cared about what people have to say for the most part, but this was different. They touched you and that couldn’t be taken lightly.

“(Y/N) please. I will never let anyone hurt you again, that starts by getting you out of here. ‘S not worth it”.

You knew he was right and you hated him and loved him for it.You let out a huff,”Okay let’s go “.

He placed a kiss on your forehead and whispered a thank you before wrapping his arm around you and guiding you out of the terminal

Once you two arrived home, Harry treated you to a bubble bath and your favorite takeout. He apologized over and over again for not being there when you needed him most, each time you shut him down not wanting him to feel guilty for something he could not control. As Harry washes the dishes, you walked into the kitchen and wrapped your arms around his torso.

”Thank you”, you mumbled as you kissed bicep.

”For what”, he turned  around placing a kiss on your lips and stroking your

“Protecting me today”, you smiled as you looked up into his eyes.

Harry let out a slight snicker, making you smile slightly fall

“What’s so funny?”, you pouted crossing your arms”

“You thanking me for doing my job”. His hands pulled your arms apart pulling you close to him.

“Well I like being polite”

“And I like protecting my baby”, Harry smile beamed down at you before leaning down and kissing your lips.

You Absolute Dip -- Steve Harrington

Written by @rune-of-a-writer

Request: “can you do an imagine where steve has liked reader for a while but hasnt told her so, then when in his fight with billy she jumps on billys back to get him to stop hitting steve. then when they all go in the tunnels to burn it he confesses to her”

Warnings: Violence. Cussing.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: Steve had liked you for a while, but there had never been a good chance to tell you. But now, seeing you on top of Billy Hargrove’s back like some kind of bull rider, now seems like his only chance.

Words: 2,225

Listen To: Nervous (Acoustic Version) by Gavin James

Gif Creds: @stevrogers

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This guy is possibly one of the most disturbing Disney Villains of all time…and he’s just the henchman!   He is one of the antagonists of The Black Hole, a rather unsuccessful Disney Science Fiction Film.

As you can see in the above clip, Maximilian brutally murders a character on screen. Like, this is horror movie level violence. And then the guy who was supposed to be his boss tells the woman to protect him from Maximilian. The guy Maximilian is working for, is afraid of him. Holy crap, people.

In Wasteland:

GOOD LORD, if the residents of Wasteland know what’s good for them, they will scrap this guy for Beetleworx parts!

If they fail to do that….well….boss battle? Mad Doctor’s former right-hand man? Leading an animatronic army that wants to take over Wasteland? Oh gosh, take him apart, Gremlins! Take him apart!

I’ll Fight for You- Part I- Sweet Pea x Reader

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Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Female!Jones!Reader, Jughead Jones x Sister!Reader

Words: 1781

Warning(s): Violence, Maybe some swearing

Description: (SERIES) Being the sister to the infamous Jughead Jones comes with its perks. One of those perks is the chance to get close to a certain serpent.

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Ethan x reader

Warnings: descriptions of movie violence, light swearing

Words: 4.241

Notes: I’m back with a new imagine, like I promised (yay!). This one’s halloween themed and it mentions a movie i haven’t actually seen so sorry for inaccuracies (I’m a huge coward when it comes to horror movies whoops). Hope you like it :)

When Ethan invited you over for movie night you expected … well, you didn’t expect this.

After going out for coffee twice and for dinner once, a movie night was the usual next step. You weren’t sure what he expected from this evening, you just hoped there would be no candles or roses or any of that kind. You’d had that once before, the guy went totally overboard and fully expected you to be so swept away by it that you’d sleep with him. Needless to say that particular relationship didn’t work out so well.

With Ethan things had gone well up to this point. He was quite contradictory, drawing you in more and more with each unexpected layer revealed. Ethan was funny and loud, but also much more thoughtful than he’d let on at first. In the beginning he’d been confident but curiously enough his confidence seemed to diminish with every new meeting. He put his foot in his mouth so often you’d lost count, in effect making you relax around him so quickly, by the second coffee date you’d forgotten to keep up the façade you usually keep up during the early dating phase.

So. You aren’t sure what exactly you’d expected this movie night to be like, just hoped it wouldn’t go horribly wrong but to be fair, you have enough faith in Ethan by now for that to be a fairly slim possibility.

When you turn up at his door and he opens with a smile, you’re distracted by your thoughts of how he kissed you short and sweet when you arrived at the restaurant last week. When he’d dropped you off afterwards he hadn’t made another move, he had made the first step and it had been your turn. You remember how clumsy your hands felt in the dark of the car as you reached for him, the door already opened because you’d almost chickened out. Your fingers had found the lapels of his jacket and you’d tugged, leaning forward slightly – and luckily that had been enough to get the message across. Ethan had followed your tug easily, his nose brushing against yours for a second and then there had been his lips on yours. Well, first you’d almost missed, but he’d adjusted himself minutely and then his mouth fit yours perfectly.

His lips had been softer than you’d expected them to be, all plush warmth moulding against your mouth. You’d lingered for another second and he’d pulled back a few centimetres, teeth shimmering in the darkness when you automatically chased after him. Your hands had slipped around his collar and the soft curls at the back of his neck had tickled the tips of your fingers. He’d kissed you again then, less gentle this time, pushing just enough to make your grip in his hair tighten. Your gasp had been loud in the quiet of the night around you.

Your fingertips prickle with the memory of how his hair had curled around them, silky soft, warm skin just underneath. Ethan can’t read your mind, though, thank God, and you don’t blush that easily, so he shouldn’t be able to guess what you’re thinking of when he gestures for you to come inside.

When the door clicks shut behind Ethan, you turn around to him and two fingers hold your chin up as he ducks down to kiss the corner of your mouth. He lingers for a second and you can actually feel his smile against your skin. “Hi.”

“Hey”, you reply, your voice quieter than you’d aimed for. “I brought popcorn.”

He steps back to examine the microwaveable popcorn you’re holding up. “Perfect. Then there might be enough snacks for the both of us.”

He plucks the popcorn out of your hand and waves for you to follow him into a kitchen area. Behind the counter you can see a huge couch facing a big screen on the wall. On the coffee table before the couch are bags of potato chips, various nuts and a few bottles of coke. No candles – or roses, for that matter. Phew. Good sign.

Ethan instructs the microwave to make your popcorn and turns back to you, leaning backwards against the counter. He’s wearing loose fitting jeans that are cuffed at the ankles, a grey t-shirt that has a rip at the collar and reveals a hint of his collarbone, and his feet are bare. His hair looks even more curly than usual and you suspect he showered earlier.

“So”, he says, his arms crossed loosely in front of his chest.

“So?”, you ask, unsure what he means. Aside from the popcorn you didn’t bring anything, since you have no intention to stay over. You still took maybe a bit too long to piece your ‘looking my best but oh so casual’ outfit. Trying to look as good as you can for this boy with the kind eyes and a smile that could power all of LA at night, is no crime after all.

“I thought we could watch Halloween, since it’s season appropriate and all that”, he goes on. The popcorn starts popping simultaneously with your heart sinking. Damn. That sounds like a horror movie, doesn’t it. “Assuming you like scary movies”, Ethan says, his smile now more than just a hint.

“Hate them, actually”, you mumble.

He laughs and shakes your head at you. “Funny.”

Uh-oh. This is not good. Are you really that sarcastic that he doesn’t realize when you’re being serious? You’re not good with horror movies. It’s not the violence or blood or anything like that, it’s the fucking tension that gets you every time. The music (or lack thereof) is the scariest thing ever and you usually turn off the sound when a scene gets too scary – meaning, you’re using subtitles whenever you watch anything even remotely scary. Goddammit, why did you let Ethan pick the movie? He’d told you he liked scary movies, how could you be so stupid? You should probably tell him you weren’t joking before this gets too awkward …

The thing is, maybe Ethan could have a field day with you scared shitless and hiding in his shirt or some other romantic-comedy-trope. But he won’t, because you’re not like all those pretty girls in said movies. You don’t get scared and hide, nope, you start talking. Talking all over tense, scary scenes is the only way you can endure such a movie, which of course completely ruins the experience. Maybe you could try and shut up this time … ?

Ethan beams at you and starts rummaging through the cupboards presumably in search of a bowl for the popcorn. “I thought about Saw for a moment, but then that’s not really scary, just gory and gross. If you don’t like Halloween we could also watch The Conjuring, just so you know, but I thought Halloween fits October better.”

Oh god, no. You’ve heard of the Conjuring and it’s supposed to be maybe the scariest recent horror movie. Halloween doesn’t really ring a bell so it could be okay. It’s got to be okay. Somehow. It’s too late now to tell him you were being serious, isn’t it? Fuck.

Ethan finds the bowl just in time for the microwave to finish making the popcorn pop. The smell fills the kitchen, automatically reminding you of movie theatres and wide, comfy seats. Ethan curses when he burns his finger as he opens the bag and shakes the popcorn into the bowl, and you watch his shoulders shift under the fabric of his shirt. The dark chocolate colour of his hair looks even creamier in contrast to the light grey of his t-shirt, and your hands itch to pull the collar down just an inch and press your lips to the bronze skin of his nape.

“Let’s go”, he pulls you out of your fantasy and you follow after him to the couch, where he plops down and watches you totally inconspicuously out of the corner of his eyes. You hesitate for a second, then you grab the blanket that is laid over the part of the couch that’s farthest away from him. You’re almost sure you can see him deflate, but you carry the blanket with you and sit down next to him. You scoot back as far as you can until you’re with your back against the cushion and your thigh alongside his. This time you’re absolutely sure you can see him smile, even though he keeps his face turned away.

“Salt or paprika?”, he questions and opens the salt potato chips when you point at them. He hands you the bag and you’re pathetically glad to have something to hold onto. Then he fills your glasses with coke, grabs the remote and leans back, the bowl of warm popcorn on his lap. With a smile to you he presses play and settles against the cushions, one arm on the backrest behind you, the other one shovelling popcorn into his mouth, eyes trained on the screen. In any other situation you would be amused or even charmed, maybe thinking about when the right time to cuddle against him might be, but as it is your heart is still somewhere around your knees and you stare at the screen, accepting your fate and waiting for the first scare to make you hate your life.

It starts slow, which is good since you don’t feel the need to break any tension a scary scene might create. On the other hand it makes you tense up more and more, as you wait for it to go from creepy to full on scary. In an effort to keep Ethan oblivious to your tension, you shift around a lot in order to loosen up your muscles before they start cramping. It’s barely fifteen minutes into the movie and you’ve already eaten half the bag of chips out of pure nervousness. At least Ethan doesn’t seem to mind your continuous shifting. He pulls his legs up and crosses them Indian style, leans back a little more, and readjusts his arm behind you so it forms a warm, solid weight just along your shoulders. You manage to slide down a bit until his arm is at your nape and you can rest your head on it, by masking it like you’re just snuggling further under your blanket. He doesn’t miss a beat and immediately turns his hand until he can play distractedly with your hair.

You would enjoy this at least four hundred percent more, had the movie not started to play a crazily tense piano riff that makes your spine feel like an icicle. The murderer is close but you can’t look at the screen, instead you focus on the coffee table before you. The light from the screen is flickering over it and you realize the rest of the room is completely dark. Immediately you fight the urge to look behind you and check there’s no one coming at you with a huge ass kitchen knife. Shit.

No talking, this is a movie night. You have to remind yourself to keep your mouth shut, but the music is so tense you can’t feel your toes anymore. Your lower lip starts going numb from the way you’re biting it, to keep all the stupid words from bubbling right out of your mouth. Your hand trembles a bit where it is closed tightly around the bag of chips and you almost jump when it crinkles noisily. Ethan doesn’t react, his eyes locked on the screen you can’t even glance at, but the noise gave you an idea: you start shoving chips into your mouth and making the bag crinkle and rustle as loud as you can to drown out the creepy piano-sound.

You’re so focused on the crinkling noise, you don’t realize immediately when the scene changes (someone died messily, now the murderer needs a break). When there’s a hand tugging on the bag, you jump slightly, and when you look up Ethan has one eyebrow lifted at you, half a smile on his lips. “You wanna swap?”

He nods to the bowl of popcorn in his lap, and this time you flush a bit. You shrug and nod. “Sure.”

Popcorn isn’t noisy. Popcorn can’t distract you from anything. Ethan just took away your last resort. Shit. You take the bowl and grip it tight enough to hide the slight tremble in your hands. Ethan’s hand at the back of your head stops playing with the ends of your hair and cups your nape, as though to calm you down. His hand is so big, if he tried his fingers could probably reach his thumb. As it is his thumb just strokes up and down behind your ear, the sensitive, thin skin there positively on fire. The rest of his fingers are a warm, anchoring weight – luckily far enough away from your pulse, otherwise he could definitely feel your heart racing with the strange mixture of fear (of the movie) and attraction (to him).

You’re good for the most part of the movie, you would say. You don’t rustle with anything – and Ethan, sadly, doesn’t either. In fact, Ethan is so drawn into the tense (horrifying) scenes that he doesn’t notice you focusing hard enough on your blanket to burn a hole through it, whenever that damned piano starts up again.

But then the ineviteble showdown happens.

And looking at the dark folds of soft fabric in your lap isn’t enough anymore, closing your eyes never helps as it makes you even more susceptible to any sounds. Ethan’s hand has stopped moving and when you look up he is even leaning forward a bit, concentrated wholly on what’s happening on screen. The piano dies down and the killer stops pursuing his last victim, who is trying to hide. The camera shows you where the masked maniac with the knife waits for her. Your throat is too dry. You hate this. You can’t even express how much you hate this. This is terrible. You. Hate. This. You want to turn it off and punch Ethan for making you watch this far, you want to turn off the sound and put on something ridiculous like ‘Yellow Submarine’ or something, so this will look ridiculous instead of scaring the living lights out of you. Fucking Ethan.

The last victim is close to the killer now. Her breathing is loud. There is his face again in that horrible mask. Right. Fuck this.

“You know a knife is actually really stupid as a weapon for a mass-murderer”, you can hear yourself saying right into the tense silence when the girl on screen searches the room for the killer while he’s really right behind her and lifting his arm to kill her. You would be embarrassed if you weren’t so thankful for the disruption your voice creates. “A gun or something would be so much quicker, and less messy if you think about it. He could use a silencer, so it would be almost as silent as the knife. People die quicker, too, if you hit them right, so really using a knife doesn’t make any sense from a logical point of view, right?”

Ethan is frowning. He throws you an irritated look and hums in agreement or not, you can’t say. You also don’t care. That bloody piano has started up again. “Of course, a gun is so much less dramatic than a ridiculously huge knife. I get why they would do that, but still it just seems stupid to m— oh, c’mon, he didn’t even really hit her, look at how much blood that is! Wow, now that is dramatic. It looks like a fountain.” Your snort doesn’t sound half as nervous as you feel. Since you started talking you feel so much better, though, your heart has even risen from its position at your knees to somewhere around your stomach area so it’s almost at the right spot again. “My god, that poor actress. She probably had a sore throat after they shot that, I don’t even want to know how often they made her scream like that. It’s kinda funny, though, don’t you – “

“What … “, Ethan turns abruptly to you, his forehead is furrowed in irritation and, shit, okay, you’re annoying him. You didn’t force him to watch a fucking horror movie with you, it’s his own fault, a tiny voice whispers in the back of your head. The girl on screen gurgles, blood still spurting impressively far from her wound, and it sounds like someone is blowing bubbles in a glass of water. “What’s the matter with you? Could you, like, maybe tell me all this, y’know, afterwards? This is … it’s the finale.” He points at the screen and his annoyed look turns into genuine confusion. “This is what the whole movie built up to. Why would you … “

Great. Now you really feel bad. This was a bad idea. You ruined it. This is not how you expected ‘movie night’ to go. “… I’m sorry.”

Ethan pauses the movie and leans back with a sigh. The arm on the backrest behind you is gone as he rubs his wrist over his forehead and stares up at the ceiling. You pull the blanket tighter around yourself. You should probably go.

“It’s, uh, okay.” He shakes his head at the ceiling and just when you make to get up, he turns his head around to look at you. His brows are still drawn together and he tries for a confused half-smile. “Do you … usually talk through movies?”

“No”, you mumble and pick at the blanket. You’re sorry and you feel awkward and annoyed, at him for making you watch this, at yourself because you didn’t have the balls to just tell him you really hated horror movies.

“Then what? If it was boring, you could’ve just said so, you know?”, Ethan shrugs and looks back at the screen. “If you want we can watch The Conjuring afterwards? I didn’t mean to bore you, after all.”

“No!” You said it a bit too loud and a lot too quickly, and he definitely noticed, you can tell from the way he stares at you questioningly. “No, I – it wasn’t. It wasn’t boring, Ethan”, you stammer, cringing inwardly about the way you’re fumbling for words.

“Sure seemed like it”, he mumbles, sounding almost a bit sulky now.

“I have never seen this movie, how can it bore me?”, you ask and glance at the paused screen again. It shows some blurry, dark forest or something.

Ethan’s frown has only deepened when you look back at him. “Well then … why … would you … ?“ You can tell the exact moment he realizes, his eyes widening slightly and his mouth dropping open slowly as he stares at you in doubt. You’re actually blushing now and you can’t meet his eyes, too awkward does all this feel, and you start fidgeting with the blanket again. “Don’t tell me – you were being serious? You hate horror movies?”

You shrug, stubbornly keeping your eyes down. “Yeah? So?”

“I – why didn’t you tell me you weren’t joking?” You can feel him gesturing, but refuse to look up. “You watched the whole entire thing, although you hate scary movies!“

“It’s not that they’re scary”, you grumble into your lap. “They’re … I don’t know, I just hate the music, okay? That shit is just creepy and I can never forget it. I’ll probably think about this damned piano for the next half year whenever I need to go to the basement or through a dark parking space or something stupid.” You pick at a loose thread, embarrassment high in your throat. “’s just stupid…”

Ethan doesn’t say anything long enough for you to finally look up and when you do, his face is a mixture of amusement, sympathy, and ‘aww’. Great. Now you really want to punch him.

“Horror movies scare you?”, he repeats and it’s not funny, it’s patronizing and he’s being a dick and … okay, it maybe is a bit funny.

You shove against his chest and bite the inside of your cheek to hide your embarrassed smile. “Shut up.”

Instead of giving you space Ethan leans forward, closer to you, and repeats with a lopsided smile: “Horror movies … scare you?”

“Ethan”, you whine and scowl at him instead of pushing him away again. He grins even wider and unfurls his long legs to get up on his knees. He positions his hands on either side of you and is now close enough for his curls to tickle your forehead. He smells like shampoo and fabric softener and you just want to sink your fingers into his hair and make him shut up.

“Horror movies actually scare you?”

You groan and throw your hands up in frustration. “Stop it.”

Ethan bites his lower lip, which doesn’t help hiding his smile one bit, and when you try and lean away to get some more space between you and him, you lose your balance and just sort of slide into a half-sitting, half-lying position against the backrest. Ethan blinks down at you, surprised for a second, then chuckles and bends down further until his forehead rests against yours, effectively pinning you where you are. His arms are caging you in, one of his knees is between yours and the blanket has fallen to somewhere by your hips. Your hands want to touch and feel and haul him in so much, you have to curl them in the cushions by your side. Not like this. He doesn’t deserve you wanting him, when he’s behaving like this.

“Okay”, he says, hot breath hitting your lips and you lick them instinctively. There is nothing apologetic to be found in his eyes. “Then let me paraphrase it: could it be you’re afraid of horror movies?”

You give up. “You’re such an asshole.”

Before he can think of some clever retort, you lift up the few centimetres to his mouth and finally he shuts up. Ethan keeps his position for a few seconds, then bends his arms until he’s resting on his elbows, left and right to your head. His mouth moves against yours and he tastes like popcorn. Your head is swirling and you almost feel drunk as your hands are finally allowed to touch. One slips straight into the curly hair at his nape, taking a hold and tugging lightly. The other one grips the soft fabric of his shirt, where it is falling loosely around his hips. His weight is pushing you down into the couch, until you feel like you’re going to sink fully into, with him covering you head to toe. His breath is hot in your mouth, his taste sweet on your tongue, his smell filling up your nostrils and making your head spin, and he is a heavy weight resting between your legs, all solid, warm skin, muscle, and bones pressed up against you until you feel like you can’t breathe.

“What d’you want to do now?”, he finally asks, breathless and with quite pink cheeks, a few seconds or maybe an eternity later, you really can’t tell. You know exactly what he’s aiming for, and exactly what you want right now. But he was being an asshole and just because he knows how to get what he wants, doesn’t mean this is the right time to give him precisely that.

So you arch your back a little, loosen your hold on his hair to draw your finger along the line of his jaw, and rub your thumb over the sliver of naked skin between his t-shirt and jeans. His mouth curls into a smirk.

“Ethan”, you sigh and cover his lips with yours, pushing hard enough for him to lean up and away, but gentle enough for it not to hurt.

When you’re both in an upright position you lean back a little. “Hm?”, he hums.

“I want to watch a good movie now”, you whisper, fighting down a smile.

It takes him a few seconds. “Ye – oh.”

His whole face falls and you can’t help but burst out in laughter at his disappointment. It’s his turn to look sheepish now.

“Your … face … “, you gasp laughing, and it only makes you giggle harder when he tries for a serious, unamused expression.

“What did you have in mind then?”, he tries to distract you and reaches for the remote again. You’re still laughing and when you sag forward to rest your head against his shoulder and continue to laugh, he doesn’t shrug you off.

“You’re easy”, you chuckle into his sleeve and sit up again when he grumbles in response. There is a smile playing over his lips and he’s shaking his head, like he’s trying to reprimand you.

“You’re mean”, he shoots back and you only shrug. “So. What’s it gonna be?”

Inception”, you decide on a whim. Ethan hums in agreement and you pull up your blanket again and lean fully against him as soon as the first notes of the soundtrack start playing. He curls his arm around you again, only much more confident this time, and if his hand rests a bit too high on your thigh and he starts pressing his lips to your neck halfway through the movie, who cares?

Hey guys, I know it’s natural to be cautious and worried about the possible ways any infringement on free speech can be turned around and used on the relatively powerless. That’s important, and kudos to folks for thinking through the problem carefully.

But in the US we already have a clear statement in law that you can use as your (relatively) bright line test:

  • Does this speech advocate for or encourage the deaths of other people?
  • Does this speech advocate for other forms of violence against other people, such as beating, sexual assault, use of chemical weapons, etc.?
  • Does this group train and encourage people to carry out the deaths of other people through aggressive acts?
    • Please note that defensive training, martial arts, etc. don’t fall into this category, because they’re focused on community and self-defense. This can get fuzzy, because some advocates of violence hide behind “defense”, but journalists are usually pretty good at uncovering that.
  • Does this speech celebrate the recent deaths of political opponents in their own country, especially those who died by violence?

There it is. There’s your test. At its core, the issue is violent rhetoric that’s intended to end in violent acts. And yes, both the government and private citizens are empowered to not give violence a platform. The First Amendment does not protect threats or incitement to violence.

Don’t Say That -- Billy Hargrove

Requested: “Hi! Could you do a billy story where he’s an asshole to everyone else but the reader? and she knows he acts like that because of his dad. & like with her billy is really vulnerable and everything and he’s also really protective. So one day his dad says something offensive to the reader and he finally stands up to his dad ❤️ Sorry if this is confusing xx” “Hey! Can you do a Billy imagine where he and the reader are sort of an “It” couple at school and the reader is similar to him. But one day they get into a fight (you can make it as angsty as angst can angst if you want) and the entire school is just sort of shocked when they don’t see the two of them together. Then maybe the reader gets harassed by someone (or Billy gets harassed) and the other steps in bc they’re so off their game they can’t defend themself like usual and they get back together”

Warnings: Violence!!!!! (please, please, please read with caution!) Cursing.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: Billy’s had enough with his dad, and when his dad finally says things about you, Billy snaps.

Words: 1496

Listen to:  When You Love Someone by James TW

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Part II of the Empathy Series, Part I is found here.

Synopsis: Born with the ability to feel others’ emotions through touch, you are overwhelmed when an enemy comes into contact with you during battle. Even though Thor and Tony are there, the only person you know you need is Loki.  

A/N: I went to see Thor: Ragnarok again tonight and it was just the inspiration I needed! I don’t think I’m quite done with this little series yet, so keep an eye out for more!

Warnings: Violence, angst (?), fluff

Words: 986

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