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My friend got shot in the face with a teargas grenade yesterday by a cop while she was in a demonstration against austerity in Quebec city. She’s alright now, but we’re all pretty shocked here. You can see the video in which she got attacked in this link. This is simply gross. I’m very upset right now. I hope this gets spread.

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Being a spy meant always keeping your emotions in check. It looked and sounded good in theory, but in practice things like soulmates and trusted bonds of friendship got in the way. The real key to being a spy was keeping your emotions a secret.

Or: Harry and Louis are partners and agents for MI6, but their worlds are torn apart when Harry goes rogue.

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Russia’s Igor Akinfeev hit by flare in Euro 2016 qualifying match

A scary moment at Stadion Pod Goricom dominated headlines as Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev was hit by a flare during Friday’s Euro 2016 qualifying match between Montenegro and Russia.

The flaming projectile came from the fans behind the goal and hit Akinfeev squarely on the head.

Akinfeev appeared to be seriously injured and was carted off the pitch on a stretcher.

German referee Deniz Aytekin sent the teams back in to the locker rooms and the match was suspended for more than 35 minutes.

When the teams returned to the field Yuri Lodygin came on in place of Akinfeev.

No word yet as to Akinfeev’s status.

The match was officially abandoned after 66 minutes when players and coaches from both teams started shoving each other. At the time the referee suspended the match, the score was 0-0.

Therefore the “sword” of which Jesus speaks is not a threat to humanity but a warning to the disciples as followers of Jesus of the fate that will befall them because it will befall Jesus first. The sword of which Jesus speaks is judgment that will fall first against himself. And in sending the disciples out into the midst of persecutions with the words “I did not come to bring peace, but a sword,” Jesus is warning that the sword you unsheathe is the sword that falls against you.

This one girl in the class made a comment about how people don’t come up with violence on their own and that we need to be *inspired* by something. First of all people literally have to come up with this shit to write tv shows and movies about it. I don’t know if anyone’s seen Hannibal but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone being murdered and becoming trees or beehives in the real world. Second of all I can come up some original violence right now in my head, not difficult.
Then this guy piped in like “parents shouldn’t have to worry about their kids becoming psychopaths” lmao buddy can you hear me laughing at you because you’re a joke

I’m telling you: Do not believe or perpetuate the hype of Brazil as a “racial democracy”/racial utopia. As any country, it has its own history and legacy of colonization (both in terms of land & psychologically), slavery, Anti-Black racism, and injustice, regardless of how the “mestiço” identity is imagined or “celebrated” here.

"Afro-Brazilians — people who self-identify as black or brown — make up 53 percent of our population, a total of about 106 million individuals. It is the world’s largest black population outside Africa and the second largest after Nigeria. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, black Brazilians ages 12 to 18 are almost three times more likely to get killed than their white counterparts, and a survey by the Brazilian Forum on Public Security found that black Brazilians accounted for 68 percent of all homicide victims.

They are also more likely to be victims of police killings; a study by the University of São Carlos showed that 58 percent of all people killed in the state of São Paulo by the military police were black. They make up 62 percent of all people incarcerated nationwide.”

Trigger warning;; (Personal issues,violence, drug use)

Okay back in 2010/2011/2012 I was on some really bad drugs. Meth and opiates mostly. Since then, in late 2012 I got clean and moved the fuck away.

2014 I had to come back, and obviously it’s been harder to stay clean but i’ve managed. Anyway I haven’t seen my family since christmas since I live an hour away and work a fulltime job, I have no car. Nor do they have cars (or jobs.) My mum calls me today crying, Apparently she went to check on my sister and her 4 year old daughter and while her daughter was sleeping, my sister was apparently shaking and freaking the fuck out. Thinking shit was crawling all over her. Mind you i’ve been on drugs a lot, and on meth I may have had one or two bad experiences and usually i’d be like, okay, she’ll be okay. But the fact that it was Just her and her daughter is what upsets me.

Deep down my sister is a good person. She knows what she’s doing is wrong but that’s when addiction comes into play. She doesn’t think she’s hurting anyone, even though she just got evicted from government housing?? Oh right, because she was letting a fucking fugitive stay in her house (WITH DESTINY THERE. (the daughter)

So now I have to find a way there, so I can try and talk some sense into my sister. I don’t know if I can and it’s all really fucking overwhelming because E V E R Y O N E in the family is looking to me.

I already know my grandma is making her and Destiny move in so she can keep an eye on them. But in all honesty, based on how i’ve been told, my sister is screaming at my mother, and blacked out in jail last month and doesn’t remember fighting two cops, and sending a girl to the hospital. 

I’m afraid her detox will kill her. I’m afraid if she doesn’t get her fix she will black out (as she has always blacked out when she was angry) and do something to my grandma and/or Destiny.

I’ve never been afraid of my sister, but now I have to face her and either talk some sense into her or we’re both just going to be beating the shit out of each other.

I really need some kind words, maybe some help? Rehab facilities in Tennessee? 

Im freaking out.

My message to all men is that you have to kill pride. You’ve been taught that pride is a manly thing, that pride is a good thing. But the problem with pride is that it stops you from growth. When you’re so proud that you won’t change, you’ve got problems. Male pride causes wars; millions of people have died because of male pride, because one man would not back down. Male pride will say, “I’d rather blow up my whole family than have everyone look at me as though I’ve lost.” That is so dangerous.

"California man is demanding police accountability after an officer fatally shot his service dog in the head.

Ian Anderson of San Diego told The Huffington Post he was sleeping in his home when officers pounded on his door at 5 a.m. Sunday over a domestic disturbance call. The 24-year-old man said police had the wrong house.

The knocking woke up Anderson and his 6-year-old pit bull, Burberry, who started barking until Anderson opened the door for the officers.

In a surveillance video obtained by HuffPost, one of the officers can be seen petting the dog. Burberry then runs over to the other officer, who backs away, drawing his weapon. Burberry keeps following the officer, and seconds later — off-screen — the cop fatally shoots Burberry in the head.”

Ian Anderson is asking people to sign a petition to have SDPD officers take a mandatory training course in animal behavior. Spread this!

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This summer, my partner Elin and I are moving away to college. This is an exciting time for both of us, and a financially draining one. But right now Elin is facing an extra unforeseen cost. 

About a year ago, me and the lovely elliehoneyy​ started dating. But between our 2nd and 3rd dates, and before our first kiss, her teeth began to give her a lot of trouble. Her face swelled a lot, her gums started to disintegrate, and her teeth began to hurt and shift. She was in and out of the hospital for more than a week. The swelling went down, but her teeth continue to give her trouble. Sometimes her face still swells, and her teeth still shift. Almost every day, she is in so much pain that she can barely think, yet she still pushes herself to go to work and to school. 

As she describes in her own post telling her story, all of this trouble with her teeth happened because of a severely abusive relationship she was in from age 14 to 16. He broke her nose, and that caused irreparable damage to her teeth. I urge you to click this link and read her own words on what happened to her and how it continues to affect her. Two of her teeth got infected after routine dental work last year, and while waiting for a consultation covered by Medi-Cal, the infection has spread to four more teeth and her jaw. 

She has decided that instead of waiting to get a root canal in each individual tooth and giving the infection even more time to spread, she is going to get the infected teeth pulled and get partial dentures. Medi-Cal will not cover this decision, but waiting is putting her at more risk, to lose more teeth and to fall behind in school, so she needs some help. 

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