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Name: Ella
Age: 17
Country: USA

I’m making this on National Penpal Day, because I’ve always wanted a penpal, but never knew how to get one safely. I really want to make a good friend and share our cultures with each other.

I love both listening to and playing music. I listen to all types, including foreign music like Kpop, and I play the viola, piano, saxophone, and percussion instruments. I enjoy writing and reading, mainly fiction, I’m not picky about genres.

I’m a little geeky, mainly nerdy, but I would like to know more about the geekdom. Huge fan of science fiction, from Doctor Who to the X-files, I’ll watch it. I’m trying to get into Superheroes, but the universe is so expansive it is taking me some time. And I am a horror fanatic, I might need help XD

Preferences: Around 15-20

Into the Future Tag

Here are the rules:

This is the chance for you to imagine what life would be like for your muse in their future (Between 15-20 years depending on preference). Based off of your character’s storyline now, make a reasonable hypothesis and write a passage on how you believe life will eventually end up.

Things to add:

  1. Future faceclaim (to depict how your character has aged)
  2. Age
  3. Place of Residence
  4. Marital status
  5. Parental status
  6. Financial & job status
  7. Friendships (lasting or passing)
  8. Emotional state/growth
  9. Changes in opinions/beliefs (optional)
  10. Aspirations achieved (optional)

Tag as many people as you’d like at the end of your post, and be creative!

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(Future Faceclaim: Monica Bellucci) 

Fifteen years ago Kryta was swept up in a hazardous tempest, a war on all fronts. Bloodshed continued; conflict is everlasting, unlike people. She was twenty-nine in 1330AE and now forty-four in 1345AE, which would clock to forty-five by the Season of Colossus. In her age, she was much changed. Upon withdrawing from the Shire of Beetletun, the ownership of Aldcourt Manor fell into the hands of her uncle, Henri Valen, who finally retired from the Ebon Vanguard after an a life service as a Commander and member of the Duke’s council. She, instead retreated to her place of birth and built a small estate alongside her husband in East Kessex. Amidst the canyons alongside Garenhoff, betwixt and between moss-covered ridges, verdant landscapes and crisp springs; their hillside residence overlooked the ocean. Together, they indulged in a life characterised by simplicity and pleasant seclusion, which he had envisioned for himself. 

Marriage was not what she anticipated, yet she had been married to Elijah for eight years. After numerous abortions and two miscarriages, it became evident that Viola was unable to conceive and provide her husband with a child. Maternal qualities still lacked in the noblewoman, and thus the absence of offspring was not troublesome - though she imagined Elijah would have wanted a son of his own. Instead, the couple travelled as nomads for several years; through the Shiverpeaks, along the coast and occasionally entreated onto the open waters. Their relationship was not always blissful. But still, she loved him fully, as he did her, a compassion that transcended their rows and bickering. For him, she sacrificed what she once swore to die for. Much like Johnny, fifteen years prior, she shelved her savage patriotism and resigned from the Cause. Even so, her zealous temper and dedication to the Ascalonian people never faltered, now only exercised through politicking and debate. Neither Elijah nor Viola would forget the revelation of who she really was; it is embedded on her neck, her ink-stained hands and through her scarring. 

 In 1336AE, Viola departed from her position as the Ebonhawke Ambassador, though maintained her status as founder and coordinator of the Ebonhawke Independence Party. The noblewoman returned to her primary occupation and expanded The White Lily to Lion’s Arch, in addition to establishing connections with scholarly institutions, particularly the Schools of Garenhoff. Thereby, her wealthy financial status was preserved. A year prior to her political retirement, the Valen family was granted a title of honour and permitted a barony. Whilst Viola held the matriarchal title of Baroness for several years, it was surely dismissed and passed to her uncle upon reaching her mid-forties. She restricted her appearances in Court, however, her participation in the ‘Great Krytan Game’ never deteriorated and Viola persistently attended galas and functions where she was able to engage in a former pleasurable pastime.

Above all else, Viola treasures her family and has maintained a close relationship with her beloved cousins, Melanie and Lorraine. Given the proximity between Viola and Melanie’s place of work, the pair frequently took tea with Addilynn and shared in mirthful laughter and sisterly banter. Whenever the noblewoman returned to the city, Johnny and herself lounged in a cloud of tobacco smoke surrounded by bottles of whiskey and reminisced about days past. The friendship between herself and the Bryland’s blossomed and evolved into a constant. It was through their vigour that she was able to experience times since past and converse about subjects typically not permitted. As for the Volundir family, now her brother-in-law, Elessar became one of her most trusted and dearest friends. They would write to one another often and she would express content in his gaiety, though during their encounters their repartee still toed the line of inappropriateness and they would laugh because of it. 

It took four engagements and countless relationships for Viola to obtain happiness and her life became largely jubilant, for the most part. Married life softened her. A woman never content with her life dismissed her malice and cryptic deviancy, for it was no longer wanted and she replaced her malignant performance with stoic acceptance. Viola was now felicitous, even when she would not admit it. There was nothing left to fear and nothing left to despise (that was untrue, the Charr still lurked about). There were still times where she questioned her allegiances and whether she had made the right choice, to abandon her dedication to the separatist Cause. For now, she thought it appropriate and hoped that would never change.             

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You like Cats because cats are gr8, you hate rosin even though it taste delicious, and you were 2nd stand in the Viola Section

1. yes
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