Wishlist: milagrosas de la virgen de caridad, hoops that say angel, charms of saints to put on a gold chain, golchin rose water, vintage lingerie, thin silk dresses, packets of dried flowers, teas with roses in them, oils for my complexion, books on ancient Arabic poetry, small perfume vials


So my mum opened an Etsy shop for her jewellery, called Collaratura! 

She makes absolutely beautiful handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings out of stunning vintage silks and real pearls! She’s so excited to have been able to open a shop online after being encouraged by making a few offline sales, so it would be SO kind for people to reblog and share her work, and maybe take a little look!

(She phoned me because she had a page view ;W; she’s a very good good lady)

Thanks for looking :D!

anonymous asked:

i kinda wanna like go for that 1960s italian girl that maybe has a bf in the mafia kind of aesthetic/look. do u have any style ideas for that Concept that come to mind?

I cbf to confine it to the 60s only here r some 1940s-1990s mafia wife looks:

- PETA forgive me but u need a lux fur coat a la Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting

- vintage silk nightgown

- manicured nails carrying around a teddy John Gotti bought u n wearing tacky wool getup in 1970s wintertime NY like Lisa Taylor in Eyes of Laura Mars

- white fur + black veil a la Diana Ross

- big hair + silver dress like Gina Mastrogiacomo in Goodfellas

- sparkly gold dress similar 2 the one Michelle Pfeiffer wore in Scarface

- get a rich man like Liz Taylor did to kiss ur neck and put expensive diamonds on u while u tan by the pool

- Marisa Tomei’s backless floral jumper in My Cousin Vinny

- lastly.. gun so u can go Karen Hill on him if he tries to run away from the feds w all ur diamonds in hand 

This beautiful vintage silk dress has been re-dyed and reconstructed by our talented seamstress. This dress is very unique and will be a showstopper at any event you would wear it to. Here the dress is worn with a vintage blonde mink stole for an extra glamorous look. This beauty of a dress will appear on our up and coming Etsy shop; Walking Dead Dresses, but for now it can be found in our Westport store.  


I made a festive jacket for Nami a few days ago. Vintage patterned thai silk, decorated with gold cord. I haven’t pressed the seam of the sleeves yet as I need a new ironing board.

I’m torn on what to make to go with this. I’m thinking black, dark brown or reddish brown silk trousers (maybe a bit wide, maybe somewhat pleated), but I cannot decide if I want them plain or not…