“It’s goddamn hard to pinpoint menswear. On one hand, you got the kids who have no fuckin’ clue what they’re doing, and are busily consuming off of Instagram and Facebook. Then there are those who are so sensitively self-aware that they can’t be caught in anything that was produced in triple digit units. The majority of men really couldn’t care less—and then there is that small pocket of guys that identify with their clothes, but don’t want to be too fussy… That’s where La Brea comes in.”

Peter Yeh gives us a rough guide to the best of La Brea, a street that’s become a sort of mecca for LA menswear & more in Los Angeles, with Undefeated, Stussy, GANT, Aether, and more.


I came across these old Stussy campaigns a while ago, while researching a feature on 80’s surfer dude styling for work. I absolutely love the brands take on girls street wear back then and also how ‘now’ they look for something shot almost 20 years ago. It’s quite a contrast to it’s womenswear offering today, which I find quite generic. I definitely prefer the older stuff so I was super pleased today to receive an invite to celebrate the official launch of the new dedicated womenswear section of the Agenda trade show, featuring Stussy Women’s. Apparently the “Stu-crew are taking it back to the 80’s for Spring/Summer 2014, with a rich array of remixed vintage Stussy prints, graphics and accessories.” I’m super excited to see what they come up with and really hope they’ve been digging into their archives to reinvent something like this. Anita Pallenberg lookalike meets 80’s skate witch anyone?! Besides showcasing various hot labels, the launch party on Friday at Space 15 Twenty features performances from Colleen Green, a live DJ set by Jen from Bleached and is hosted by one of the best bloggers in town, the ever awesome Jayne Min of Stop it right now. Not to be missed!