Original > Blank > First attempt > Second attempt

I didn’t trust my shaky hands to thicken her eyebrows as suggested, so I ended up trying to paint a slightly darker line inside the top line of them, which made them look a little more asymmetrical than before but actually solved my mental problem with them. I really like how they look in person.

Decided to try gold instead of black on her earrings, mostly because black would show up shaky painting way more. I think these will look classy with red hair, and if not I can always try to overpaint them back to black.

I think her lavender eyeshadow is my favorite part, and ironically the messiest cause I honestly don’t know what shape it should be, hah. The color just works so well, though.

I don’t love how she looks in close up photos of course. XD But I’ll definitely keep this faceup for now, fingers crossed I don’t have any accidents while gluing her new hair in.