Vintage nighty

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What's HBB Otabek's mental list of gifts he wishes he could buy for his genderfluid Yuri, if money was no object? 🎁

Every color of highlighter. All the fancy stuff from MAC and Sephora. He’d have that “confused but loaded” boyfriend look down to an art, and the girls working there would take CARE of him. 

Lots of bath bombs. 

Lacy underwear. A nice mixture of contemporary stuff as well as the finest vintage nighties on Etsy that money can buy. This includes a closet full of “bridal” lingere just because HBB Yuri is extra as fuck about his performativity. I looked at this etsy store a lot when thinking about Yuri’s lacy nigities in HBB

One of those redonkulously expensive Fendi key chains. The fur kind. Yuri would still drive a rust bucket 70s 80s buick, but with a 1,200 fur key chain ofc.

And if Otabek were buying the clothes? A nice mixture of stylish, classic  (aka not stupidly trendy) pieces. A few suits, a few gowns for going out, and a few really nice casual sun dresses for summer. 

Thanks anon!!

What the signs wear to bed
  • Aries: nothing *too hot*
  • Taurus: cute soft and fluffy onesie
  • Gemini: socks
  • Cancer: something cute
  • Leo: satin nightgown
  • Virgo: organic cotton pyjama set
  • Libra: nothing but an oversized, old tee
  • Scorpio: designer underwear
  • Sagittarius: shorts
  • Capricorn: classic vintage nightie
  • Aquarius: yoga pants
  • Pisces: *fell asleep before they could change*