Vintage WDW

Let's just take a moment to remember the dark ages of Disney park characters.

Prince Caspian. I’m sure this lasted like two weeks. 

I don’t even know what this is. Jessica Rabbit. Okay. That’s cool. But is this a fur character or a face character? Why was this a thing. 

Let us never forget the days of the mowgli face character; where they hired a guy to run around in shorts. A moment of silence. 

And finally: my absolute favorite. Flounder.

I cannot come up with a caption for this. 


Things that are better than love:

The history of Disney parks attractions

Extinct Disney attractions

Disney dark rides but with the lights on

Reciting Disney attraction spiels

Disney attractions

Disney parks

its photos like these, i think, that really capture the magic of disney. it looks like a scene from a dream, with the fog and the mist, and that is exactly what being there should feel like. any time at disney is a wonderful dream that you never want to wake from, where anything is possible and you can be anything you imagine. you can be a pirate, a princess, an adventurer,a knight in shining armor, a space cadet, a ghost, a mermaid, an explorer, anything! you can fly, you can discover new lands, you can breathe underwater, you can time travel, you can save the damsel in distress, you can save yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to! disney is best when it looks like a dream because its where all dreams come true.


Lane wore her new rainbow dress to the Magic Kingdom today. :D  Mommy made it out of a vintage Mickey Mouse bed sheet. We thought it was a great way to show our support on this beautiful day! 


This video isn’t technically ABOUT robots, but features cameo appearances by SMRT-1, the first robot I had the pleasure of meeting. And other classic EPCOT goodies.