Vintage Market

This is probably somewhere in either modern AU or the Knight Shop AU. For context: the Triumph Bonneville Trident T140 is one of the finest British vintage motorcycles on the market, and also for a while it was the bike of the Yorkshire constabulary. This was me trying to explain to my mother just how much Gal loves his bike…

Scene taking place after yet another of Yvaine’s “Come on, Gal, it’ll be fun, it’s only a few drinks.” It was Not Fun.

Erren, waving shot glass: So… you can keep either your sister or the Triumph, right? The other gets destroyed. Which’d it be?

(Yvaine is standing behind her, glaring at him.)

Gal: *visibly thinks about it*

(Yvaine crosses her arms and increases the glare intensity.)


Gal: Rephrase the question?


We finally got to repot our beloved Entlings in these vintage cups and cauldrons ! These, as well as the glass jars, the doilies and the selenite tower, are from this weekend’s thrift store/flea markets’ finds. We got very, very lucky ! The jars will be emptied and used to make terrariums in the near future.