Vintage Market

Greetings, penpallers! This is Claudia writing, thank you for reading my submission! I’m a 22 year-old (soon 23!) Starbucks barista and a graduate student from beautiful Barcelona, in Spain. I’m a food and music lover and a dedicated snail mailer. Traveling is my whole life! I’ve traveled to more than 12 countries in 3 different continents. I really like learning from others and getting to know different cultures and lifestyles. Also, I’ve lived in South Korea for a year. I enjoy binge-watching TV series, photography (I have three cameras I take everywhere I go!), fashion, food truck festivals, second hand/vintage markets… I find pastel colors very inspiring. And oh, I’m a heavy tea drinker!

I’m looking for ONE OR TWO pen pals around my age (18-28), preferably LGBT friendly (I have a girlfriend who I love more than anything else <3), but most importantly who I have common interests with AND who doesn’t fade away after a while. I’ve been pen palling for 6 years now and I haven’t reached my goal of having a “closed” list of long-lasting pen pals! Some keep going MIA or just stop writing because “they’re busy” and I don’t hear from them for 5/6 months… And that’s definitely NOT what I am looking for. I’m a very loyal and punctual penpal and I always, ALWAYS reply back. Also I’d prefer crafty pen pals if possible, who enjoy decorating and working on their letters as much as I do!

I have an Instagram where I post all my mail to keep track of my incomings and outgoings. If you’re curious of how my mail looks like, check! ^-^ 

You can contact me via email (, tumblr ( and Instagram (wrote it up there!). Hope to hear from you soon!