Vintage Market


Enjoy these registered patent labels for products created for and marketed to women! From the shoe-damaging perils of driving a car to keeping your hands clean while cooking patty-shaped foods, inventors know what ladies need.

All of the labels are from Record Group 241, Records of the Patent and Trademark Office. These patent labels have been digitized and will soon be available in the National Archives Catalog (

A white colleague of mine who constantly complains to my director about my work ethic and attendance said she loved my sun dress and asked where she could get one at for her daughter.

I told her it was one of a kind and that I bought it at a street market in my country (Cuba). She jokingly said she’d buy it from me. I said I’d sale it to her.

Guess who just removed the label off a sun dress I bought from Old Navy 4 years ago on Clarence for $5 and sold for $125.