Vintage Inspired


COFFEE PIN: Rosehound Apparel  SHOES: Glaze BELT: Francesca’s DRESS: Fleet Collection CARDIGAN: H&M

New camera, lens, and all that stuff came! Can’t wait to start doing videos and such. Also this pin is adorable!! ( ´∀`)



It took me a while but I got this dress finished and I really like how it turned out!!

I had some ups and downs with this project. Mainly because it didn’t turn out as planned. But I think it ended up turning out better than I had planned,  just in a different way. 

Made from four yards of point d'esprit netting, three yards of lace, 400 swarovski crystals, and two yards of polyester shantung. I draped, drafted, made, and wore the dress. It has less than sixty dollars of materials in it and was made over a two week period.

A write up on how I made it can be found here, and video logs about it are here.


DRESS: Bea & Dot  SHOES: Bait Footwear

Sorry these pictures are kind of weird, hardly got any good shots, original files got deleted, and the weather was just too damn hot so I gave up!  I’ll properly coord this again eventually, but I needed to make some sort of an update. It was at the end of another photoshoot I did…I’m supposed to make an appearance in a very cool magazine! Can’t post the pictures yet though. 

By the way, this was one of those purchases were I wanted to dress more than I cared how it fit. Once again, defeated by the bust. If you’re pear-shaped you’ll love this but ugh, the dress makes no sense in the chest area. So tight (as you can see). I was trying to achieve kitsch house-wife status but it looks like my boobs need the jaws of life.  But the print was too adorable to pass up. 


COAT: Forever21 TOP: Forever21 SKIRT: Target TIGHTS: H&M SHOES: Payless

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been working a lot, trying to save up money 😓. There hasn’t been time to do pictures…or really anything. Not to mention, my parents still haven’t sent me my old clothes yet so I’m pretty limited on what I can make do with. I rather just wait to post good things than to post a bunch of mediocre things (but I suppose there will be a lot of casual outfits until my clothes come). I’ve sketched up lots of coords! This outfit isn’t the kind of thing I’d preferably post on here but it’s still pretty cute! It was really windy and chilly out actually. 

Here’s welcoming September with open arms!

This dress reminds me of fine china and old engravings. I love the color and print, and it’s probably the most comfortable and easy dress I own. I can’t believe I’ve stayed away from white dresses for so long!

Dress: Asos Curve, Belt and flower: Forever21, Necklace: Thrifted, Shoes: Target