Artist Spotlight: Vincent Nappi

The work that I do involves all the things I find interesting. Art is an incredible excuse to pay more attention to what gets you going in the morning. Right now, most of what gets me going involves some combination of pretty girls, slick threads and men of dubious morality.

I’m fortunate enough that people like to pay for this sort of stuff. I plan on having more of them do so in the future so I can continue to eat, drink and be merrily covered with ink. - Vincent Nappi

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The Moss Knight

“He stood rooted there in the tall reeds, he had become a thing of the moss and the still water. Her heart broke to see him thus, her champion, her protector, her love, her constant, and she clung to him with a desperate need though he could not hear and could not see and could not move and was shut to the world…”