Captain Mayweather & Lt. Fitzroy, c. 1887

This fragment of a regimental photo of the 3rd Sikhs of the Punjab Frontier Force was recovered from remaining files of Captain Braxton Fitzroy, stored in the Political and Secret Archives of the India Office Library. In it we see Captain Mayweather, Fitzroy’s superior during the opening months of the 2nd Afghan War (standing) as well as the (then) Lieutenant Braxton Fitzroy. One of the regimental dogs, (according to research, called Old Gregg), has his head on Braxton’s knee. 


Die Fledermaus & Übermensch

These were a fun exercise in creating really quick illustrations. This was a challenge done with my friend and fellow artist, Vincent Nappi. The idea is to take two very iconic superheroes and revisit them in a more 19th century European setting. My approach was more true to archetype, with a few changes here and there. Both characters wear a more traditional 19th century war uniform, and have a different look to their overall silhouette. 

Overall, this challenge forced me to make big decisions and work quickly. There is a lot of potential when limits are set. A good learning experience. 

Both images are 10 X 13 inches and done in pencil and mixed media.