Juniorkronorna at the World junior championships. (x)

2007: 4th place
2008: Silver
2009: Silver
2010: Bronze
2011: 4th place
2012: Gold
2013: Silver
2014: Silver

We have had some great players and amazing moments through out the years, but also some sad ones. But once again we are going for gold!

Fun fact: after every swedish championship win, the captain or an important player of the team during the playoffs gets painted gold by one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, Aftonbladet, and poses for their sport section front cover.

Here is a few of the past pictures:

2003: Patric Carnbäck, Frölunda Indians
2005: Daniel Alfredsson, Frölunda Indians
2006: Per Ledin and Emil Kåberg, Färjestads BK
2007: Per Svartvadet and Mattias Timander, Modo hockey
2008: Stefan Liv, HV71
2012: Johan Larsson, Jakob Silfverberg and Calle Järnkrok, Brynäs IF
2013: Joacim Eriksson, Jimmie Ericsson and Viktor Arvidsson,Skellefteå AIK
2014: Jimmie Ericsson and Markus Svensson, Skellefteå AIK

Project Melting Ice: Looking Not Hooking! Nashville Predators (3/30)

Here are my top picks ;) (if you know what I mean lol). Just a reminder that these players are based purely on physical (for some of them personality too) looks, not hockey skills and popularity. Also you can look for your team (once it’s up) with  the hashtag (#project melting ice: looking not hooking) + your team (ex: #Pittsburgh penguins).

6.I think  Miikka Salomaki (22) has the perfect example of puppy eyes :) He seems shy and introverted, and adorable. (FIN-RW)

5. Here’s the thing. I’ve always loved dark skinned men. Since I was a little girl, I find dark skin so beautiful, so it’s only natural that Seth Jones (21) is on my list. (USA-D)

4. Victor Arvidsson (22) took me by surprise. To be honest, I had never heard his name before. But after seeing him, wow! Then I found out that he’s Swedish too. And he made the top 4. (SWE-LW)

3. Calle Jernkrok (24) is one of those people that intrigues me. He doesn’t have many pictures out in the internet realm and I had not heard his name before either. He looks so mysterious to me and I would love to have a conversation with him. See if he has an accent, etc. (SWE-C)

2. The second place belongs to one of my first hockey loves. An Ottawa Senator at heart, and a guy that everyone in Ottawa loves. Someone that did so much for our community and will always be loved. Add that to the fact that he is one of the most stunning older guys in the NHL (I would say only Lundqvist beats him in terms of older guys). Mike Fisher (35) everybody. How can you NOT love him?(CAN- C)

1. I don’t know what to say other than Roman Josi (25) is an actual model disguised as a hockey player. I don’t understand how a human being can be so beautiful. It’s very confusing. (SWI- D)

So there you have it. My top 6 BEST-LOOKING all encompassing Nashville Predators. They lightened up my day and they should yours as well!

Quick Stats
Average age: 24.8
Country of Origin: Sweden (2), Canada (1),Finland (1), Switzerland (1), USA (1).
Position: Defense (2), Centre (2), LW (1), RW (1)

What are your thoughts? Agree/Disagree? Let me know why you love these guys as much as I do!