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VIGILANTE PROJECT TAKES ON JASON MEWES’ “VIGILANTE DIARIES” Independent Comic Book Publisher Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

It was a day like any other. Chris Dickens, the writer and co-creator of the comic book VigilanteProject, got a message. He recalls, “My friend Brian contacted me on Facebook congratulating me on my newfound success, but I had no idea what he was talking about.” Clicking a link Chris was taken to a website where he discovered a live-action web series similarly titled VigilanteDiaries.


Billed as, “a new, graphic novel-inspired action comedy series” Vigilante Diaries stars Jason Mewes who also serves as an executive producer. Chris said, “Brian saw that it was ‘inspired by a graphic novel’ and he assumed that it was mine.  After I checked out the pictures, I knew why.” Mewes, famous for playing the character “Jay” in a number of films (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks, and Dogma) has teamed up with upstart video website to bring VigilanteDiariesto the masses.


Chris immediately contacted his business partner and Vigilante Project co-creator Phil Morgenthaler. Together they reached out to intellectual property and entertainment law firm One LLP, where they teamed up with attorney Peter Afrasiabi. On Wednesday, One LLP filed a complaint detailing copyright and trademark infringement by Mewes, VigilanteDiarieswriter Paul Sloan, and their associates. “We had dreamed of one day seeing Vigilante Project make the transition to live action” Phil said, “but this clearly wasn’t what he had in mind.”


Both Projectand Diarieshave black and red logos featuring bold and distressed red letters. Both Projectand Diariesfeature a young, African American vigilante character that wears a hooded sweatshirt and a skull mask. Both properties boast dark, reality based stories and while VigilanteProjectuses the line, “No capes, no cowl, no web… no problem”, Vigilante Diaries’ IMDB page boasts, “No capes and masks and superpowers.” But the similarities don’t end there. Phil Morgenthaler states, “Individually these things may not seem too compelling, but when you see them all together in one package, we know that this was not a coincidence.”


One LLP has yet to hear back from, but both Vigilante Project and Vigilante Diaries are headed to Comic Con International in San Diego to promote their respective work. “We’ve been at this since 2009 and we’re making moves to take VigilanteProject to the next level” Chris Dickens said. “We can’t have consumers thinking that we’re the same property or that they came first. This lawsuit should clear things up.”



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Day 15

Today we all sat huddled together in the depths of Costco and watched YouTube and ate smores. There have been several videos following the exploits of a Samurai-Ninja-Vigilante that’s been popping up across Iowa and Minnesota. He’s known only as “the Ginger.” The first few videos were kind of crappy and only showed him from far away, mowing down zombie hordes, but after we had binge-watched like seven of them, Ellie and Katie started screaming and paused the video. Apparently “the Ginger” is their brother.