Rick is 70 years old, meaning he was born in 1947. (though characters in Rick and Morty don’t age, so you could also say he was born anywhere from 1943 onward)

Which means he was at the right age for the Vietnam war draft.

The memory parasites even try to insert fake memories of Vietnam into his mind. Which seems unlikely if he didn’t already have real memories of the war.

So my theory is: Rick Sanchez is a Vietnam war veteran, which would explain some of his cynism. PTSD and anti-government beliefs.


Black Panther Party posters, by Emory Douglas.

Emory Douglas joined the BPP in 1967 and served as Minister of Culture, designing artwork that became potent symbols of the movement. Douglas originally helped with the layout of the Black Panthers’ newspaper, and realised that art could enhance their campaigns and reach the masses.