The last emperor of Vietnam, who ascended the throne in 1926. Bao Dai proved to be an ineffective ruler and was unable to exercise any of his powers without the support of the French colonial regime. He abdicated in 1946, after the Viet Minh drove out the Japanese occupation forces and took control of the government. In 1949, the French reinstalled Bao Dai as the premier of “independent Vietnam” but left affairs of state to his pro-French appointees. Only one year after the Geneva Conference created a republic in South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem outmaneuvered Bao Dai and took power; Bao Dai then retired to France.


Day 11 - A picture that makes you cry.

This picture has nothing to do with my personal life. Its a picture taken by Chick Harrity in 1973 during the Vietnam War. This is what war does to families. It tares them apart to the point that a brother and his baby sister are forced to live on the streets in a cardboard box. This is so wrong its beyond words and thats why it makes me cry. It’s so hard to imagine life like this. All of us should be thankful for every single thing in our lives. We should hope and work for the best in our lives, not complain about what we haven’t achieved or don’t have. There’s people out there with less who would kill for what we have. This makes me cry, and want to give everything I have of myself and my stuff to stop this. 

This flyable (you’re only seeing the front nose in this picture) AC-47 Spooky, nicknamed “Puff the Magic Dragon" was developed by the U.S. Air Force for use as the a flying gunship during the Vietman war. It was slow by today’s standards but very deadly in support of ground troops. Techie note: This was shot using a Canon 1D Mark II and a 100-400 F5.6 lens on a tripod.