Vienna Beef links with Chicago Bears legend Mike Ditka to bring us “Ditka sausages,” which will be offered in Hot Beef Polish Sausage and Chicken Sausage with Mozzarella and Sun-Dried Tomatoes flavors.

The sausages are scheduled to hit shelves at Jewel-Osco, Mariano’s and other independent grocery and convenience stores this week.

On June 11 Mayor Emanuel officially recommended giving about $5 million to Vienna Beef to move its hot dog factory from the north side to Bridgeport. The mayor hailed it as a shrewd investment that will keep at least 250 jobs in Chicago for the next 15 years.

Three days later the mayor’s school board fired Eron Easter, a 34-year-old special education teacher in a high-poverty school in Humboldt Park. Easter was one of 850 Chicago Public Schools employees fired by the mayor when he closed 50 schools.

So if you’re keeping track on your scorecards at home, the mayor is down about 600 in the job-retention department for the last month—a fact you’ll never see him mention in any of the dozens of press releases he routinely sends out.

As you might expect, Vienna’s $5 million comes from the tax increment financing program. That’s the one in which you, the taxpayer, cough up more in property taxes in the name of things you want, like schools, so that the mayor has more to spend on things you don’t want.

Like $5 million for Vienna Beef.

Ben Joravsky on Chicago dogs Mayor Rahm’s way.

You Know You're an Anime Fan When...

The ubiquitous Vienna Beef logo, brand of awesome Chicago Hotdogs, visible at every hot dog stand in Chicago, basically every corner of all of the city.




Every. Damn. Time.

KETO food that doesn’t need refrigeration

It’s summer time and that means people are going on vacations, perhaps to some exotic places where keto foods aren’t readily available. What can you bring with you to keep you on track while you’re gone?

Here are the things I thought of. Can you think of others?

What more can you think of that doesn’t need refrigeration or require cooking?

Watching “How It’s Made”

StarkPanda: i’m kind of horrified about how big that industrial oven is
copperbadge: the Vienna Beef factory has ovens like that
Levynite: i have nightmares about those ovens
StarkPanda: but what if someone got left inside
madameovary: they would come out hickory-smoked and delicious?
copperbadge: There are emergency releases on the inside. If you get stuck inside you just hit the release and walk out :D
Kat: they learned from their mistakes.
copperbadge: Their
copperbadge: MIS-STEAKS