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I think Dark popped up in Mark's new video. Right at the beginning. It may not have been. It could be Mark just making s mistake, but I like to think it was Dark. He was trying to to the into to the vido and messed up because he was looking at the microphone instead of the camera. And decided to back out before his shell cracked out of rage at himself. Idk. I'm bothering you. Was just something I thought.

I mean hey, even if it’s an overreaction, it doesn’t matter! The support group is here for any theories cx
I haven’t seen the video yet myself (still haven’t been on YouTube) so I can’t elaborate on that, but maybe one of the other admins or followers can ^-^


I don’t care whatever you guys say. But this is honestly the best version choreography for The Bitch of Living from Spring Awakening, Ive seen in a long time


professional recording of “Totally fucked” scene in Spring Awakening obc


ALRIGHT SO LISTEN UP I’ve been dead for a while bc I’ve been workin on a monster species called Vido, this dude is just one of the three mascots but if you wanna learn more about them I have a doc filled with info here: clicky

Basically they’re big ol monsters that come from vases and can see through other creature’s eyes! If you have any questions about them feel free to drop me an ask and I’ll try to answer/illustrate an explanation.


may 16, 2017

late post but i graduated from college!! it’s such a nice feeling that i graduated from college, all that staying up all night or spending your vacant time in the library to do homeworks and projects finally paid off!! there’s my grad pic, and my two close friends’ grad pics (which i covered,, just in case lol)

i won’t be bujo-ing for now because i’ll be stuck in my house for weeks, or months, with nothing to do except watch youtube vidoes and look for jobs. maybe i’ll start again when i get a job hehe