im gonna make a game geared towards all those video game nitpickers. “ahuhuhuh why dont vidoe game characters ever use the bathroom????” now your character has to take bathroom breaks every 2-4 hours whether youre busy or not. if you dont make it to the bathroom on time you will piss your pants. you also have to eat food and drink water or your character will be tired and hungry and wont move as fast or at all. you also have to follow society’s norms because humans are psychologically wired that way. if you do something illegal someone will call the cops on you and youll be arrested and taken to court and then taken to prison for the rest of the game. thats what you get for being a nitpicking smartass 


professional recording of “Totally fucked” scene in Spring Awakening obc


Jefferson Ferreira (@jeffferreira22)


Hey doods! I posted my animated scene on YT so I think its a good idea to post the link here? Idk


I don’t care whatever you guys say. But this is honestly the best version choreography for The Bitch of Living from Spring Awakening, Ive seen in a long time