However you celebrate your holidays, or even if you don’t, Videoranch hopes you had a wonderful year filled with joy and love. As always, thank you for your business, loyalty, and support.

Stop by VR3D today to catch some of the 24 hour holiday DoonTube stream at the Formosa Diner, and any time today for some holiday music at the Littlehorse.

All of us at Videoranch

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For those who might not have seen Nez’s last-minute announcement on FB, he briefly popped into VR3D earlier today while giving a demo to some folks. Happily, some kind soul recorded the proceedings and posted it on Youtube for us all to enjoy, so here it is! 

Special Awesome BONUS: Nez playing/singing “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” in preparation for the forthcoming Monkees tour!!

So, for the second time this week, I seem to be experiencing motion sickness…not from being in a car or other vehicle, but from looking at a screen. I got a new computer recently (desktop, very hi res), and I experienced this feeling after going into Videoranch3D last Sunday, and again tonight after Circe and Christian’s concert. I never felt this with my old laptop, so I think it must be the new computer. Has anyone else ever gotten computer-related motion sickness? And how do I fix it, cause damn does the dizziness suck. Help me out, folks!