dolenzmithtrash  asked:

What's your favorite Monkees tribute and/or cover song? Personally, I love the 9-minute song about Michael Nesmith ;)

Great question! Well, there are a lot of Monkees covers/tributes out there, for sure. And for some reason, Nez’s songs (either ones he wrote or sang) seem to be the most cover-able. One that immediately comes to mind is a cover of “Magnolia Simms” by an artist named Jimmy Takeuchi. The only way to describe it is that it’s a 1940s Swing/Big Band version of “Magnolia Simms.” In Japanese. And Nez apparently loves it, because of course he does. (To listen to the song, brace yourself and click HERE.)  

And now, from the ridiculous to the sublime…

Another person who does some of the best covers I/we have come across is Lynsey Moon (Tumblr: @lynseymoon). For those who may not know, Lyns actually works for Michael Nesmith, as a DJ in @videoranch3d. She’s an amazing musician and singer, and has performed as a backing vocalist in live shows with Circe Link and Christian Nesmith. Here are a few favorite Lynsey Moon Nez/Monkees covers:

“Tapioca Tundra”

“Circle Sky”

“Propinquity (I’ve Just Begun to Care)”

Also, if you’re diggin’ what you’re hearing here, be to check out Lynsey Moon’s Patreon page and support her music. AND, for a super-limited time only, you can purchase your very own Lynsey Moon t-shirt, the proceeds from which all go to help Lynsey make more music and videos for everyone to love. Click HERE to check out the shirts and buy one today!

So the songs mentioned above would definitely have to be some favorite Monkees cover tunes. Hope you enjoy!


For those who might not have seen Nez’s last-minute announcement on FB, he briefly popped into VR3D earlier today while giving a demo to some folks. Happily, some kind soul recorded the proceedings and posted it on Youtube for us all to enjoy, so here it is! 

Special Awesome BONUS: Nez playing/singing “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” in preparation for the forthcoming Monkees tour!!

So, for the second time this week, I seem to be experiencing motion sickness…not from being in a car or other vehicle, but from looking at a screen. I got a new computer recently (desktop, very hi res), and I experienced this feeling after going into Videoranch3D last Sunday, and again tonight after Circe and Christian’s concert. I never felt this with my old laptop, so I think it must be the new computer. Has anyone else ever gotten computer-related motion sickness? And how do I fix it, cause damn does the dizziness suck. Help me out, folks!