This month’s Infinitia discussion will be on love in The Prison. We will meet at Piet’s Hut at 5pm PST / 8pm EST on Wednezday, September 28.

Nez makes a distinction between selfish love and love in The Prison. This week we will explore the various methods he uses to express this difference in his first book with a soundtrack. What does Nez mean by selfish love? What does it involve? What is real, pure, actual, unselfish love?

Have you not listen-read The Prison yet? It is available for download from Videoranch. They also sell the CD. The Infinitia boxset is available for download or on CD. It appears that the original LP has finally sold out!

Janey, Les, and Marie’s characters are all tied to these two concepts of love. Consider their purpose within the story and how their existence aids Nez’s message. Why did he create them? What do their interactions with Jason and others say about love?
Janey – An example of love (as opposed to selfish love)
         – What is her purpose as a character?
         – Does she serve a purpose as a teacher? She definitely provides important information and clarifications to Jason, but is it necessary for her to deliver these lessons? Could Tom be the sole teacher?
         – What does her relationship with Tom say about love?
         – Do you think Nez is commenting on love by calling her Tom’s friend or do you think their relationship is purely platonic? What do you make of Tom hugging her “almost dispassionately”?
         – “She was pretty, a simple clear look of purity and the same remarkable eyes that Tom had.”
Marie – Initially an example of selfish love … changes to love (on Jason’s end)
         – How does Jason’s changing perspective of his relationship with Marie exhibit the qualities of selfish love vs love?
         – What does Marie represent in regards to love? What does this say about love in the prison?
         – What qualities does selfish love have that she inspires in Jason? That she expresses?
         – What does it say about selfish love that it inspires her to go with Jason? That it is not enough to help her escape the prison?
         – “‘No, I want to go with you, Jason. I really do love you. But it makes me sad to see Les unhappy.’ Marie looked down at her feet, then at Jason. ‘But, Jason, I love you and want to be with you.’”
Les – He perhaps represents selfish love within the prison
         – What does Les’s relationship with Marie say about selfish love vs love?
         – How is his relationship with Marie different to hers with Jason? Is he Jason’s opposite? How are they alike? Is Les a bad guy?
         – Does Les represent the prison? If so, what does that say about love?
         – Before Jason goes through the hole, is Marie’s relationship with Jason any different to hers with Les?
         – “Love was common. But it was mostly physical love, for prison life was still prison life and the rigors of mere existence took their toll of the captives’ more subtle senses.”

Songs that mention love

Waking Mystery
“Is it waking mystery?
Are you dreaming, still asleep?
Love’s not lost, you just are blind.
Come, let go, embrace the light.”
“Old horizons seeming small
Caught between the short and tall
But do not worry, just go on.
Love will guide you to the dawn.”
Hear Me Calling
“Wisdom speaking,
Loving you all the while
While you are crying.
Loving you,
Knowing that you’re fine.”

Important excerpts

“It wasn’t long before Jason and Marie found themselves in love. Their conversations meandered through all the things that lovers try, but always Jason came back to the subject of the hole in the wall and its offer of freedom.” (narration)

“His contact with Jason was lucid and warm and full of love. Jason did not relax.” (narration describing Tom)

“He saw Marie walk into the exercise yard from the dining hall. She looked prettier to him than he remembered her. It could have been absence that made her seem more lovely, or it could have been the fact that Jason saw she was really free. Whatever it was, Jason was glad to see her.” (narration)

“I’m very serious, Les. I love him. He says that things are different than they seem, and once outside the wall, things become clear. I can’t help the way I feel. I’m sorry if it hurts you, but that’s my decision. I hope someday you’ll understand.” (Marie)

“In a way Jason didn’t like what he was hearing. If Marie was coming just because of him, it might not be the best way. It seemed to Jason that she should want to be free whether he was involved or not.” (narration)

“His sadness faded and his sense of loss vanished like the nonexistent prison walls. There was no bitterness. His love did not diminish. It was love that was overcoming his sorrow. He was in a remarkable state of consciousness.” (narration)

“Jason loved Tom. But he had begun to experience a state of consciousness that was beyond having-to-have-someone to love. Or someone to love him in return. He had begun to experience the essence of pure love. Without boundary, without change. A love that did not vary from person to person. A love so secure that evil withered before it. A love that existed as much a part of his consciousness as his name.” (narration)

“Lean upon Love. It is the principle of existence. Not ordinary selfish love, but the love you felt as you walked home. This love expresses itself actively in the very face of discord. The purity of love dispels hate. Sometimes you may feel that you cannot love. That is false ego. Your true nature is love. Do not hate. Love shines forth without effort.” (Tom)

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For those who might not have seen Nez’s last-minute announcement on FB, he briefly popped into VR3D earlier today while giving a demo to some folks. Happily, some kind soul recorded the proceedings and posted it on Youtube for us all to enjoy, so here it is! 

Special Awesome BONUS: Nez playing/singing “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” in preparation for the forthcoming Monkees tour!!
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Michael Nesmith 23rd November 2015

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Christian and Circe played a show at VR2D yesterday – and unfortunately had to do it with a lot of the parts not working – like chat – and most unfortunately the tip jar. Thank heavens the video and sound stream worked well – they sound and look great – and so they did on VR2D.

I’m spending most of my time these days on setting up online facilities at Videoranch for concerts next year in VR3D and VR2D, The old music business paradigm has gotten so tattered that it no longer works for real artists and live music from the likes of C&C – so I am trying to build and offer a way to get live music back in our lives.

Spotify and Apple Music and Pandora, etc. have all done real damage to the life and welfare of artists – especially musical performances. Its not a new story – people who don’t make music exploiting people who do – but its still just as sad and IMO just as wrong.

I was glad to see Taylor Swift, and now Adele shut out Spotify, from their latest recordings – and of course The Ocean is not available for those streaming services either – but I don’t think that is a long term solution. Streaming is not the problem. Fair wage is — just like in the working community everywhere. Think of that if you subscribe to these services, Your money is not getting to the people that deserve and need it the most.

As an artist I struggle along. If I had not inherited some money from my family I would not be able to maintain my pursuit – and these last few years all aritist royalties have just fallen off a cliff. The big money you hear about comes from touring – live shows. My last royalty statement from Warner Brothers Publishing was $1.71, They didn’t send the money – just the statement.

There have always been good people in the music “business” as well as bad – but the music itself is under the care and production of musicians who support it. So VR2D and VR3D are going to venture forth more in 2016 to bring a system of access to the net for artists directly – so the money falls into the hands of the creators first and not just the purveyors.

Thanks to all who showed up to C&C’s show – and apologies for the lousy tech from our side. We’re working on it – better things ahead – for all. The tip jar will back up and running for the next shows – whenever they may be – and that will be a good way to make a direct payment to the artist for good value received.

More news to come about this in the next few months.

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