There’s a pretty cool thing Terraria does that I haven’t seen anywhere else: The game gives you two separate slots for armor - one that actually applies the stats and effects of the armor to your character, and then a “social” slot, which is what actually shows up on your character. This is great because, especially in a game that can be played with other people, the armor with the best stats is not always the one you want to be seen in, and this way you don’t have to choose. You can have all the protection of the Demonite armor set, but still wear a suit of solid gold or a tuxedo, if that’s what you want.

I haven’t seen it, but I have to assume a similar system exists in some RPGs. But maybe not. All I know is that it does not exist in Dark Souls, and that’s a shame. Because even in a single player game, there is something to be said for having your player character look totally fucking cool, and there are a lot of armor sets in Dark Souls that are great for that. But there are also all kinds of reasons to switch out your armor, from needing better fire or lightning protection in a certain area, or needing less weight for more maneuverability for a boss fight. So you’re often forced to abandon your favorite looks for something more practical.

All I’m saying is this: Is it too much to ask to both look badass and have the proper setup for the situation at hand? I just want to murder demons and look great doing it. Help me out here, developers.


#SGDQ2015 - Doom: Scythe UV-Speed run by Dime

For those who missed it and couldn’t watch it live (me included!), here it is.

A random note: this run was scheduled to happen in the previous Games Done Quick marathon (AGDQ) but for some reason it got pushed and ended up dismissed, despite being one hundred percent accepted.

You should also take in mind, this is an unofficial upload, so if it ends up taken down by a copyright claim, then don’t worry, as the official GDQ channel will likely upload the run over the course of the week.

“I don’t think you’re ready to die, Radford. I think you’re just scared. I was scared, too. I didn’t ask for any of this, just like you didn’t ask for a bullet in the gut. But you can’t blame me, or Sarif, or technology for what’s happening here.” -Adam Jensen

Another thing I like about Dante from Devil May Cry is how he has motivation while lacking ambition. As I’ve mentioned before, in spite of his massive power-potential, Dante is portrayed a pretty laid back who gets his thrills from work to then indulges in junk food and hobbies.

He’s got things he cares about and goals he wanted to achieve game-to-game, mostly to do with his family… but seems pretty content to let things come to him. In the first game, he wanted to revenge against his mother’s filler, but was okay with simply taking slaying jobs at random until he hit the big score. Trish has to flat out take Dante to Mundus’ palace so they can fight. In the third game, Vergil has to invite Dante to the tower. In the fourth game, Dante doesn’t even want to go to the island; Trish (again) strong-arms him into it.

Once set to a course, Dante’s basically an unstoppable locomotive, but he rarely throws himself into a situation independently. Throughout the course of each adventure, Dante adds to his weapons arsenal and abilities. He seems pleased with them, but mostly for their coolness factor rather than out of a desire to become mightier. My favorite part of DMC4 is how after knocking apart a corrupt religious group and meeting what is possibly the last surviving member of his family, Dante just goes right back home to lounge around and eat pizza just like how he started the plot. There’s no ambition in him to become stronger, seek leadership over something, or better his living situation; because he’s content and stable in his niche.

It also adds a nice contrast (and perhaps a behavioral explanation for Dante) to Vergil, who was consumed by a desire for power and domination. We can assume that Dante and Vergil at least spent some time fighting side-by-side before the events of DMC3. Maybe Dante saw what unchecked ambition and drive did to Vergil and resolved never to allow that to happen to himself? This can potentially be brought up again when discussing Nero, who is characterized a lot more traditionally as a mixed breed action hero compared to Dante (conflicted over heritage, protects a delicate love interest/his home). Nero has things he really wants to do, but they involve stewardship over others rather than self-aggrandizing… which might be why Dante left Yamato with Nero in the end. Because Nero has all of Vergil’s drive, with all of Dante’s heart.

I have a lot of thoughts about the DMC cast…


Attetion people, we are witnessing a miracle. Capcom has finally talked about a RE2 remake!! No, they’re not announcing they’ve made it or that they are going to, but at least they finally talk about it and even ask fans’s opinions. Isn’t that already a miracle? And no, it is not a random Capcom worker answering someone’s question independently without much details. NO! It’s no other than the official RE english page in Facebook!