I know what you are now.
I think I knew before,
You know.
After I sent that kid to the hospital
Years ago,
They said I had an anger problem,
But that’s not true.
I was angry because of something else.
Something I’d lost
Trying so hard since not to be angry
Got me all defenseless.
And I lost more, and more, and more…
That’s not getting better
I want to be angry
When I ran home, from college,
On the bus I had this dream
Or maybe I saw it out the window
Lost leaf on the tree
Finally blowin’ off
I’m so scared
All the time
And the fear *hurts*!
Feeling like everything is over
Was over long before I got here
So long, hiding
Or trying to outrun this
I get it.
This won’t stop
Until I die.
But when I die
I want it to hurt
When my friends leave
When I have to let go
When this entrie town is wiped off the map
I want it to hurt. Bad.
I want to lose
I want to get beaten up
I want to hold on
Until I’m thrown off
And everything ends
And you know what?
Until that happens
I want to hope again
And I want it to hurt.
Because that means it meant something
It means I am…something, at least
Heh heh ha heheheh heh
Pretty amazing to be something, at least
You know I can’t understand you, right?
Oh shut up already!
I know this won’t save me in the end
But I don’t need it to save me forever
I just need it to save me now
So if you’re gonna kill me right here
Then do it
If not…
—  Mae (Night in the Woods)

Vivid, the former shaman before Viss took her place. She was also Viss’ teacher.
The black markings on her body are actually tattoos.
In her little bag she carries around small healing plants and gemstones.

As a demigodess she is immortal.

I really hope Jack see’s this..I drew it whilst watching him play The Last Guardian and I’m pretty proud of it!💚 also I just want to say thank-you Sean, for making my life so much better, no matter how humble you are, just know you genuinely make peoples lives worth it💚💚 ( @therealjacksepticeye )