So I’ve been having visual hallucinations every now and then for the past like 6 months which I’ve honestly gotten used to and they haven’t even been that bad, but just last night, even though I haven’t had them for over a year, I started having auditory hallucinations again, which can be fucking horrifying at times.

Seriously, if you’ve never had one before, be thankful. Some drove me to tears when I first started experiencing them.

So… Yeah. My night has just been fan-fucking-tastic so far.

Request by my baby and pride and joy @stormtrpo and just because you my husbando I will tag you in most of these xD sorry @sam-i-am-am-i-sam

Me singing a little part of “Love like You” from Steven Universe. I hope you liked it my cute little bebs!!!

Btw request for songs are still open!

and what the frick am i supposed to do about that, after effects, what in the frick am i supposed to do