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completely unrelated to the bmc bootleg sorry oof- and sorry if you don't want to talk about it either but,,,, how is demonetisation affecting your channel? do you even get money off of youtube? I'm not trying to say this in a 'dUdE dO YOU EVEN YOUTUBE CORRECTLY BRO?' but I'm just curious since a lot of your videos are hidden in restricted mode.

? my videos at the moment are all monetized except for a couple that i’ve turned it off on in respect to copyrighted content.

also just signed out and checked my channel with restricted mode on and all my videos are still visible so it might be something on your end regarding that

@raendown the end of the world video has been my favourite video on the internet since the first time I saw it. I even have it partially memorized (I used to have it fully memorized, but such is the way of things you no longer recite with your preteen friends on a daily basis). References and quotes from this video slip their way into everyday conversation and even my writing. Most recently, I briefly used a quote in my Slow Burn/Fake Date/Enemies to Lovers post for Izumo/Genma/Raidou. It’s a way of life for me, lol.

My second favourite video is still Schfifty Five

shegozoff replied to your post “sad that the girl literally ran up to sharon for a hug and got stopped…”

and the comments telling her she should have gotten there earlier but she was at the front of the line

!!!!!!! drag stans love to victim blame and defend their fav’s vile behaviour to the death. THIS GIRL HAS VIDEO EVIDENCE AND IS STILL BEING TREATED AS IF IT WERE HER FAULT? jndksksc i could literally post a video of me being slapped across the face by a ru girl and some of y’all will be like “well… you should have moved out of the way when she wound up her hand like that :/”


“It don’t matter babe ‘cause I’m always on your side.”

The Veronicas - On Your Side (2016)