jonhillm  Still just a moody emo boy, dusting this one off. My neighbors HATE me. #mood #chicago #emo #midnight


Still the best intro tbh

At least I tried haha…
This isn’t my best artwork but depression and school is keeping me away from practicing. I just loved @wiishu ’s video. I love how comfortable they are showing all of this on camera. And I am so glad that they share all of this with us. I was a smiling mess after this video and I still am. Honestly, thank you two so much for this video.
I am so happy you can finally be happy together without anyone hating.
Videos like this are my fuel to go on and to stay motivated. We all love you a lot
I surely could have done better. But I still wanna share this and hope that both you @wiishu and @therealjacksepticeye enjoy this.

I had a great time at HVFF! Robin Lord Taylor really does radiate sunshine, even from a distance. Whenever I looked over at him at his table (and I did that a lot) he was always smiling or hugging a fan or listening so intensely to what they were saying. He was so energetic and smiley and happy <3 Even though his queue was huge, he had time for every fan! I’m so excited to meet him tomorrow!

John Barrowman was there, and he sang on stage, in drag! It was amazing. I got a small video, and I can still hardly believe it. Me and @edngyma were around the stage on two separate occasions, and we saw John Barrowman really near us twice! He didn’t see us (thank goodness) but I can’t believe he was so close ^_^

Drew Powell was an absolute angel. I got his autograph and we had an awesome chat about Butch and Fish’s relationship after Fish came back to life, and what he thinks about her now. It was a really interesting conversation, and I loved having the chance to talk to him :) Also, he called me cute, and I just died???


Niall Horan - Slow Hands (Lyric Video)

Seriously, i still get excited when I watch Niall!

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that bothers me too! i think a lot of lets players just chatter so much they dont notice what the game is trying to show them? like they get so caught up in making a video about playing games they dont actually play the game. (or maybe they do it on purpose to add to the video??) but its still like low key frustrating to watch

it can be yeah

i feel like it’s a bit different in Game Grumps and tends to bother me a tad less because it.. wait no y’know that’s a lie, when they play more linear games it does still bother the hell out of me haha. they’re notorious for not paying attention to notes and instructions and then just being a fucking mess until they figure it out later. fucking goons

but i feel like they’re more oriented toward jokes and humor anyway… and, y’know, there’s probably a difference when it’s face cam too. there’s way more performing for LPers like Mark when you also have to physically act and not just play but worry about what you say 


i already love this book uugffhhfdhfg

apparently when my big brother was 6 he asked our mom for a sonic the hedgehog game but bc he was a tiny kid he said it like “honic the hegghog” and my mom thought that was what it was called so she legit went into a store and asked these two workers “do you have ‘honic the hegghog video game’” and that still haunts me tbh

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Hello. I've been searching high and low for the video or stills of the time where Jongin "slipped" and "accidentally" touched Kyungsoo's crotch during a Monster performance. I believe they were wearing pink? Thank you for such an awesome blog.

Hi anon! Thank you ^o^ 

(Lmao I like your “slipped” and “accidentally”)

Here you go –> 

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“It don’t matter babe ‘cause I’m always on your side.”

The Veronicas - On Your Side (2016)