i sat here for like twelve minutes just crying

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I love that last gif in that Chris calling Sebastian Seb complation, because the question was about characters and Chris called everyone by their character names but not Sebastian :DD

i know pls they’re adorable, i love their friendship and i wish they’d pair them up more. I lie, bc that would mean less Stackie, I wish they’d just let Seb, Chris and Mackie do all the press tours as a group of 3.

Is it only me that thinks that BigHit hasn’t necessarily planned everything since debut and instead, when thinking of a new concept, they look back on past projects and build a new story and create links based on what has been seen already. So, in other words, they think of ways to create a story along the way instead of having it all pre-planned.

For example, with the new short film STIGMA, there were scenes from Danger. But instead of having such a concept planned since then or even earlier, they’ve sat down and said ‘Alright, what links and connections shall we make to create and continue a story?’. And that kind of applies with the other short films, teasers, projects etc. They’re just constantly looking over what they’ve done, referencing it in new projects and adding additional details.