AU: high school story is a tv show (pt ii)

so, i missed tons of characters on my first post (and i still missed some here) and also, i really love writing these!! btw, i referred the mc as they/them since i know some of u guys are boys or play as the male mc so here ya go! once again, totals creds to @zahranamazis and the rest of the choices blogs who have done this, i love reading these:

part i 

  • vice principal isa had just turned 34 when season 1 was being shot
  • luis wears contact lenses irl so he found wearing glasses on set kind of refreshing
  • brian said that he actually hated his character at first    
  • ‘’dude, my character was being an a-hole for no reason at all! i hated that. but i read the final script and i understood that there was more to him so now i ONLY dislike him’’ 
  • julian revealed he wasn’t the sporty kid in high school but he was more of a theatre kid
  • payton and autumn being completely shocked at this
  • the cast recorded videos of morgan when the makeup and hair team had to shave half of her head for her character’s hairstyle
  • ‘’it’ll grow back!’’ they assure her 
  • for promotion of the show, polaroids were taken on set while filming, all taken by autumn to make it look more ‘real’ 
  • caleb reveals he was just like his character back in high school 
  • ‘’i was part of the football team and i was dating this girl who i thought i’d marry but here i am’’ he says shrugging, the mc imitating his shrug ‘’yeah, i’m just an actor now. no biggie’’ they say as caleb chuckles 
  • the hss show was the first acting gig that emma had ever got, hence why she was nervous on her audition 
  • in an interview, the mc and michael play ‘never have i ever’ and when asked ‘never have i ever hooked up with a castmate’ the mc and michael look at each other 
  • ‘’is there a ‘i could possibly have’ option?’’ michael asks the interviewer
  • the mc’s dad improvised some of his lines to make him look more of a corny dad
  • zoe reveals she had been cheated on irl so she took all that negative energy and put it on her character 
  • mia having to get to set earlier in the morning than everyone for the scenes where she had to have a cast on, sleeping on her chair while the makeup team placed a fake one on her leg
  • the cast actually voting behind the scenes for what theme they wanted for the homecoming dance 
  • nishan is actually really good at video games and likes to go to video game conventions when shooting for the show is over
  • frank became such a loved character that fans made a petition so he could get more screen time in season 2
  • ‘’ya heard ‘em @HSSTVSHOW give my boy frank some more screen time!’’ he tweeted
  • the principal was actually a kindergarten teacher assistant in her youth, which made her perfect for the role
  • maria goes live on instagram in the middle of shooting for an episode and gets scolded by the production team
  • ‘’yeahhh, uh, that was funny’’ she laughs as an interviewer asks her about that ‘’my manager told me i was breaking my contract’s rules but to be honest i thought it was super harmless’’
  • the show getting nominated for a teen choice award for ‘’best tv show’’ but losing to the endless summer show, the cast is bummed but go on their social media and thank their fans for voting and congratulate the endless summer cast 
  • ‘‘just wait for season two, we’ll win all the awards js ;)’‘ michael tweets, getting fans all hyped up for the upcoming season

I was at a video game convention trying to stop Nintendo from destroying the world. But I was the only one who seemed to care, my mom just wanted to take pictures of everything and nobody else really knew about their evil plans.


Summary: Phil watches Dan fall in and out of love with another person and it’s tearing him apart.

Word Count: 3.9k

Pairings: Dan/OC, Dan/Phil

[Ao3 Link]

Phil was watching his best friend fall in love. He was glad that Dan found this girl to be with but it hurt. It hurt because Phil knew that it should have been him. He should have said something when he first saw Dan in person at the train station in Manchester. He should have said something when Dan went to university. He should have said something when they were living together for the first time and Dan was dropping out of school. He should have said something when they moved to London and when they went on tour and when they moved again to a larger apartment. Phil knew that he should have told Dan everything, but he was too scared to.

And now, it was hurting him. This girl, Isabel, was perfect for Dan. She was funny and sarcastic, with long brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. They got along perfectly, and Phil honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with her. He knew that he had to support Dan’s choice to be with her, because, what else could a friend do? He pretended to be excited when they went on dates and he did his best to be friendly whenever she was over. Even though it pained him, he wanted Dan to be happy.

Tonight was another date night and Phil was left alone in the house, playing some Final Fantasy. He didn’t mind the quiet but eventually, it got to be too much. He missed having Dan sitting next to him, scrolling on Tumblr. Even if it was quiet, he missed having Dan’s presence next to him. Phil paused the game, set down the controller, and laid back on the couch. He turned to look at the sofa crease next to him, wishing that the man he secretly loved was sitting there. Before he knew it, Phil was drifting off to sleep.

A loud bang woke Phil up, disorienting him. “Shit, shit, shit, shit”, he heard a voice whisper from the kitchen. Phil called out “Dan, are you okay?” his voice riddled with sleep. He pulled himself off the couch to walk towards Dan.

“Yeah, I’m fine Phil, don’t worry,” Dan responded, “just dropped a glass while trying to pour some water.” Phil found him kneeling on the tile, picking up the larger shards of glass.

“How did your date go then?” Phil asked, leaning against the counter. He honestly didn’t want to hear the answer but he knew Dan would want to talk about it.

“Oh, it was incredible, Phil. We went to this cute Italian restaurant and then walked around a park, just talking for ages. She’s really great, Phil.”

“Are you happy, then, Dan?”


“Well, that’s good. I’m gonna head to bed so I’ll see you in the morning,” Phil said, yawning.

“Technically it’s morning now but see you in the morning,” Dan replied with a smile on his face. Phil turned out of the room, smiling as well. At least he’s happy, Phil thought as he shut the door to his room. All he truly wanted at this point was for Dan to crawl into bed with him.

Days and months pass, with Dan happily with Isabel. Each day, Phil watched as Dan smiled at his phone, glowing with love and adoration. I miss being the only person who could do that, he thought. Nothing completely changed, they still went about making gaming videos and attending conventions together. Dan even joined the Lester family for vacation again. But something was different this time. Now, Dan was consistently on his phone, texting Isabel. Their nights now included calls to Isabel or Skype sessions when they were away. Phil felt his heart twist each time Dan left the room for these calls.

Eventually, they started seeing each other less often. It became more common for Dan to sleep at Isabel’s apartment and for Phil to be utterly alone. The only time Phil really saw Dan was when they filmed gaming videos together and the rare occasion that Dan wasn’t with Isabel. Phil had started to resign himself to silence, only speaking when necessary. Phil didn’t even know if Dan noticed the change in his personality. He tried to force himself to go out with a friend, like Hazel or Louise, but he just couldn’t. All he wanted was his friend back with him.

Phil started to give up hope. He was at the point where he thought Dan was going to move in with Isabel, leaving him alone forever. Phil started to look at some smaller apartments because he knew he couldn’t live in this one alone. This apartment surrounded him in memories of Dan, seeing all of their shared things lining the shelves around the place. If he wanted to move on, he would have to leave. But he just couldn’t. He couldn’t leave Dan unless he knew that they would have to part ways. This thought continued to nag him into his sleep.

Phil jolted up at the sound of a door slamming. Is Dan home or is it a really clumsy murderer, Phil thought. He decided to take his chances and investigate the noise. Creeping down the hallway, he noticed that the kitchen light was on and there were rummaging sounds coming from it. Phil peered into the room, surprised to find Dan there. “Dan,” Phil asked, “what are you doing?”

Dan practically jumped ten feet into the air. “Jesus fucking Christ, Phil! You scared the shit out of me,” he shrieked. He was holding a bottle of wine in his hand and he had bloodshot eyes that marked his past tears.

“Dan, what happened?” Phil asked quietly. He knew that Dan didn’t really drink wine unless he was desperate for some release that alcohol could give him. He was even more worried because he knew Dan was supposed to be with Isabel for the night.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Dan mumbled, taking a drink from the bottle. He tried to leave the kitchen but Phil grabbed his wrist.

“Dan, I know something’s wrong. Please, just tell me.”

“You really want to know, Phil? Isabel broke up with me. She said she wasn’t happy anymore and she didn’t want to be with me. She broke my heart, Phil. Are you happy now?”

Phil stood there silently, taking in this information. His heart began to swell, knowing that he finally had a new opportunity to tell Dan how he felt. But then he realized, Dan needed time to get over this. He couldn’t just confess his love now, it wouldn’t be right.

“I’m sorry, Dan. I know how much she meant to you. Is there anything I can do?”

“If you can magically make her come back, that’d be wonderful,” Dan spat back.

“Well I can’t do that, but I can make you a cup of tea. Would that be okay?”

Dan shrugged. “Sure, I guess. I’m gonna go to my room.”

“Okay, I’ll bring you your cup when it’s ready,” Phil said as Dan sulked out of the room. Phil then went about making some tea, practically on autopilot. He didn’t want to feel good about Dan’s relationship ending but he had never felt more relieved about something ending. He knew, however, that he had to help Dan through this. He finished making the tea and, carefully, brought the cup to Dan’s room.

All Phil saw was Dan’s long form curled into a fetal position on his bed, the amber lamp radiating light around the room. Dan’s eyes were glued to his phone, scrolling endlessly through text after text from Isabel. He was holding back tears, threatening to dampen the pillowcase beneath his head. If everything wasn’t wrapped in a cloud of sorrow, Phil would have thought that he was the most beautiful person in the world. Phil slowly walked over to Dan’s bedside table, setting the cup of tea down. “Here’s your tea. I’ll see you in the morning,” Phil said softly. He turned to make his way out of the room when he heard Dan whisper something.


Phil turned around to look at Dan. “What’d you say?”

“I said, stay. Please, Phil. I don’t want to be alone,” he said, looking up at Phil.

“Oh okay,” Phil replied, sliding onto the bed as Dan turned to grab his mug of tea. Phil sat there quietly, not knowing if he should say anything or not. He kept glancing at Dan, looking for any indication that he should but saw nothing. He still couldn’t believe that this was happening again, that he was watching his best friend reach rock bottom. The last time this happened was when he dropped out of university. Even then, Phil struggled with what to say.

Phil was caught up in his head until he heard Dan speak. “I just want her back,” he said solemnly.

“I know, Dan. I know,” Phil responded.

“This is going to be my university break down all over again, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know. But we can try to keep it away from that, yeah?”

“I guess so,” Dan said, placing the mug of tea back down. He rolled onto his side, facing away from Phil. “But right now, I think I just want to sleep.”
“Okay. Goodnight Dan. I’ll be right beside you if you need me,” Phil said quietly.

“Okay. Thank you, Phil. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Phil contemplated a response but decided to just let Dan sleep. They could talk more in the morning. He rolled over onto his side, his back to Dan. His mind was racing, thinking about how this was the first time they had shared a bed outside of necessity in years. But eventually, exhaustion set in and he drifted into sleep.


Phil awoke to Dan’s face incredibly close to his. He startled a bit but eventually caught himself staring. Dan’s lips were slightly parted and a beautiful rose color. Phil could see where Dan chewed at his lips during times of anxiety, standing out as darker blotches. His cheeks were dotted with freckles and Phil could almost imagine tracing constellations into them. Dan’s eyes were still shut, his long eyelashes fanning out onto his cheeks. Phil adored Dan’s eyes, their deep brown felt like comfort and warmth. Dan’s hair was a complete mess, curls unruly on the top of his head. Phil was glad that Dan liked his natural hair because he always thought it was beautiful. He’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, Phil thought.

He tore himself away from Dan and pulled himself out of bed. The best thing I could do right now is making some good breakfast for him, he decided, slipping out of Dan’s room. He padded down to the kitchen and turned on the kettle. He grabbed some bread and put it into the toaster. Phil grabbed a mug out of the cabinet, the NASA mug that Dan had valiantly offered to share with Phil after his broke. He dropped a teabag into the mug and placed it on the counter, turning to lean against the surface to wait for the kettle to boil. I should tell him everything, he thought, furrowing his brow. But not yet.

The pop of the toaster pulled Phil from his thoughts. He moved around the kitchen as he prepared the toast with butter and jam. He grabbed the kettle and poured the water over the teabag and let it sit. It was an herbal tea that Dan enjoyed immensely so Phil didn’t put anything into it. He grabbed the mug and the plate and quietly made his way back to Dan’s room. He pushed the door open quietly and found Dan still asleep. Phil tiptoed over to the bedside table next to the sleeping man and quietly placed the mug and plate down. He reached out his hand to gently shake Dan.

“Wake up Dan. I made you some breakfast,” Phil said quietly. Dan’s eyes blinked open, adjusting to the low light of morning. He squinted and stretched, his stomach peeking out from the bottom of his shirt.

“You made me breakfast?” Dan asked, his voice gravelly with sleep.

“Yeah, I thought you’d want to not make anything,” Phil said, handing him the plate.
“Oh, and it’s room service too? You spoil me,” Dan replied while sitting up.

“Yeah, I really do,” he said, returning to the other side of Dan’s bed. Where I actually slept, Phil thought. Why did he let me sleep here?

“Phil? Are you listening?”

“Huh, sorry?” Phil said looking at Dan.

“I asked if you wanted to just have a pajama day today and not worry about work or business or anything like that.”

“Of course Dan! Any excuse to not do work is fine by me,” Phil said with a smile.

“Alright, sounds good,” Dan said, returning the smile. The two remained in a comfortable silence as Dan ate. Eventually, Phil got up to make himself some food, his stomach grumbling in protest. While he ate his bowl of cereal, he contemplated what he should do next. I really should tell Dan how I feel, he thought, he deserves to know. He can decide what to feel and it won’t hurt me.

The rest of the day passed with minimal incident. The two of them watched some anime and played rounds upon rounds of Mario Kart, with Dan getting increasingly more frustrated each time someone beat him. Phil giggled at his flatmate’s rage, finding the way that Dan’s nose crinkled up when he seethed to be cute. Everything seemed like it was normal. It wasn’t until later when they were wrapped up in blankets watching “Inception” when Phil started to notice that something was off. Dan seemed terribly distracted by something. He kept picking up his phone and looking at it, sighing, and then dropping it again; it seemed like he was waiting for something. Phil caught him staring off into space constantly as well, not really focused on the movie.

“I miss her,” Dan whispered, as the credits rolled on the screen.

“What was that, Dan?” Phil questioned, not expecting the younger man to speak.

“I said, I miss her,” he said, “why hasn’t she talked to me?”

“Why would she do that?”

“Because she probably knows how much she hurt me and she’d try to comfort me, right?” Tears began to well up in Dan’s eyes. Phil leaned himself closer to Dan.

“You guys both need some time to collect yourselves first. She’ll talk to you when she’s ready.”

“But I loved her, Phil. If she loved me as much as I loved her, why would she ever leave?” Dan leaned his head into Phil’s chest. Instinctively, Phil brought his hand up into Dan’s curly hair, slowly petting at it. He realized how much he loved Dan’s natural hair, not believing that Dan used to hate it; he looked incredibly beautiful with it. “She meant everything to me,” he whispered.

“Dan, I know you aren’t going to like this but I’m gonna be honest,” Phil said. “You need to get over her. These kinds of things happen and you just need to move on.”

“But I just can’t, Phil! She was perfect in every way,” Dan exclaimed. They sat there for a while in silence until Phil realized he could feel wetness dripping onto his shirt; it was Dan’s tears. Phil removed his hand from Dan’s head and brought it to his chin, lifting it up to look at him. His chocolate eyes stared up, watery with salty tears and an invisible pain. A single tear escaped and began to roll down his cheek. Phil didn’t hesitate as he reached his thumb up and brushed it away. As he removed his thumb, he noticed a change in Dan’s facial expression. It wasn’t a look of hurt anymore; it was a look of confusion.

“What the fuck, Phil?” Dan said, a mix of anger and uncertainty tinged in his voice.

“I’m so sorry, Dan,” he rushed to apologize, “I didn’t realize what I was doing!”

“Why would you do that? Do you know how that makes me feel?” Dan was recoiling to the further side of the couch, his voice getting louder. Phil started to open his mouth to apologize again when Dan bolted up from the couch. “I’m just going to go to bed, goodnight,” he said, swiftly exiting the room. Phil heard the very poignant sound of a door being closed with force. He sat in a stunned silence, not knowing what changed between him and Dan. Wait a second, Phil thought, what did he mean by ‘how it makes him feel’? He pulled himself off of the couch and turned everything off with this heavy thought stuck in the back of his mind. He stared at Dan’s room as he walked by, thinking about knocking. He decided against it, letting Dan take his time to figure himself out. Phil tucked himself into bed and realized that he missed the weight of another person behind him as he slept.


Weeks passed without much incident. Both men filmed and uploaded videos. They put out some gaming videos which had gotten a very positive response. Overall, things seemed okay. Some people online began to pick up on the fact that something had changed between them but they couldn’t figure out why. They both chose to ignore these comments and continue on, even though they knew what they were doing. Slowly, they had started to maintain more of a distance from each other. There were no longer those lingering touches between them or leaning onto the other while watching television. Phil missed being close to Dan; he needed to figure out what Dan was feeling.

Phil was pretty sure Dan was over Isabel. The two of them had met up a week ago to truly discuss what went wrong and split off things amicably. Dan had returned from that meeting seeming much lighter than before as if the weight of unsaid things had been lifted off of his shoulder. So then why is he still being so closed off to me, Phil questioned. He realized that he needed to figure this out as soon as possible. I just miss having my best friend, he thought.

The day had gone reasonably well with the two of them and they decided to order some Thai food and catch up on “Attack on Titan” together. They silently ate their food, completely engrossed by the characters on screen. Neither of them noticed that they had started to slide closer and closer together on the couch, something they hadn’t done for a while. When they had finished watching the episodes they needed to catch up on, Dan went into a huge rant about what could have been done better and the leaps in logic that the show took. Phil reminded him that it’s an anime and that anything is possible, which quickly stopped Dan from going further. They sat in a comfortable silence for a while, each of them focused on scrolling through their phones. Phil realized this was as good a time as any to say something.

“Hey, Dan?”

“What Phil?” Dan looked up from his phone, an eyebrow raised in question.

“Is everything okay between us? I’ve just noticed a change ever since you stopped seeing Isabel,” Phil said, softly. He didn’t want to bring up bad memories but it was necessary.

“What do you mean, Phil? I’m fine. We’re fine,” Dan said, starting slide a bit further away from Phil.

“You just seem so much more distant and closed off from me. You haven’t been like this in ages and it was starting to worry me.”

“Why are you so concerned about me, Phil? I’m fine!”

“Because I’m in love with you, you idiot!”

Dan sat there, wide-eyed, at this admission. He seemed completely speechless. Phil sighed, knowing that he had to say everything now.

“Ever since we met, Dan, I’ve wanted to tell you. But I was scared that I was too old for you or that you would never see me the same way as I saw you. But through everything, I’ve been in love with you.

“When you first moved to Manchester, I remember feeling so happy because you were finally near me and not hours away. Then you moved in with me and I thought maybe I had a chance. But then life caught us both by surprise and hurtled us into fame and I knew that I couldn’t ruin that with a relationship. Then we moved to London and I thought that I was the luckiest man on earth because I got to make things with you and smile at all of your successes. I got to tour around the world with my best friend and see him smile out at the thousands of people who helped shape who we are today.

“And then you found Isabel and I felt my heart get crushed. I was still happy for you though because you deserve to be happy, Dan. I could see how happy she made you and how she seemed to complete you. But, I would give you everything if I could. I fell so hard for you and never said anything because I was scared of what would happen. I didn’t want you to leave me because I don’t know what I would do without you.” Phil paused for a moment, with his head bowed towards his lap. “You have every right to be mad at me for saying all of this, I understand.”

Suddenly, Dan threw his arms around Phil, practically sitting in the older man’s lap. Phil felt his heart soar. He isn’t mad at me, he thought. He had never felt so much relief before.

“I feel the same way,” Dan said softly as his head was still buried into Phil’s shoulder.

“Wait, what?” Phil was shocked by this revelation. Dan sat back, keeping his hand resting on Phil’s leg.

“Ever since I first saw you online, I fell for you. But then I felt like it would never happen and I stopped myself from believing it. I chose to try and move on from you. That’s why Isabel made me so happy, she helped me get over you. But then that one night, where you cared for me at my lowest point, I knew I was still in love with you and I didn’t know how to cope with it. So, I tried to distance myself again but obviously, it didn’t work. But I’m glad it didn’t,” Dan said, a small smile appearing.

Phil grabbed Dan’s hand, intertwining their fingers. “I would love to be your boyfriend if you agree to it of course,” he said, rubbing his thumb back and forth across Dan’s hand.

“Of course, you idiot! What else could I say to that?”

“I mean, you could have said ‘absolutely not’,” Phil responded with a smile.

“Yeah, I could have. But that would mean that I wouldn’t really be able to do this”, Dan replied, leaning forward to kiss Phil. Dan’s lips were slightly chapped but the amount of love was clear in the kiss. Their lips fit together perfectly as if it was meant to be. Finally, Phil could have his best friend and be in love with him, too.

I was at a video game convention with my dad and my boyfriend at the time (I was 13). Me and my boyfriend were playing some SNES game and a man, about 40 years old walks up. He’s in an Assassin’s Creed cosplay, and starts trying to make jokes about being from a different time period. My boyfriend gets uncomfortable and drags me away to find my dad. About an hour later, I’m alone by a pinball machine, trying to call my dad. That guy comes up to me.

The following conversation
(We’re gonna refer to this guy as Gabe)
Gave: you know, in my era, I was quite popular with the ladies
Me: Stays silent because no bitch
Gabe: Can I have your number?
Me: *looks at him while literally still holding my phone* I don’t have a phone
Gabe: Can we go out sometime?
Me: I’m 13
Gabe: I’m 14
Me: I have a boyfriend
Gabe:He doesn’t have to know

At some point in this my dad picks up the phone, listens, then finds where I am and punches Gabe in his sweaty ass neck beard face

Just a Few Minutes | Part Two

It was strange seeing (Y/N) again after almost two years. She looked different to him. Her hair was longer, her skin was brighter, and she was taking care of herself. She didn’t look dead in the eyes like he half heartedly assumed she’d look, even after so long. She exuded serenity and peace. He was happy that she looked happy. He only hoped that her happiness was genuine, though. Deep down he knew that she was doing alright. He still knew (Y/N); how to read her, that is. That soft smile she portrayed in her Instagram post was real and he was relieved.

He bit down on his lip softly, thumb tingling to click on her username and view her page, but he was nervous. He missed her and still cared for her, but only as a friend. He didn’t want to miss her romantically. It would mess him up and he didn’t want to get a single urge to disrupt her life. She was finally doing well and he wanted to keep it that way. But he clicked on her username anyway, surprised she had over 100 pictures, as she wasn’t the type to televise her personal life as much.

Most of her pictures she took were only of her. Here and there he’d see pictures of her and some of her presumed friends, a soft smile gracing his lips noticing her blissful aura. He looked at each one carefully, even going through some of the comments. She still types the same, he aimlessly thought before continuing down her page.

The next picture was of her in a large dressing room. She was in a pink velvet two piece that clung to her skin. He immediately noticed the widening of her hips. When he use to know her, she was fairly small, but in this picture it was clear that she took a few visits to the gym. He suddenly gulped, not sure if it was because there was extra saliva collecting in his throat or if it was because of her. He paid no mind to it and kept scrolling.

There were  few more pictures of her out at a variety of places with some people, and a few more of just her. He was close to clicking out of her page until he saw one photo of her pressed up against a guy. He had brown eyes and dreads that hung below his broad shoulders. His long, tan arms wrapped around her waist as he towered over her. The caption was simple and straight to the point:


Justin squeezed his phone slightly. He knew that she deserved to be happy. That’s what he always wanted for her, but witnessing another guy’s arms around her made him squirm where he sat, eyebrows forwarding an inch before his face fell dull again. He tried not to read into his emotions, figuring any negative ones is unfair to her, but he couldn’t knock the weird feeling inside. Maybe it was the fact that he’s never seen her with someone else other than him, and that’s what he thought, lingering over the picture even more.

She was grinning wide, almost as if she was laughing; and he was happy that she was smiling again, but it still didn’t feel right that they were so close, even after staring at the picture for much longer than he intended.

He shook his head, finally forcing himself to click off her page and out of Instagram completely. “Good for her,” he managed to say and then he cut on his TV, subconsciously hoping that the show he settled on would distract him. Gratefully, Maria texted him within the next second. He was still seeing her but it wasn’t as lovely as it use to be between them. Now they argued, constantly breaking up and getting back together. In this moment they were together, but Justin rolled his eyes so hard at the sight of her name, he gave himself a slight headache. He saw too many curse words to be bothered by any of her texts, so he didn’t entertain her, even going the mile to turn off his phone. Soon after, he slammed his back against the couch and slept until the morning came again.


Come to the bonfire tonight.

As soon as Justin got an invitation from Antonio for the second time in two weeks, he was quick to dress warm and head out. Everyone was going to be there and there was no way he’d miss this opportunity. It was the first time in a couple days that he dabbled in any outings whatsoever, let alone with his friends. He was eager, there was that much, and he wanted to get his mind off of a couple things: Maria, (Y/N), and things as simple as the chilling weather that has yet to pass.

His fingers were gripped tight around the steering wheel. Within a couple right turns and even a little ways on the high way, he was at Antonio’s. Justin parked his car on the strip and headed straight inside. Antonio and he had gotten close over the year that they’ve been friends. So things like walking inside his house without so much as a knock was okay.

Justin marveled at his friend’s house. Greeting him at the door was a grand staircase with glass railings and marble floors that coated each stair that led out throughout the house. The chandler that hung above his head glittered, illuminating the area with just its own strength. A gray statue of the infamous naked woman stood in the corner seemingly watching Justin’s every move. Her long hair covered her breast while her hands gracefully held up a sheet to cover her lower region. Justin named her Martha and that’s what everyone called her whenever they saw her. Justin gave her a simple hand wave as he closed the door behind him.

“Hello, Mr. Bieber,” he heard and turn to see Antonio’s butler, Andrew, rushing to the door where he was suppose to be stationed at. However, attending to multiple guess at the same time isn’t an easy job.

Justin smiled a charming smile and shook the blading man’s hand. “Please, Andrew, for the hundredth time, call me Justin.”

There was no way Andrew would address Justin on a first name basis, but he smiled and nodded anyway. “The bonfire is right outback,” he informed.

Justin left Andrew to his lonesome and followed the harmonious laughter that led him to his wide group of friends. Gina, the small girl with the big head and baby doll eyes, was the first to see Justin walk through the sliding glass door. She opened her arms wide and wrapped them around Justin’s shoulders. He hugged her back but focused on everyone else who noticed his arrival. Zack, a newer friend of his dapped him next and then it was a string of physical greetings afterwards, ending with Antonio himself.

He wore a simple long sleeve shirt and a bubble vest. Looking at him you’d never know he was a child of millionaires, but that’s typical right? Having up to par parents who dine and wine with the finest and then have an offspring who thinks going to video game and cosplay conventions were “epic”?

“Glad you could make it, man,” he told Justin. “Enjoy yourself.” And that was the end of that. Antonio disappeared down the lower plains of his large backyard.

Justin turned his attention to some of his long time friends and smiled wide. Alfredo was the first to speak to him. “I haven’t seen you in years,” he exaggerated and then gave Justin a bro hug before returning to his girlfriend, Tiara.

Justin chuckled and shrugged. “I guess I’ve been busy.”

“Hanging out with Maria?” Tony chimed in.

Justin fought the urge to roll his eyes. “Not even. She’s been annoying me a lot lately. You know, the same old.” An awkward exchange of looks jumped amongst the group. “What?” he asked and then Alfredo bumped Tiara.

Tiara cleared her throat. “I might have invited someone who you might not want to see.” And then she bit her lip guiltily, something she always did when she knew she did something wrong.

“Who?” Justin breathed. Within the millisecond, he was looking around at all the familiar faces that he doesn’t have any bad blood with. “I don’t see anyone.”

“Keep on looking,” Gina mumbled, nervous almost.

Justin’s eyes briefly scanned over the pit of fire that brewed in the middle of everyone and then his eyes settled on a tall, manly frame that he couldn’t depict. Never mind that. It was only when the mysterious man moved is when Justin’s face twisted with realization, amusement, anguish, and surprise. Standing behind him was someone that he could pick out of the crowd amongst a thousand.

Justin quickly looked away before (Y/N) could catch eye contact with him. He leered at Tiara. “Why?” He nearly seethed. “Why would you invite her?

“I invited her because she is my friend. And come on,” Tiara flailed one of her arms, “it’s been almost two years. She’s over it, Justin, you can relax.”

That was the first time Justin ever got an update on what (Y/N) felt about she and himself. Even if she were over it, he still had the desire to hide away from her. He had no idea what she might think of him. ‘She’s over it’ could vary. Is she still hurt? Does she have trust issues? Had she buried her hate for him until she didn’t think about it anymore or had she truly forgiven him?

“Man, relax.” Tony gripped both Justin’s shoulders and shook him. He released a breath he didn’t even know he was holding.

“I’m sweating.” Justin wiped the thin coat of sweat off his forehead and looked down at his glimmering fingers. “I’m not sure it’s the fire that’s doing this.” His stomach twisted in knots, causing his stomach to take on a nervous ache. He never thought he’d see her again, at least not up close like this. All the observations he made about her through her Instagram post stood to be true and even then some. I can’t do this, he thought, I’m not ready.

But despite his quiet desperation to leave, his friends didn’t let him. If it wasn’t Tony holding him there, then it was Gina. If it wasn’t Gina, then it was Alphredo and Tiara, and the cycle continued.

The pink sky began to turn into a midnight blue over the horizon and majority of the people sat around the fire telling jokes with one another. Justin stood in the distance, not too far to where people would become suspicious, but far enough so that he could not be seen. He saw (Y/N) cuddled up to that Baby guy. If he didn’t think that she was in a new relationship when he saw her post, he definitely did now, as they shared a few kisses in between intevals of time.

Justin found himself looking away from the couple most times, not being able to take how lovey dovey they were being. He could feel the jealousy ripping through his veins and that’s what threw him offguard. He wanted this for (Y/N). She couldn’t get that goofy, wide smile off of her face throughout the whole night while in Baby’s presence and that was good. But, of course, Justin couldn’t fathom her being with someone else. No matter how hard he tried to accept it, it bothered him deeply.

While everyone was emmersed in telling ghost stories, Justin found his way back into the large home, disappearing into the bar area, where he knew no one would see him. He poured himself a half glass of Hennessy and drank it down in a few large gulps. Upon taking his last sip, he let out a God awful hack from the base of his throat. It burned, but it was a good burn and that’s why he was quick to pour himself a taller glass this time; anything to get his mind cleared of (Y/N) and her “ugly” boyfriend.

“I see you could still down drinks the way you use to.” The familiar sound of her voice made him stumble, clinking the glass and the Hennesy bottle together harshly. He turned towards her as she rounded the counter toward the bartending side. The bluntness in her stare let him know that she meant business and that she wasn’t here to beat around the bush. The softness that collided with her gaze allowed him to question how this conversation was going to go, though, because at this point, he had no idea. “You’ve been avoiding me all night long. You saw me, I know you did. I expected you to say hey or something.”

Justin sucked down another gulp of his beverage (because he really, really needed it). “Being that things left off the way that they did between us, a causual conversation is not what I assumed you wanted. And besides that, you were with your little boyfriend the whole night. That would’ve just been awkward.”

“That is true, so I suppose I had to persue you if I wanted a conversation.”

Justin hoped that she would’ve corrected him about the boyfriend statement, but she didn’t, only confirming that she moved on. He could feel his heart dropping and inch or two and he hated how it hurt him, but he kept quiet, drinking down some more of the alcohol.

She peered at him through her eyelashes and breathed in and out. “I hate to peel back old wounds but a conversation with you is what I need to truly move on. I need closure.” She looked down at the glossy countertop and Justin noted how her hair fell in her face. She was still gorgeous to him, even more so now than ever, being that he hasn’t seen her in so long. That part would never change. She will always be beautiful to him. That same piece of hair that fell in her face, she swiped behind her ear and then got brave enough to look her ex square in the face. “You hurt me.”

Justin nodded. “I know that. By the look on your face that day, I could clearly see that.”

She waved her head. “The look on my face couldn’t even compare to what I felt. I cried almost everyday for the following three months. Then at some point I managed to dry up most of my tears, but the pain still remained. I cannot even tell you how much my chest ached, or how I somehow managed to go without sleep three days at a time. I didn’t want to eat or go out or even exist. All I wanted was Justin. All I wanted was you. And that clearly sucked because you didn’t want me back.” She broke eye contact then, looking back down at the counter, playing with the golden top of the Hennesy bottle. “You didn’t even call to see if I were doing okay. It would’ve hurt to hear your voice, but I would’ve appreciated it to know that you still somewhat cared…I understand you were happy with her but I wasn’t ready for you to forget about me altogether.”

Justin squeezed his glass in his hands. He opened his mouth to utter out anything that would subside the unsettling silence, but there was nothing he could come up with. An excuse seemed cowardly and an apology didn’t seem fit, so he kept quiet, looking into her eyes and feeling pitiful down to the core.

“It was very…depriving to know everything about someone, loving them and cherishing them one minute and then the next minute not knowing anything at all. I was so afraid to ask how you were doing because even though I cared about your happiness and your wellbeing, I didn’t want to hear about it because I didn’t want to think about you being with someone else. So, as you can imagine, it was hard.”

“I shouln’t have cheated on you,” he mumbled afterwards. “I shouldn’t have wasted your time and played with your heart the way that I did. But you have to know that I never meant to break your heart, (Y/N). I didn’t get with her just to spite you. I cared about you and I loved you"—her head snapped towards him and he couldn’t bare to look her in the eyes so he looked down at the brown liquid in his glass—"I just wasn’t in love with you. I wish it would’ve worked, but I couldn’t help the way that I felt.”

She nodded. “Understood. But I guess things happen for a reason, huh? Getting my heart broken didn’t feel good at all but I guess it was beneficial. Now I know how not to treat someone else because I don’t want them to feel how I felt. I know now to take precautions and make sure that any decision I make is what I want before hopping into anything.” A small smile etched on her face. “So, I guess, thank you.”

Justin didn’t return her smile. His eyes instead shifted towards the bonfire. “So, what about that guy out there?”

“That guy out there name is Johnathan. I’m surprised you don’t recognize him. You’ve met him before.”

“If I did recall I probably would’ve remembered his name.”

“Well, that’s true.”

Then it was silent again, but Justin couldn’t let it stay that way. “He treats you nicely?”

She nodded her head and smiled. “Absolutely. He was there for me when I was down and I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

"He didn’t take advantage of you, right? Becuase, you know, of how you felt?”

“No. Even when he did confess his feelings for me, I had to make absolutely sure that I was over you and he wasn’t a rebound. In fact, we just started dating a couple months ago and things have been going great. We’re taking it slow.” And then she smiled to herself.

Justin’s heart dropped a few more inches and a tinge of jealousy erupted throughout his being. He hated that he felt bothered by her and this Johnathan guy. This is exactly what she deserves, no matter how hurt or how jealous he got. But being the selfish person that he’s always sort of been, he couldn’t stop himself from asking. “Can he kiss you like I did?”

Her eyes locked with his. She crossed her arms over her chest and stood straight. “No,” she shrugged and a small pang of hope shot through Justin’s being. What was she implying? That if he wanted a second chance with her, would he be able to snatch her from under Johnathan’s arms? A small smirk made its way on his face. “But that doesn’t mean you use to kiss me any better,” she continued, “let’s make that very clear.” And like that, the smirk and any thoughts of any second chances were gone.

She whipped her long her behind her shoulders and leaned against the counter. “His kisses are different, Justin, and I savor them because I love them. I don’t mean to rub it in your face, but I do enjoy when he leans down and claim me as his, and that’s what I am: his. Okay? Your charm doesn’t work on me the way it use to,” she added, sending a teasing wink his way. “That’s why I also wanted to tell you that after this, after I walk away from you, it’s for good. I can’t have a relationship with my ex out of the respect for my boyfriend. I even asked him to come and talk to you because I needed this and he knows it. Now that it’s been had, there’s nothing more that I have to say to you except that I forgive you and I really do wish you the best.” She looked down and then back up, nodding, almost as if she had to register what this meant.

She sighed and left him alone, going back to the newest love of her life. Justin drank down the rest of the Hennesy bottle and breathed in the sweet silliage of her perfume. He closed his eyes. Now it was his turn to miss her and it hurt because he was sure that he would never get her back. For that, he needed to drink away the seering pain that was bound to overthrow him. He spent the rest of the night by himself because a few minutes is too short for him to grasp a final goodbye from her.

Thank you guys for reading. I am taking requests. Have a blessed day ♡

@alwaysenjoythelifeyoulive there you are, honey.

Part One

RWBY RTX 2017 Panel

- it started off with Miles shooting off a hot dog air Gun, shooting random things to the audience, and right Before beginning the panel he said “You know whats great about this hotdog? … It’s also a Gun.”

- there is a lot of new rwby merch. One of the chibi figures is from Toys R Us.

- they are doing the full Team JNPR chibi figures.

- hit topic merch is also being released; they are now also doing a Ruby dress//Comabt skirt (which Kara debated about with the panel for a second.)

- They started with Rwby Chibi; spoiler alert: Qrow is gonna be in it.

- They showed a Weiss trailer, and her hair is changed; it wasn’t cut, she jsut changed where he epony tail is positioned on her head. (It could be a flash back).

- We will get that trailer a week later, and we will get Blakes, and then Yangs, up until the release of volume 5. (This means it may not be a weekly thing.)

- Many poeople has posted it already (including roosterteerh, of course) Rwby Volume 5 is coming out on October 14th, 2017; Weiss is the first character design update we see with this release and her trailer.

- There was a Pumpkin Petes cerial, and it is like “Lucky Charms!”, as quoted by Kara.

- There was some obvious hinting that rwby will be having a fighting video game at the evo convention (they did not confirm this.

- Montys elder brother (not neath.) came and surprised the panel, and gave gifts that Monty had made; Posters of Final Fantasy and Haloid, possibly a few other things. Gray talked about Monty for a moment. They all hugged.

- Qrows voice actor Vic came out, and made a few comments during Q&A; one was a bit awkward but funny. (Also slight cringe.)

- Q&A ;
- Jaunes pj’s? (Miles said it could have a butt flap. Maybe we will get it in the Store?)

- Advice for pitching a comic to companies; she gave fanart tot he panel, including a Yang, Blake, Grimm and something else; it was nicely done.

- RvB and rwby crossover; the rwby girls discussed their rvb and rwby characters possible interactions.

- questions on getting rwby in other languages, like french or German. Kara commented on if Weiss is in German, does it go to Snow White?

The Magnolia Convention

NaLu Week Bonus Prompt June 15th: Video Games
Setting: Modern AU
Title: The Magnolia Convention
Word Count: 1,514 (sorry)
Rating: Teen/Mature (just in case..)

This is so late…I’m so sorry >~<

Summary: Natsu Dragneel is a video game enthusiast who lives in the town of Magnolia. It so happens that Magnolia hosts a grand video game convention each year. Natsu isn’t all that romantic…Although there is a particular blonde that caught his attention. What will Natsu do about it?

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Every year, the town of Magnolia hosted a video game convention. The dazzling events and wide variety of it made the convention a very popular place for fans to gather. A young man named Natsu Dragneel lived there in Magnolia and he was quite the video game enthusiast, buying the newest games as soon as they hit the market. So, obviously, the salmon colored haired male went to the convention every year. Whether it be with friends, or just by himself, Natsu didn’t mind. Video games were his true comfort, and that annual convention was almost like a second home to him…Most would say that Natsu’s one and only love were the accumulated copies of video games in his possession.

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Top Text: Loves Anime, Manga, Video Games

Bottom Text: Closest convention has become too big to handle.

I was thrilled when a yearly anime convention began close to my area.  My dad took me the first year, and I had a great time for the one day.  My mom then took me the next few years for the whole weekend.  And then the thing kept getting bigger and bigger.  It was fine at first, as the convention was at the hotel where we stayed, but now the you have to take a monorail to the convention center, meaning I have no easy out when the crowds and noise get too much.  I wound up going home early the last time I went, it was so bad.

Luckily, another convention has started becoming more of a thing, and it’s still in the hotel the rooms are at!  I’m trying it this March, hopefully it’s better for me!

I FEEL THIS SO MUCH. The second time I made the trip to the Japan Expo (a huge convention in Paris), I threw up, shut down, and we had to go home hours early. I felt so bad for my friend :(

- Sister Cat