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Bauhaus | Bela Lugosi’s Dead Original 12" (1882-1956) | HD 

Rules: list ten of your favourite characters from ten different fandoms and tag ten others.

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  1. Grog Strongjaw (Critical Role)
  2. Varric Tethras (Dragon Age Series) 
  3. Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones)
  4. Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter)
  5. Mordin Solus (Mass Effect Series)
  6. Sana Bakkoush (Skam)
  7. Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)
  8. Joyce Byers (Stranger Things)
  9. Helga (Vikings)
  10. Lee Everett (The Walking Dead; Video Game Series)

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I’ve never laughed so hard at a video.

I get that some of y'all wanna “spread awareness” by sharing pictures/videos of dead black and brown bodies all over the internet, but that shit is not spreading awareness, its just plain insensitive and horrifying. Those videos and pictures are traumatizing and triggering, and very disrespectful to the family and friends of those victims. So many grieving family members have asked people on the internet to stop sharing pictures and videos of their dead relatives because it’s just wrong and disgusting. So could y'all just please try to stop yourself from doing that in situations like these because it’s not really spreading awareness all it’s spreading is that y'all don’t care for or respect black and brown people enough to not share pictures of their dead corpses on the internet




Cleveland police searching for man who allegedly shared stranger’s killing on Facebook Live

  • Police in Cleveland are searching for Steve Stephens, who is suspected of broadcasting the killing of an elderly man on Facebook, NBC reported.
  • A video titled “Easter day slaughter” posted to Stephens’ Facebook page under the username Stevie Steve showed the man asking an elderly man on the sidewalk a question, then shooting him dead. The video was posted around 2 p.m. Eastern and has since been taken down.
  • Authorities have since identified the victim as 74-year-old Robert Goodwin, according to CNN. Goodwin’s family gave a tearful interview to local media on Sunday. Read more (4/16/17 5:20 PM)