I’ve never laughed so hard at a video.


  One person’s crazyness is another person’s reality - Tim Burton

Drawing youtubers as the Tim Burton style speedpaint video

She deserves an Oscar.

Video by Andreea

Fandometrics: The Week in Review

Some brand new babies, and those who have returned

  • (Movies) To the surprise of approximately zero people, Wonder Woman earned the  No. 1 spot. To the surprise of maybe a few more than zero people, Baywatch made it to No. 16.
  • (Celebrities) Thanks to Wonder Woman, director Patty Jenkins makes her wonderful debut at No. 9 and Chris Pine (No. 2) returns to the list for the first time since August 2016.
  • (Video Games) The Walking Dead (No. 16) is an old favorite on our Television list, but this is the first time the video game has ranked.
  • (Television) Sense8 (No. 4) returns, only because it’s leaving. The news of its cancellation was a bad way to kick off June.
  • (Ships) Paperhat (Villainous’ Black Hat and Dr. Flug) debuts at No. 12.

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 Who knows CPR? These things need to be revived:

  • (Music) Lana Del Rey (No. 17) fell eight spots while Katy Perry (No. 19) fell seven. Swish, swish.
  • (Celebrities) It pains us to say it, but Misha Collins has stumbled eight spots to No. 15. What will it take to get him back up? We’ve already had so many Mishapocalypses.
  • (Television) With all the hubbub about Wonder Woman, no one is paying attention to Supergirl (No. 13). She fell eight spots in one week. That’s not nearly as bad as The 100, a show that fell a record fourteen spots in a mere seven days.
  • (Ships) Bellarke (The 100’s Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin) fell eight spots, but lands at a still impressive No. 11. The same can’t be said for Evak (Skam’s Even Bech Næsheim and Isak Valtersen), who is barely there at No. 20.

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This video still has me dead

I get that some of y'all wanna “spread awareness” by sharing pictures/videos of dead black and brown bodies all over the internet, but that shit is not spreading awareness, its just plain insensitive and horrifying. Those videos and pictures are traumatizing and triggering, and very disrespectful to the family and friends of those victims. So many grieving family members have asked people on the internet to stop sharing pictures and videos of their dead relatives because it’s just wrong and disgusting. So could y'all just please try to stop yourself from doing that in situations like these because it’s not really spreading awareness all it’s spreading is that y'all don’t care for or respect black and brown people enough to not share pictures of their dead corpses on the internet